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Thought I Couldn’t Top It, Huh? OVER 2000 Questions! (Truly the Longest!)

Time and date right now:: July 27;; 9:23 AM
How far do you want to get?: i wanna finish it
By the way, someone plagiarized my previous surveys.
=>This or That<=

Pie or cake?: cake
Chocolate or vanilla?: vanilla
Black or white?: the color black;; skin color doesnt matter
Ceiling or floor?: floor
Couch or bed?: bed
Cough or sneeze?: sneeze
On or off?: on
Closed or open?: closed
Brush or comb?: brush
Long or short?: long
Big or small?: big
Wet or dry?: dry
Under or over?: under
Top or bottom?: bottom
Fly or fall?: fly
Smile or frown?: smile
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow?: sorrow
Hot or cold?: hot
Warm or cool?: cool
Rough or smooth?: smooth
Cat or dog?: dog
Snake or bird?: bird
Shark or T-Rex?: shark
Past or present?: past
Science fiction or fantasy?: fantasy
Dull or sharp?: sharp
Live forever or die young?: die young
Books or television?: TV
Jump or skip?: jump
Fast or slow?: fast
Run or walk?: run
Guy or girl?: girl
Disney or Warner Brothers?: disney;; cuz it has its own world
Belle or Jasmine?: who are these people??
Gaston or Cruella Deville?: cruella
Food or friends?: friends
Colors or black and white?: colors
Cute or pretty?: cute
Good or evil?: evil
Fruits or vegetables?: fruits
Milk or juice?: juice
Hot chocolate or gingerale?: hot chocolate
Beer or wine?: neither
Movies or cartoons?: movies;; unless its spongebob
Pillow or blanket?: blanket
Moon or stars?: moon
Sky or sea?: sky
Explode or implode?: explode
Tree or flower? (HA. HOW DO YOU LIKE PLAGIARISM NOW? *cough* *ahem* Yeah.): tree
Mountain Dew or Sprite?: neither
Ketchup or mustard?: ketchup;; unless its spicy mustard
Meats or veggies?: meats
Straps or strapless?: straps
Water or Gatorade?: gatorade
PS2 or Xbox 360?: 360
History or geography?: geography
Geometry or algebra?: algebra
Basketball or volleyball?: basketball
Basketball or soccer?: soccer
Basketball or tennis?: basketball
Basketball or baseball?: basketball
Basketball or football?: basketball
Basketball or swimming?: swimming
Volleyball or soccer?: soccer
Volleyball or tennis?: tennis
Volleyball or baseball?: baseball
Volleyball or football?: volleyball
Volleyball or swimming?: swimming
Soccer or tennis?: soccer
Soccer or baseball?: soccer
Soccer or football?: soccer
Soccer or swimming?: soccer
Tennis or baseball?: baseball
Tennis or football?: tennis
Tennis or swimming?: swimming
Baseball or football?: baseball
Baseball or swimming?: swimming
Football or swimming?: swimming
Chinese or Mexican food?: mexican
Red or orange?: red
Red or yellow?: yellow
Red or green?: green
Red or blue?: blue
Red or indigo?: red
Red or violet?: violet
Orange or yellow?: yellow
Orange or green?: green
Orange or blue?: blue
Orange or indigo?: indigo
Orange or violet?: violet
Yellow or green?: green
Yellow or blue?: blue
Yellow or indigo?: yellow
Yellow or violet?: yellow
Green or blue?: green
Green or indigo?: green
Green or violet?: green
Indigo or violet?: violet
Fall or summer?: fall
Winter or spring?: winter
Rain or snow?: snow
Mud or dirt?: dirt
Snakes or spiders?: snakes
Fido or Fluffy?: fido
Rainbows or stars?: stars
Blue or gray sky?: gray
Prairies or forests?: forests
Lakes or streams?: lakes
Fish or caimans?: fish
Roses or daffodils?: roses
Bauhaus or Rosetta Stone?: rosetta stone
Sisters of Mercy or Skinny Puppy?: idk??
Green Day or Fall Out Boy?: green day
From First to Last or My Chemical Romance?: my chemical romance
The Monkees or The Beatles?: beatles
David Bowie or Billy Idol?: i dont rlly know them;; so ill say billy idol
Helloween or Skid Row?: who are they??
Britney Spears or Vanessa Carlton?: neither
The Goo Goo Dolls or 3 Doors Down?: 3 doors down
Duran Duran or Madonna?: madonna;; only cuz i dont know duran duran
John Williams or Danny Elfman?: john williams;; cuz he has hayleys last name
Mozart or Beethoven?: mozart
Men at Work or Men Without Hats?: idk?? without hats??
The Arrogant Worms or Voltaire?: the arrogant worms??
Dark Muse or Inkubus Sukkubus?: dark muse??
