The Schnauzer Club!

Join the first ever club for pets on wordpress… the Schnauzer! This club is open to all the Schnauzer fans, (if you have a Webkinz Schnauzer) and there will be more clubs coming soon as soon as I get some ideas. You may put some requests down for clubs on this post. If you would like to become a member, just leave a comment below with your schnauzers name, your username, and if it is a boy or a girl. I will be making a page soon. Please comment on this page with the required information. We will have weekly meetings where we talk about your Schnauzers accomplishments, and whatever topics you can think of. Meetings will be on wordpress. If you cannot make a meeting, please notify me earlier. If you do not notify me and you do not show up, You will have a check. If you get three checks, you are off the club for two meetings.

Please join today if you are able to! If your friend lets you use one of their Schnauzers for this, it is allowed unless they are using the same pets. Please join today!

Here is our list of people that have joined us:


pickler11-boy-tramp (lol)







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I don’t have a Schnauzer, but they’re so cute and I would like to get one! How about you make a less specific club, like ‘Dog Club’ for example? That makes it easier!

Comment by harrykinz123


Comment by Webkinzarebetterthanyou

i have a boy schnauzer named charlie and i am neorock47

Comment by Neorock47

my schnauzer is Lilly

Comment by WEBBI!1234

i am misslucyangel

Comment by WEBBI!1234

i mean Msbirdyiscute

Comment by WEBBI1234

My brother has one named Kenny.

Comment by skt

hi my name is Lizzie, and my schnauzer’s name is Bella- Jazz, and she is a girl

Comment by Lizzie

hola ppls i have one shnuazer he is a boy named Sgt Pepper he is an OLD GEEZER gut verywise.

Comment by Kazu

alright ill add you to the list and i will hold a meeting on… thursday because wednesday i have the american idol concert

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I would like to join! Username: gorrila8. Pet: Schanuzer(lol). Name: Mauser.

Comment by gorrila8

i have been on the snauzer club every thurday nothing noone is ever on

Comment by webbykinzblog

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