Our Pets!

My Pets!!

pickler11 (me)

Kellie-Leopard (kellie pickler)

Comet-Tiger (Roller Coaster)

Ginger-Beagle (no reason)

Shadow-Black Lab (no reason)

Delilah-Pug (song Hey There, Delilah)

Skipper-Clydesdale (Bella Sara Card)

Lyra-Bulldog (Character From the Golden Compass)

Darwin-Dalmation (No Reason)

Kalli-Koala (Girl on DCC)

Dynamo-Panda (No Reason)

Ellie-Elephant (No Reason)

Midnight-Black Cat (No Reason)

Sakura-Alley Cat (Song in Clarinet Book)

Bud-Husky (My Dad’s Friend’s Husky)

Maddie-Frog (No Reason)

Rascal-Raccoon (Book Rascal, has a Raccoon)

Mystic-Black Friesian (No Reason)

Timmy-Seal (No Reason)

Sierra-Charcoal Cat (No Reason)

Aero-Brown Arabian (Store Aeropostale)

Silvia-Penguin (No Reason)

Tommy-Collie (No Reason)

Stella-Yellow Lab (Kinzdergarten Buddies Yellow Lab)

Ace-German Shepherd (No Reason)

Holly-Reindeer (Involves Christmas)

Cocoa-Chocolate Lab (Involves Chocolate)

Daisy-Lil’ Kinz St. Bernard (Name of Next Door Neighbor’s St. Bernard)

Patch-Lil’ Kinz Cow (No Reason)

Cecily-Lil’ Kinz Grey and White Cat (Name of a Friend)

Tarzan-Gorilla (Disney Movie Character)

Harmony-Chihuahua (DDR Character)

Jeter-Turtle (NYY Player)

Melrose-Velvety Elephant (ANTM person)

Bullseye-Grey Arabian (No Reason)

Lulu-Black Poodle (Name of Neighbor’s Newfoundland)

Tyson-Tye Dye Frog (Tyson From All-American Rejects)

Fattypoo-Black and White Cheeky Dog (No Reason)

Draven-Hippo (Shoe Brand)

Maggie-Golden Retriever (My Golden Retriever’s Name)

Randy-Cocker Spaniel (Randy from American Idol)

Delia-Poodle (Name of awesome store!)

Hopstar-Lil’ Kinz Bullfrog (No Reason)

Circa-Bengal Tiger (Shoe Brand)

Freckles-American Cocker Spaniel (Name of ASCOB [Any Solid Color Other than Black] at Pound)

Lizzie-Leopard Lizard (No Reason)

Tramp-Schnauzer (Lady and the Tramp)

Candy-Pink Poodle (A Color of Cotton Candy)

Truck-Rhino (PSI)

Millie-Mouse (No Reason)

Teck-Tiger Snake (No Reason)

Breanna01225 (my friend)


Froggy-Bull Frog

Josh-Tree Frog

Jake-a-Roo- Golden Retriever

Isabella-Pink Poodle






Blackie-Black Lab


Rex-Lil’ Kinz Golden Retriever

Jona-Lil’ Kinz St. Bernard

Kendra-Lil’ Kinz Poodle

Oinkers-Lil’ Kinz Pig

OCTOBER201996 (my friend)



Bubblegun-Lil’ Kinz Pig



Paris-Lil’ Kinz Yorkie


Watermelon-Pink Poodle

Truffle-Chocolate Lab


Hank-Black Cat



Donimo-Black and White Cheeky Dog

SEPTEMBER32002 (my friend, now belongs to OCTOBER201996)

Bunnyhop-Sherbet Bunny


Snowman-Polar Bear



Carnival-Lil’ Kinz Golden Retriever

Marshmallow-Lil’ Kinz White Terrier

Brownie-Lil’ Kinz Pug

Hopper-Tree Frog

Shiny-Lil’ Kinz Tree Frog

Quackers-Lil’ Kinz Google

Peanuts-Lil’ Kinz Elephant



Captain-Lil’ Kinz Penguin

articboy20 (my friend)


Sammy-Lil’ Kinz Tree Frog

Spike-Black Bear

Sandy-Golden Retriever

Varitek-Chocolate Lab

Bubbles-Alley Cat

Poncho-Lil’ Kinz Chihuahua


Zeus-Lil’ Black and White Cat




Jaspar-Black Cat


Pikachu-Lil’ Gold and White Cat


Lil Pork Chop-Lil’ Kinz Pig

Sassy-Cheeky Monkey

Tommy-Lil’ Kinz Tiger




Sabrina-Lil’ Kinz Poodle

Oreo-German Shepherd


Frisky-Persian Cat

Athena-Charcoal Cat

Snoopy-Lil’ Kinz Basset Hound



Fufu-Yellow Lab

Sheldon Jr.-Turtle

Trigger-Brown Arabian


NOVEMBER21995MONKEY (my friend)



Daisy-Yellow Lab

Floppsy-Lil’ Kinz Basset Hound

Lilly-Lil’ Kinz St. Bernard

Bailey-Brown Arabian

Lemon-Lime-Tie Dye Frog

Valentine-Love Frog

munimuni300 (my friend)

Pichi-Lil’ Kinz Black and White Cat

Snowbell-Persian Cat

Minnie-Lil’ Kinz Terrier

Shadow-Black Cat

Smokey-Charcoal Cat


Romeo-Love Frog

Domino-Black and White Cheeky Dog (RETIRED!!!)