Queen or Black Sabbath?: black sabbath
Rush or Pet Shop Boys?: rush??
Johnny Hates Jazz or Deep Blue Something?: deep blue something??
Supertramp or Steppenwolf?: supertramp??
Enormous mansion or humble abode?: enormous mansion
Teaspoon or tablespoon?: teaspoon
China plates or crystal figurines?: crystal figurines
Knife or spork?: spork!!!
Bedroom or basement?: bedroom
Antiques or chrome?: chrome;; itz shiny
Wide screen televisions or ornately-designed windows?: wide screen TVs
Carpet or wood?: carpet
Blenders or washing machines?: blenders
Pen or pencil?: pen
Couch or bed?: bed;; wasnt this already asked??
Kitchen sink or bathroom sink?: bathroom sink
Diskette or CD Rom?: CD rom
Sitting on the roof with a friend or swimming in your backyard with them?: in the back yard swimming;; unless were standing on the rooftops screaming our hearts out =^PP
Phones or AIM?: AIM
Pillow or footrest?: pillow
Sharpies or ducks?: sharpies;; unless its a rubber ducky
Personality quizzes or story quizzes?: personality i guess
Gaia or Neopets?: neither
Attempting to use proper grammar or purposely butchering language?: puroisely butchering language
Having to read the poetry on Quizilla or writing your own?: writing my own
Roleplaying with strangers or roleplaying with people you know?: people i know
Crying because of an Internet fight or flaming the people involved?: a bit of both
Ignoring a suicide post on a forum or actually doing something about it?: doing something about it
Gold or silver?: silver
Lipstick or lip gloss?: lipgloss
Sunny or rainy?: rainy
Edgar Allan Poe or Oscar Wilde?: edgar allan poe i guess
Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?: johnny depp
Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff?: lindsay i guess
Pringles or Doritos?: doritoes
Vampire or mermaid?: vampire
The Internet or television?: internet cuz u can watch TV on the internet
Romantic comedy or romance tragedy?: romantic comedy
Comedy or drama?: comedy
Comedy or horror?: ergg thats rlly difficult;; comedy
Comedy or fantasy?: comedy
Law and Order: Criminal Intent or Law and Order: SVU?: Criminal Intent;; i dont rlly watch it;; so idk
The OC or Laguna Beach? (Why have I succumbed to asking this question?): ive never watched either of them;; so laguna beach i guess
Blind or deaf?: deaf
Blind or mute?: mute
Mute or deaf?: mute
Shrimp or crab?: crab
Crab or lobster?: lobster
Stickers or stamps?: stickers
VHS or CD?: CD
Paris or New York City?: new york city
Philadelphia or Chicago?: chicago
MySpace or TagWorld?: myspace
MySpace or Facebook?: myspace
Mall goth or TRUE goth?: true goth
Emo or punk?: punk
Emo or prep?: emo
Punk or prep?: punk
Punk or goth?: punk
Goth or prep?: goth
x Your Dreams, Wishes, and Hopes x
If you could be in the arms of anyone at all…: id be in someones ;^))
If you could visit anyone or anything in the world…: id visit jack barakat
If you could visit anyone or anything…: id visit jack barakat (this is the same question)
If you had functioning wings, would you fly away?: yes
If you met the person you knew you were destined to be with…: id never let them go
If you could be anything in the world…: id be dead
If you could, what color would you paint the sky?: lime green
How would you help them?: help who??
If you could write a literary masterpiece…: it would have long words in it &nd id be scared to write it
If you could cure any disease, what would you cure?: cancer
If you could cure any mental illness, what would you cure?: retardation
If you were to leave on a journey, whom would you take for company?: bre orr kenziee
If you could have a superhuman ability, which one would you choose?: invisibility
If you could go back in time, what age would you like to go back to?: id go back to June of this year
If you could change anything about your past, what would it be?: lots of stuff
If so, what are they?: too much to list
Did you ever want to be some type of heroic figure?: yea huh
Who was your idol when you turned ten?: idk?? hideki matsui prolly
Why?: cuz hes my fave yankees player
What do you want to be when you get older?: a vet
What do you want your house to look like?: ehh doesnt matter;; big fenced in yard would be nice
What kind of pets do you wish to have?: 4 dogs
Where would be the ideal place to live?: on the countryside
What do you want to accomplish before you die?: i wanna learn to fly!!
Do you wish to contribute anything to the world?: nahh
What would that be?: nothing
Who do you want to be beside right now?: him;;
What do wish you could be doing currently?: idk
What do you want to accomplish to-day?: nothing really;; run the distance i need ferr cross country
What news do you want to hear right now?: something;; =^))
What else do you want to hear to-day?: nothing but thatt something
Who do you want to talk to currently?: someone
Who do you want to kiss right now?: someone
Who do you want to hug right now?: someone
If you could tell the world just one thing about yourself…: it would be that ima fat ugly idiot wif no life
If you could tell the world just one thing about your friends…: id tell it they all think im annoying
If you could apologize to everyone, what would you say sorry for?: for being such an idiot;; &nd annoying them so much
If you were to give all your thanks to just one person, who would it be?: idk;; i dont wanna thank anyone really
Why would you thank them? (244…): this is question 244?! &nd i wouldnt thank anyone
What do you look Like?
