Summer End Contest (Never Before Seen Contest!!!!) by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
August 5, 2008, 11:11 pm
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This contest has never been done on wordpress… It’s one of the most thrilling contests on ALL of the blogs… It’s the one and only…

Summer End Contest!

Here are the rules!!

1: Choose a pet.
Example: Pickler11 will use her pet Teck the Tiger Snake for this contest.
2: Choose a room.
Example: Pickler11 will use her Wild Room.
3: Find something in the room that looks like your pet but is not their PSI.
Example: Pickler11 decided that the Ponytail Palm Tree looks the most like Teck the Tiger Snake.

That is contest #1! Here is contest #2:

1: Guess what each noised and distorted picture is.
Example: Pickler11 guesses what each one was.
Note: They are all of the plush pictures straight from Webkinz World, not virtual.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Here are the rules for this one:

Whoever gets the most right is the winner! If more than one person get the most right, I will pick a name out of a hat!

That was contest #2. Here is the biggest contest of them all, #3:
1: Choose 2-4 different pets, Big-Kinz only.
Example: Pickler11 chose the Hippo and the Elephant
2: Choose a name combinded from the 2-4 Webkinz.
Example: Pickler11 chose the name Heleppo.
3: Tell me what body parts are used from which Webkinz.
Example: Pickler11 used the head and feet of a hippo and the nose, ears, and body of the elephant.
4: Create a picture merging the 2-4 Webkinz (animated) using paint, paint.net, photoshop, or any picture editing program. If you are not able to do this, I will do it for you.
Example: Pickler11 went by the guidelines she used for the Webkinz and created it.
5: Comment the picture to me or e-mail it to me at xlightningx96@aim.com.
Example: Pickler11 commented the site with a link to her Webkinz.

That was the final contest! I hope you enjoy! The comment contest is cancelled. I’m sorry, I will not send any of the prizes won. This contest will be up until the start of school, September 3rd (for me).

And check this out!

Entries: Contest #1



Pet: Frisky the Husky

Item: Frosted Ice Floor Lamp

Entries: Contest #2

OCTOBER201996-1 correct

lacie25-2 correct

breanna01225-1 correct

munimuni300-1 correct

Entries: Contest #3


Name: American Arab HuaHua

Parts: Parts: Ears of American Cocker Spaniel, Head of Chihuahua, Body and Legs of Brown Arabian


Parts: Head of a Kangaroo; Body, Tail, and legs of a Himalayan; Wings of a Pegasus




Pet news!

Lil’ Kinz AND Large Webkinz Lamb coming to Webkinz world in… September 2008. They could possibly easter animals, along with the Duck, Sherbet Bunny, and the Cotton Candy Bunny!

How adorable!

And members of WR10124: do not post another post, just keep adding to this post please.

And here are some more aw-dorable pets!

Please don’t copy.


** I made a new header… and it won’t show up!

This is what it would look like (it is made for ocean mist)

My old header won’t even show up!

If it doesn’t show up, I’ll gladly e-mail it to you.

*** I am going to try the new header again. It just might take a while to load, since the new one works. And here is some more new news! Argentina now visits the site! Welcome, another South American visitor!

And there is a new theme in the W-Shop called the underweater theme (made for underwater rooms only).

Here are the items:

Item names (in order from left to right): Anemone Coral Reef, Brine Dining Table, Comfy Coral Chair, Coral Coffee Table, Covers of Coral Bed, Crustacean Clock, Deep Sea Room Divider, Lamprey Lamp, Pearls of Wisdom, Pedestal of Pisces, Saltwater Sofa, Sea Side Table, Shellfish Dining Chair, Sunken Trinkets Toy Box, Under the Sea TV

Here are the new recipies:

Only one is solved (already) and it is Mount Snococo. Here are the ingriedients:

Applience: Stove/ Grill/ Cauldron

Mix: Corn Flake Cereal, Coconut, and Chocolate Bar

The Trading Card series 3 has also arrived! From WI, here are some prizes a member has recieved:

They are the Giant Goldfish Poster, Ms. Birdy’s Tchotcke Shelf, Trading Card Collector Flip-Flops, and Dr. Quack’s bed!

The 2 themes for this series are the Trading Card Condo theme and the Webkinz Character Theme. There are NO online trading card codes.

And the goo-goo berries are flying again! If you see one float past, make sure to grab it before it flies into another account!

**** The header shows up now! I switched to a totally different theme for it though. On this theme, some of the pictures don’t show up completly, so just click them to enlarge!

And see how on the header it says 5 Kinz, 5 Stories, 1 Amazing Summer? That is because I will make stories on this site about the 5 kinz summers that I put up there!

The recipe Floridisa is solved! Hoorah!

On the Stove, Mix Kiwi, Oranges, and French Fries!


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I entered Contest #3! It was hard! 😛 I sent you an e-mail with my contest entry as the attachment.

So what’s the prize anyway?

-Arielle http://webkinzparlor.wordpress.com/

Comment by readerwriter18

oh i forgot to post the prizes =^p ill post them today along with this post!

Comment by webkinzrock10124

and your user is readerwriter18?

Comment by webkinzrock10124

HI! I am gonna enter too!!!!I am doing it right now!

Reagrding the GTL thing… GTL was hacked. Someone fired me, changed the theme, and header, an hired SO. You can delete the blog.