Tigger-Alley Cat

Dreamer-Clydesdale Horse

Knut-Polar Bear

Sherlock-‘Lil Kinz Basset Hound

Stripey-Tiger Snake (RETIRED!!!)

George-Cheeky Monkey

Misty-‘Lil Kinz Gray+White Cat (Webkinz Cares)

Peanut-Elephant (RETIRED!!!)


Coco-Black Poodle

Sagwa-Siamese Cat

Snowball-Samoyed (RETIRED!!!)


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ya,ya,ya, Well i have 87 webkinz i relly want a webkinz kangroo

Comment by brian

i dont like it when you critisize the number of webkinz someone has. they can have as many as they think they need.

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I have 44 webkinz.

Comment by hairspraygirl363

I have eight! Can you post mines? I have:

Pichi, ‘Lil Black and White Cat
Snowbell, Persian Cat
Minnie, ‘Lil Terrier
Shadow, Black Cat
Simba, Lion
Smokey, Charcoal Cat
Romeo, Love Frog
Domino, Black and White Cheeky Dog

Comment by harrykinz123

that’s a lot of webkinz

Comment by skittlesgirl

i have 12.

Comment by webkinzfan123

I am not trying to preach but the movie the golden compass is satanic.

Comment by someone

Now I have 13, I’m munimuni300!

Comment by harrykinz123

i have 98 webkinz because i share with my brother and we also share an account singingsweetheart54 add me

Comment by singingsweetheart54

I have 8 webkinz,too. But mine our better than yours

Comment by VelvetyElephant008

you dont have to brag about it

Comment by webkinzrock10124

Gosh why do people feel the need to say so I have 98 or so mine are better than yours! What is it with you people?

Comment by sunshinebear23

i know!! its so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have 16 webkinz but i dont have to brag about it!!!!!!!!! its so rude!

Comment by webkinzfan123

Lets Say Someone had 100 webkinz and they were talking to someone on this AWESOME webkinz Site that was also on chat and they only had 1 webkinz,but they lied and said they had 200 webkinz,and you said to them wow thats alot!They were just trying to make their self feel better because they are jealous and upset.So Please Don’t Brag About how many webkinz you have.This Could Be A True Story.By The Way I thought of this idea to write this as a comment because you can never tell if this is a true story from their lie.Not that Im trying to acuse any person of being a liar and being the person that has only the one webkinz.If you really dont understand what Im trying to prove, Here is a easier way to understand.Lets say you were that person whoonly had the one webkinz,you loved your Polar Bear and you brought it with you everywhere you went.You wanted more webkinz so you asked your Mom to buy you two when you were at Macy’s in the mall.Your Mom said No another time but no later after you heard her talk to your Dad about this and she told him that she really couldn’t afford it.You went on this website on your Dad’s buisness DELL Laptop to get your Polar Bear “Snow” an “ARTIC Cool Treat” You happen to come upon this chat page and you see people talking about how man webkinz they have.That would make you feel pretty bad,huh?But you were so upset at your mother and angrypeople were talking about that subject of conversation.So you thought so people didn’t ask you if you were poor you could just say I have 200.Not that Im saying you should ever lie to people but Im trying to say YOU think its the right idea because your so angry and upset.What would you do if this was your real lifestyle?ThinkIt through then please leave a comment posted about what YOU would of done,its not about choosing the right or wrong answer its about to see if your’e a good person or a bad person.There’s no right or wrong answer.

Comment by RoxyGirl0880

i have to many webkinz to count i really dont count anymore i stopped at 57 i have around 91 (just guessing not liying promise.)

Comment by Cole

cole i does not matter if you promise it you still cant brag! i only have 10 and i doubt any of you evil liars even HAVE a webkinz! and to prove i have 10, add me im spot4657. these are my kinz!

Hopper Tree Frog
Scruffy Beagle
Icy Polar Bear
Coils Tiger Snake
Paws Bengal Tiger
Skittles Cocker Spaniel
Panda Jr. Panda
Ryan Rhino
Hairy Elephant
Geico Lemon lime gecko!

thats all! please add me im spot4657!

Comment by cheetyweety

My list of 14 Webkinz is up there! Check it out!

Comment by harrykinz123

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