Height:: 5’4″
Weight:: 120 lbs
Natural hair color:: blonde
Hairstyle:: razored wif sidebangs;; red highlights ^_^
Hair length:: a lil past the shoiulders
Is it dyed now?: nahh;; i want it to be though
What color?: none;; i want it black wif neon blue frum the shoulders down
Skin color:: tannish
Any freckles?: yeaa
Birthmarks?: nahh
Scars?: yeaa
Do you have oily, dry, or perfect skin?: idk;; prolly oily
Eye color:: hazel;; changes to bright green &nd grey tho
How long are your eyelashes?: average length i guess
Eyebrow length:: idk??
Eyebrow thickness:: sortaa think
Eyebrow color:: blonde
Do wear glasses?: nahh
What color are the frames?: i dont wear them
The brand:: none
The brand of the lenses:: none
Where did you get them at?: no where
Do you wear contacts?: nahh
What color do they make your eyes?: none
What brand are they?: none
Where did you get them?: no where
How long is your nose?: average
Width:: average
What kind is it?: how am i supposed to know what kind of nose i have?!
Shape of lips:: idkk
Full or thin?: in the middle
Smile lines?: yeaa =^((
Frown lines?: yeaa
What kind of chin do you have?: its not a butt chin;; but idk what kind it iz
Length of arms:: to the middle of my thighs
Width of wrists:: prolly an inch &nd a half
Length of fingers:: 3-4 inches maybee
Width of fingers:: idk;; thinn
Do you have big hands?: bre sez i do;; but idk
Length of nails:: not too long;; i bite them
Flat stomach?: yeaa
Length of legs:: pretty long
Defining your Personality…
I cherish…: nothing
I enjoy…: hanging wif friends
My heart is…: longing for that special someone
One thing I try not to joke about is…: i d k
I believe love…: is hard to find
I can be mean when I…: get pissed at you
I can be nice when I…: am not mean;; which is rare
Sometimes I pretend to be…: in yurr arms;; =^))
I revere…: idk what revere means
I seek…: love
I try to be…: myself
I understand that…: hayley williams has red hair
I vie for…: idk what vie means
I wish…: to be wif someone;;
My Xanadu looks…: a what?!
Religious zeal is…: huh??
How attractive do you think you are? (Scale: 1-5): 1
Intelligent?: 4
Empathetic?: 2
Polite?: 2
Respectful?: 2
Comical?: 3
Mature?: 3
Unique?: 5
Talkative?: 3
Depressed?: 3
Friendly?: 2
Outgoing?: 3
Selfish?: 3
Arrogant?: 3
Prudent?: huh??
Self-conscious?: 3
How attractive are you thought to be by others?: 2
Intelligent?: 5
Empathetic?: 2??
Polite?: 3??
Respectful?: 3??
Comical?: 2??
Mature?: 2??
Unique?: 5??
Talkative?: 2??
Depressed?: 4??
Friendly?: 3??
Outgoing?: 3??
Selfish?: 3??
Arrogant?: 3??
Prudent?: huh??
Self-conscious?: 3??
Do you care about what others think of your physical appearance?: kinda yeaa
How about your reputation?: hahaha not reallyy
Do you care if they consider your personality annoying?: yes;; who doesnt??
Do you care about what they think of your beliefs?: nahh
What does hatred mean to you?: when you wanna kick someone in the balls everytime you think of someone/ something you hate
Do you respect yourself?: nopee
Would you ever ignore someone who has been emotionally hurt?: matters who it is
Physically?: matters who it is
Would you ever intentionally and physically hurt someone?: yeaa
Intentionally and emotionally?: yeaa
Would you ever hurt someone just for fun?: nahh
Do the means ever justify the ends? (361!): huh??
Color:: lime green
Number:: 2
Store:: hot topic
Book:: twilight saga
Story:: idk
Magazine:: AP
Television program?:: spongebob
Movie:: twilight
Series:: idk
Poem:: idk
Onomatopoeia:: BOOM!!
Verb:: did
Paradox:: if thats something you can spell forwards &nd backwards;; then kayak lmfao
Idiom:: whats that??