Comment by ~KressieBolivia~

okay dont worry maxiscute totally chjanged the blog and fired SO and u are still working there, so its all taken care of ^_^

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I want the chickadee, cotton candy bunny and lamb.

Comment by harrykinz123

please webkinzrock can you tell me what i did wrong!

Comment by SarahEOlson

Gorrila8 picks Snickerdoodle, the yorkie, to be her pet.

Gorrila8 chooses the Pink Poodle’s room

Gorrila8 thinks that the ponytail palm tree looks most like Snickerdoodle.

Comment by gorrila8

i swear i didn’t do anything!
why can’t you just believe me like a good friend?
OMG !!!!!!
Please just go to my blog and read my latest post.
and i just also wanted to say thank you.
thank you for ruining my birthday.

Comment by SarahEOlson

Sorry i didn’t finish:

i wanted to thank you.

Thank you for ruining my birthday.

Thanks! You deserve it.

You did a pretty good job.

No, you all did a great job!

Now (lucky me) I will be crying on my birthday.

And all over my vacation i have been looking forward to since i found out about it.

So congrats you pulled it off!

You ruined my birthday and my vacation. Two things at once.


Comment by SarahEOlson

try clicking on this


Comment by ~KressieBolivia~


Comment by ~KressieBolivia~

copy that into your… ummm… whats it called… url bar???

Comment by ~KressieBolivia~

no that didnt work… try these:




Comment by ~KressieBolivia~

okay kressie your entry is going up now

Comment by webkinzrock10124


I am super duper excited! It’s tomorrow! Sweet right? I am so excited! I am going up north for my birthday to make it more special! This year i am turning 13! Yep, that’s right, the big 1-3, a teenager! To celebrate this special day, im having THE BIGGEST PARTY EVER!

Yep i am! And it is going to be at my BFF’s webkinz house! I am going to my friends house to help decorate her webkinz’s house! It is going to be fantastic! Everyone is welcome! Just add my friend, her username is Zebralver8 (JUST ASK HER TO BE HER FRIEND ANYTIME! EVEN DURING THE PARTY SHE WILL TAKE INVITES AND ADD YOU TO HER FRIEND LIST! she loves zebras just like me LOL). It will be Thursday August 7th at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Be in the Light Green Zone. If that is full (which is pretty not likely) then go to orange zone (ONLY if i say so in the Party Post).

Everyone who is EVERYONE is going to be there. You just HAVE to come! And yes, there will be gift bags! This is a VERY big day for me and hope you guys can make it special for me!

*Gifts are more than welcomed and appreciated!

Meet at my blog ( http://saraheolson.wordpress.com ) at party time and we can talk about anything we want to webkinz related or not! We can say what our webkinz want to say or what we do! We can also say what we want to say! We could also trade!

Please RSVP in a comment below!

Thanks again,


Comment by SarahEOlson

i cant come to your party, sorry sarah. im going to my moms tomorrow and her computer has a virus and ill only be able to update the blog on wednesday, thursday, and friday unless im @ a friends house

Comment by webkinzrock10124

Awesome! I hope I win! 😀

Comment by readerwriter18

one of my friends might enter contest #2

Comment by webkinzrock10124

Guess what?

Comment by SarahEOlson


Comment by SarahEOlson

Well bye!

Comment by SarahEOlson

bye bye!!!!!!!!!

Comment by SarahEOlson

happy birthday saraheolson!

Comment by webkinzrock10124

Where do you guys Buy Webkinz from, I have gotten mine from cards n gifts or online at the webkinz shop buy-webkinz.net

Comment by Buy Webkinz

hi guy’s guess what we went on my cousin webkinz house and the skate board was stuck to the the google pond it was so funny lol. bye. 🙂

Comment by wouie

maxwell12345576 said=hi i’m wouie cousin. 🙂

Comment by wouie

wouie and maxwell12345576 said= bye guys we’re gone.

Comment by wouie


Comment by PuppyLuv6737 (Is in LOVE with Nick Jonas!)

buy webkinz, did you say cards gifts and gadgets? in adams, MA? please reply

Comment by webkinzrock10124

hi i’m back just wouie this time and i fell asleep with my mp3 on my bed when woke up it had some fallen off.:oops: haha yeah.bye

Comment by wouie

harrykinz123, i erased your comment so nobody would steal your answers

Comment by webkinzrock10124


New post @ my site! Just click my name or the address below:


Comment by harrykinz123

okay ill check it out

and were you interested in the other 2 contests? just wondering

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I tried to make one for #3, but I couldn’t. I already got the body parts I want, but I don’t know how to put them together. Can I email you the body parts and you can put it together? I would really appreciate that, but would it be unfair? Well it’s just that I have a really great idea for my mixed up Webkinz. I’ll email the parts to you and you can tell me if you can, ok?

Comment by harrykinz123

Hey webkinzrock! I was just looking at my site and it said that your site was one of the top clicks! So i thought id stop by and check out what all the fuss was about! 😉 Could you check out my site some time? http://WWW.PUPYLUV6737.WORDPRESS.COM! thanks!

Comment by PuppyLuv6737 (Is in LOVE with Nick Jonas!)

What great mixing of pets! Are they really making a webkinz cottin candy bunny? On i’m webkinz Adelaide1. add me

Comment by maddie

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