Noun:: penis
Adjective:: long
Adverb:: fastly
Work of fantasy:: idkk
Classic work:: idkk
Contemporary work:: idkk
Writer:: stephanie meyer
Fairy tale:: idkk
Dictionary brand:: im no super nerdd here
Summer scene:: a river
Winter scene:: the top of jericho @ jiminy peak
Spring scene:: idk
Fall scene:: all the purttyyy leaves falling
Season:: fall
Planet:: id say pluto;; but thats not a planet anymore
Space feature:: stars
Thing about summer:: no school
Thing about winter:: skiing
Thing about spring:: soccer
Thing about fall:: soccer
Mammal:: zebra
Insect:: butterfly i guess??
Arachnid:: flying spiders
Fish:: sharky
Reptile:: um;; crocodile i guess
Amphibian:: froggiee
Science:: the studying of animals i guess
Thing to do during summer:: hang if friends
Type of weather:: cloudy
Bird:: eagle
Thing to do during winter:: ski
Thing to do during spring:: soccer
Thing to do during fall:: soccer
Nature sound:: water
Country:: japan i guess
Real location:: idk
City:: lake george
Culture:: idkk
State:: california
Province:: saskatchewan i guess??
Island:: hawaii
Landscape:: mountains &nd a watahhfall
Place to go in your neighborhood:: anywhere in adams
Italian food:: fetuchini alfredo
Mexican:: tacos!! or nachos
Indian:: idk??
Chinese:: crab rangoons
American:: burgers
French:: idk??
Snack:: goldfishh
Pasta:: fetuchini
Desert:: boston cream pie
Ice cream flavor:: cookies &nd cream
Soup:: clam chower
Salad:: anything wif honey mooseturd
Pancake:: chocolate chip
Restaurant:: friendlys err olive garden
Fruit:: grapes
Vegetable:: corn
Dinner:: um;; mac n cheese i guess
Lunch:: lunchables
Breakfast:: pop tarts
Cereal:: capn crunch
Pop tart:: cookies &nd cream
Candy:: chocolate
Artificial flavor:: skittles flavor i guess
Cookie:: oreos
Yogurt:: vanilla
Clothing store:: hot topic
Outfit:: skelanimals diego shirt;; paint splattered skinnies err pink/ blue zebra skinnies;; &nd black flip flops
Shoe:: lime green converse
Shirt design:: anything by GK
Brand name:: glamour kills;; or tripp
Top:: my blue flying pig shirt
Pants:: either paint splattered err blue/ pink zebra skinnies
Skirt:: tht black one wif skulls tht i got frum hot topic
Pair of socks:: my tall lime green/ black chaeckerboard ones
Color [of clothing]:: anything bright
Subject in school:: none;; but ill say ELA
Unisex name:: whats unisex again??
Music:: alternative
Tree:: anything that sheds its leaves
Flower:: @–‘–,– (btw;; thats a rose)
Quote:: hope isnt something you create;; its something you let it
Scent:: suttin citrusy iz nicee
Adage:: a what??
Television channel:: 33
Day of the week:: friday??
Perfume:: idk
Radio station:: anything wif rock/ alternative music
Cologne:: idkk
Sound:: water running in a stream err river err waterfall
Feeling:: idk??
Emotion:: optimism
Emotion [to feel]:: huh??
Song:: smother me
Music artist:: hmm;; hayley williams
Month:: april
Religious holiday:: idk;; dont got one
Fun holiday:: christmas
Obscure holiday:: huh??
Videogame:: guitar hero
Computer game:: dont got one
Sport:: soccer
Athlete:: hideki matsui
Instrument:: bass guitarr
Composer:: idk
Singer:: hayley williams err berk mckracken ((idk how to spell his last name)
CD:: in love &nd death
Website:: myspace
Word:: im scared to type it;;
Famous quote:: idkk
Famous adage:: idkk what that iz
Slogan:: that greenlight commercial slogan
Commercial:: the one wif the ninja baby
Shampoo:: pantene
Conditioner:: pantene
Body wash:: philosiphy
Soap:: dove
(25.1% done.) Lotion:: most stuff from bath n body works
x__Odd Questions__x
What color is the bottom of your tongue?: red
Your foot?: tannish
Do you have any medical problems concerning feet?: nahh
Do you secretly fantasize about George W. Bush?: nahh
Do you chew on your homework?: nahh
Pencils?: nahh
Do you read the dictionary?: nahh
Encyclopedia?: nahh
Atlas?: nahh
Road map?: nahh
Do you memorize random facts?: yeaa huhh
Do you stalk anyone?: kinda yeaa lmao
Does anyone stalk you?: no;; but i wouldnt mind 1 person stalking me ;^))
Do you collect dust?: nahh
Lint?: nahh
Baby teeth?: nahh
Have you ever thought of becoming a prostitute?: nahh
Do you wish prostitution was legal?: shure
Do you use lotion on your feet?: nahh
Do you have problems with Canadians?: nahh
Mexicans?: nahh
Americans?: nahh
The French?: nahh
The English?: nahh
Have you ever played a kazoo?: a what??
Have you ever shot someone?: nahh
Something?: nahh
How many pairs of underwear do you own?: idk??
Jeans?: 10 err 15 pairs??
What ring size are you?: idk
Belt size?: medium
Have you ever gotten anything amputated?: nahh
Do you have a calendar from 2001 hanging in your room?: nahh
Do you eat a lot?: yeaa
Do you get excited over cameras?: nahh
Do you have a strange obsession with pickles?: nahh;; but they are prettyy daaangg good
Poison?: nahh
Knives?: nahh
Cheese?: nahh
Penguins?: nahh
Bald people?: nahh
Scrawny African children?: nahh
Midgets?: nahh
Pirates?: nahh
Corny jokes?: yeaa huhh
Are you a virgin?: yeaa
Are you a hermaphrodite?: a what??
Have you ever tied your tooth to a door to lose it?: nahh
Do you bite yourself?: nahh
Cut yourself?: once
Do you get cold sores often?: nahh
Do you have a cold right now?: nahh
Do you suffer from chronic migraines?: nahh
Do you like to touch sharp objects?: nahh
Do you have a twitching problem?: nahh
Are you homicidal?: nahh
What do you do on the computer?: myspace;; talk to people;; photoshop;; WMM
Anything your parents should know about?: maaayyybee
Are you happy with your life?: not really
Is everybody else happy with your life?: they all say its fine
Do you like 100% white grape juice?: yeaa
How big is the universe?: as big as yurr moms wang
How many hours of sleep do you get every night?: 4-12
What do you dream about?: someone;;
Anything your parents should know about?: you asked this already
Do you fall for Internet advertisements?: nahh
Do you enjoy bungee jumping?: i wanna try it
Do you have AIM?: yeaa
MSN?: nahh
YIM?: yeaa
A Neopets account?: nahh
A Vampirefreaks account?: nahh
A Quizilla account?: nahh
A Bzoink account?: nahh
Do you watch bugs crawl on the floor?: nahh
Do you follow the bugs that crawl on the floor?: nahh
Do you get attacked by ladybugs?: nahh
Are you scared of everything that breathes?: nahh
Are you scared of anything at all?: yeaa
What?: long words
Which cardinal direction do you like best?: weest;; liek patrick sayz it
Do you have a life?: yes;; i just dont use it right
Then why are you taking this?: cuz it wuz tempting
Do you have a microphone on your computer?: nahh
A webcam?: nahh
A scanner?: nahh
A printer?: yeaa
A cordless mouse?: yeaa
Does your mouse light up?: it would be broken iff it did
What kind of computer do you have?: HP
Were you ever physically abused?: nahh
Verbally?: nahh
Sexually?: nahh
Do you wish you were a fish?: nahh
A cat?: nahh
A dog?: sometimes
Do you have a cell phone?: yea
What kind is it?: glyde
Do you weasel out of things?: sometimes
Do your teachers like you?: yeaa
Do your parents like you?: yeaa
Do your siblings like you?: nahh
Does karma, if it exists, love you?: sometimes
Did you have a tail when you were born?: yeaa;; i still do;; you just cant see it
Do you enjoy school?: nott att all
Are you a packrat?: what??
Do you know HTML or CSS?: yeaa huhh
Do you find yourself chewing on anything your fingers have touched?: nahh
Do you shy away from social situations?: sometimes
Are you obsessed with shiny things?: yeaa
Are you at least attracted to them?: yeaa
Do you smash guitars or any other type of instrument?: nahh
Do you label other people?: sometimes
Are you proud of doing so? (Question #620.): nahh
So. How bad can I make you look?: pretty badd
Do you wash your hands frequently?: nahh
Do you wet the bed?: nahh
What age did you stop?: 4-5??
Do you lie a lot?: a bitt
Have you lied at all in this survey?: nahh
Do you forget to brush your teeth frequently?: nahh
Do you brush your hair?: yeaa
Do you use antismelly?: yeaa;; took me a while to figure that out
Are you an alcoholic?: nahh
A druggie?: nahh
Do you drink illegally?: nahh
Do you wear underwear?: yeaa
Do you change it frequently?: yeaa
Are you a coward?: not really
A loser?: yeaa
An idiot?: yeaa
Do you text talk?: nahh
Are you a bad friend?: i can be
Are you untrustworthy?: i can be
Unreliable?: i can be
Do you pick your nose?: nahh
Are you imperfect?: verryy imperfect;; the fasthest away from perfect youll ever find anyone
Ugly?: very
Do you have bad hair?: yeaa
A big nose?: nahh
Are you shallow?: kinda
Greedy?: nahh
Do you tell people you love them just to get what you want?: nahh
Do you have any /important/ talents?: does walking on my knees count??
Are you impolite?: kinda
Disrespectful?: yess
Sadistic?: huh??
Are you a pansy?: huh??
Are you a conformist?: noo waayy
A fan of George W. Bush?: nahh
Do you have buck teeth?: used to
Acne?: yeaa
Mentall illnesses?: nahh
Are you fake?: not evenn closee too itt
Does your breath smell?: nahh
Do you have a strong body odor?: nahh
Do you have bad teeth?: nahh
Are you overweight?: nahh
Anorexic?: nahh
Bulimic?: nahh
Do you have a piercing in an inappropriate spot on your body?: nahh
A tattoo?: nahh
Are you a wannabe?: nahh
Do you get bad grades?: nahh
Are you a bad guesser?: kindaa
Are you slow?: nahh
Are you bad at reading people?: kinda
Are you too nice for your own good?: noo wayy
Do you have a lot of friends?: a decent amount
Do you give in easily?: nahh
Are you stubborn?: i can be
Are you annoying?: yeaa
Are you a necrophilliac?: noo waayy lol
Are you incestuous?: nooopeee
Is your room messy?: yeaa
Do you make fun of other people?: yeaa
Do you respect your body?: nahh
Are you arrogant?: huh??
Do you have low self-esteem?: yeaa
Are you unique?: most deffinatelyy
Are your hands clammy?: huh??
Are you short?: nahh
Are you freakishly tall?: nahh
Do you like Simple Plan?: kinda
Do you believe in the Christian God?: kinda
Do you believe in magic?: nahh
True love?: yeaa;; its justt reaalllyy hardd too findd
Heaven?: kinda
Hell?: kinda
Satan?: kinda
The Lord and Lady?: who??
The Goddess?: whos that??
The Greek Gods or Goddesses?: kinda
The Pagan Gods or Goddesses?: who??
Are you an atheist?: nahh
Agnostic?: what??
Do you believe in fairies?: nahh
Dragons?: nahh
Unicorns?: yeaa
Gollums?: what??
Santa?: nahh
The Easter Bunny?: nahh
The Tooth Fairy?: nahh
Pixies?: nnahh
Phoenixes?: kinda
Elves?: nahh
Dwarves?: nahh
Mermaids?: nahh
Karma?: yeaa
Immortality?: yeaa
Do you believe in the Aztec Gods?: who??
Mayan Gods?: whoo??
Incan Gods?: whooo??
Do you believe that each different belief creates a new reality?: shure??
Do you believe in life on other planets?: nahh
Do you believe in the Xqoaest?: what??
Do you believe in parallel universes?: what??
Do you believe that black holes are time portals?: nahh
Do you believe in Eternity?: yeaa
Do you believe in evolution?: yeaa
Do you believe in life after death?: yeaa
What happens to us after we die?: most of us go to hell
Do you believe in superheroes?: nahh
Super villains?: nahh
Do you believe in Fate?: yeaa
That everything has a purpose?: yeaa
Do you believe that everything revolves around money?: nahh
Sex?: nahh
Love?: kinda
Success?: kinda
Making yourself happy?: nahh
Making others happy?: nahh
Religion?: nahh
Politics?: nahh
Do you believe in miracles?: kinda
Angels?: nahh
Demons?: nahh
Ghosts?: yeaa
Do you believe in true, selfless happiness?: nopee
Do you believe in selfessness at all?: not reallyy
Do you believe that wishing for something can make it happen?: kinda
Do you believe that anything can happen?: nahh
Name:: krystyna marie cochrane
Age:: 13
Gender:: girrll
Nicknames:: krissy;; lightning;; kerererererissy
Aliases:: huh??
What made you choose them?: idk what they are
If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?: my mom said jacob
Think of the situation above. What would you want your name to be?: something different
If you had a choice, would you drop your last name?: deffinatelyy
What heritage does your first name imply?: russian i beeleevee
What heritage does your middle name imply?: noo cluee
What heritage does your last name imply?: englandd
Place of birth:: pittsfield
Date of birth:: The 17th day of the 4th month of the 1996th year
Nationality:: english;; canadian;; american
Were you named after anyone?: nahhh
Who?: noo onee
What side of the family does your name come from?: my dads i beeleeve
Did your parents immigrate?: nahh
How about your grandparents?: nahh
Your great grandparents?: nahh
Further back into your family?: yeaa
Where did they emmigrate from?: canada &nd england
Where did they immigrate to?: here
How old are your parents?: in the 40s;; idk howw old
Do you have any siblings?: yeaa
How old are they?: 18
What are their names?: samantha lynn haines
Do you get along with your family?: most of them
Do you wish they were different?: nahh
Were you ever abused by any member of your family?: nahh
Were you ever betrayed by a member of your family?: nahh
Did your family ever disown any other member of your family?: nahh
If so, why?: didnt happen
Who do you get along with most? (792!): friends
…The Ideal Mate
Hair color:: doesnt matter;; black iz cool
Hair length:: almost to their shoulders
Hairstyle:: emo
Eye color:: doesnt matter
Skin color:: paleish
Any makeup?:: eyeliner;; but its optional
Clothing style:: punk
Shy or outgoing?:: in the middle
Happy or depressed?:: more on the happy side
Funny or serious?:: more on the funny side
Abusive or kind?:: more on the kind side
Respectful or perverted?:: in the middle
Completely describe their personality:: emmm;; funny;; caring;; nice;; friendly;; sorta talkative;; thats about it
This is another space if you need it:: hfvggysrie75t8
Ideal height:: about 6 ft;; a lil less maybe
Ideal weight:: good for their height
Body type:: pretty athletic
Completely describe their appearance:: pretty tall;; cute;; im not good @ describing lol
This is another space if you need it:: fuierw58wkuhu
Masochistic or sadistic?:: huh??
Conformist or nonconformist?:: nonconformist
Artistic or athletic?: more athletic
Intellectual or unintelligent?: huh??
Complex or simple?: more towards the simple side
What would their hobbies be?: sports;; vid games;; idk
Interests?: me;; haha idk
Obsessions: doesnt matter;; me i guess
Would they hug you often?: shure
Kiss you often?: shure
Would they frequently tell you that they loved you?: shure
Have you already found your ideal mate?: nahh
Are you in love?: nahh
What will you do together?: stuff
Your ideal date:: jc @ their housee
Your ideal wedding:: doesnt matter;; wif a lotta ppl i know thatt
How many kids?: none
What will their names be?: none
What do you think they would look like?: none
Will you even have kids?: nopee
If not, why?: i dont want one whatsoever
Will you even get married?: nahh
If not, why?: cuz i dont wanna
Are you taken or single?: singlee
Least favorite color:: pukeish green
Animal:: something ugly
Number:: 29
President:: george w bush
Actor:: idk
Actress:: idk
Director:: idk
Celebrity:: idk
Artist:: idk
Illustrator:: idk
Poet:: idk
Writer:: idk
Band:: anything poppishh
Musician:: britney spears prollyy
Singer:: samee
Food:: spinachh
Fruit:: watermelon
Vegetable:: spinachh
Candy:: peanut butter cups
Drupe:: a whatt??
Candy bar:: crunch
Brand of chocolate:: idk
Skittles flavor:: the pink one i guess
Month:: may i guess??
Year:: this one
Decade:: this one
Decade:: you just asked this
Millenium:: this one
Era:: this one
Time period:: this one
Battle of the Civil War:: idk
War:: this one
Battle of WWII:: idk
Battle of American Revolution:: idk
Genius:: cardimino!!
Genus of plant:: idk??
Flower:: dead ones
Tree:: dead ones
Hair color:: grey/ white
Eye color:: greyy
Fairy tale:: idk
Disney princess:: all
Disney villain:: idk
Disney prince:: all
Movie character:: idk
Play character:: idk
Book character:: james!!!
Musical character:: idk
Play:: idk
Musical:: idk
Person:: emily willuz
Brand of cereal:: idk;; something gross
Brand of battery:: the ones that suck the most
Mental illness:: retardation
Medication:: idk
Serial killer:: idk
Poison:: all of them
Type of sword:: idk
Type of gun:: idk
Toothpaste brand:: anything minty
Scent:: crap
Type of knife:: idk
Taste:: bad foodz
Sound:: idk
Article of clothing:: preppy stuff
What do you think of…
Ugly people?: im one;; so theyre okay
Pretty people?: theyre fine
Bald people?: theyre fine;; my dads one
Scrawny African children?: i feel bad ferr them
Religion?: i dont rlly fallow one
Politics?: idk
Abortion?: only iff yur young
Church?: i dont go to it
Separation of church and state?: huh??
Blondes?: im one;; &nd theyre fine
Brunettes?: theyre fine
Redheads?: theyre unique
Mainstream rock?: ehh itss okay;; not my faveoritee
Abercrombie?: blahh
Pop music?: blahh
Classic rock?: ehh itz okayy
Roleplaying?: idk i dont do it
Emo music?: itss alrightt
The emo trend?: itss alrightt
Ignorance?: thats a good songg =^))
Stupidity?: everyones a bit stupid;; itz normal
Mental retardation?: i hatee itt
My friend, Kcaiyettlyinnee?: huh??
Friends?: myy lifee =^))
Disrespect?: i kinda do;; so its alright
Immaturity?: everyone iz =^)) itz aww-shum
Republicans?: dont follow them
Democrats?: woot!! hehe
George W. Bush?: ewwww
Your mom? (OH, BURN. xD): tu madre;; i just burned you in spanish ;^)) &nd shes alright i guess
My mom?: i dont know her;; i bet shes on crack
Me?: you havee waaayy too much free timee
This survey?: too longg
Dry walls?: idk??
Painted walls?: i liek them
Drugs?: never tried em;; hope i never will
Alcohol?: nott gunna drink itt
Prostitution?: i dont rlly care
Premarital sex?: go ahead;; i aint stopping you
Teenage sex?: go ahead
People?: they all hate me;; so i could care less
Homosexuality?: ive got nothing against it
Bisexuality?: nothing wrong wif it
Heterosexuality?: juustt finee =^))
Your classmates?: some of themm rockk <33
Your co-workers?: dont got any
Your job?: dont got one
Your abilities?: different;; &nd useful
Yourself?: i hate me
Your school?: too big;; ima get lost
Your family?: theyre finee;; i wouldnt change them
My family?: potheads
Your mental health?: finee
My mental health?: if you can think of all these questions;; fine
Falling asleep holding a stuffed animal?: a bit little kiddish;; but oh well
Your life?: hate it
My life? (What life?): exactly!! too much time
The color green?: lime green iz daa best!!
Pickles?: yummy
Food?: greatt =^))
Electricity?: couldnt live wifout it
Niagra falls?: purttyy
Cataracts?: what are those??
Bridges?: useful
Braces?: hate them;; but good to have
Dictionaries?: boring
Television?: i need it
Fairy tales?: i dont care for them
Hollywood?: fake
MTV?: fun to watchh =^PP
What are you feeling?: hungry
Smelling?: nothing
Seeing?: the comouter desk &nd its contents
Hearing?: diego on the TV
Doing?: this &nd watching Diego
Who are you talking to online?: no one
On the phone?: no one
What room of the house are you in?: living room
Are you cold?: nahh
Bored?: yeaa
Warm?: yeaa
Hot?: nahh
Do you look nice?: nott att all
What are you wearing?: pajamas
Are you eating anything?: nahh
Drinking anything?: nahh
BMI?: what??
What brand of shoes are you wearing?: none
What are you wishing for?: someonee;;
What are you worried about?: nothing really
Sad about?: nothing
Happy about?: idkk
Angry about?: nothing
Serious about?: nothing
Laughing about?: nothing
Talking about?: nothing
Typing about?: this question
Are you IMing anyone?: nahh
Who are your friends?: kenzie;; bre;; kasey;; kassy;; ciara;; ian;; alicia;; brittany;; crystal;; krystal;; kassy;; cecily;; + more
Your best friends?: kenzie &nd bre
Who do you hang out with most?: prolly alicia
Who do you treat the best?: um;; kenzie prolly
Who treats you the best?: idk
Do you even have friends?: yeaa
If so, why are you taking this survey?: cuz it was tempting
The smart one?: um;; alicia
The depressed one?: ciara
The punk?: bre
The goth?: weston
The prep?: brittany
The jock?: um;; idk
The outcast?: idk
The stupid one?: all of them =^PP
The one who you think will kill someone one day?: um;; ciara maybe?? hehe
The annoying one?: idk
The hyper one?: bre
The oblivious one?: justina
The romantic?: idk
The content one?: um;; kenzie
The pervert?: bre
The liar?: ciara
The cheapskate?: idk
The ominous one?: whats that mean??
The disrespectful one?: um;; idk
The abusive one?: idk
The hot one?: idk
The ugly one?: idk
The one that hates you?: idk
The one you hate but hang out with anyway?: i have an idea;; but i dont wanna say it
The back-up one?: idk
The fighter?: none of them rlly
The lover?: idk
The hippie?: no one
The druggie?: no one
The alcoholic?: no one
The one that is most likely to be in jail?: ciara lmao srry
The most likely to be murdered?: ciara
The most likely to be committed to a mental hospital?: most likely ciara
The most likely to stay there forever?: ciara lmao
The normal one?: justina
The conformist?: most of them
The nonconformist?: bre
The masochistic one?: what??
The sadistic one?: what??
The weird one?: bre
The musical one?: all my friends in band
The artistic one?: um;; idk
The perfect one?: well jake claims hes “no one”;; so jake lol
The literary genius?: idk
The fugitive?: idk
The juvenille delinquint?: no one
The Jewish one?: no one
The Christian one?: idk
The Buddhist one?: none
The Muslim one?: none
The Hindu one?: none
The Catholic one?: a few
The Wiccan one?: none
The atheist?: none
The agnostic?: none
The cutter?: idk
The anorexic one?: idt anyone iz
The bulimic one?: none
The skinny one?: justina &nd kenzie
The thin one?: same
The fat one?: i dont wanna say any names
The obese one?: no names lol
The Satanic one?: huh??
Have you Ever…
Gone on a cruise?: yeaa;; on lake george
Beaten someone up?: nahh
Been beaten up?: nahh
Bullied someone?: yeaa
Been bullied?: yeaa
Attempted suicide?: nahh
Attempted murder?: nahh
Nearly died?: yeaa
Broken the law?: yeaa
Stolen something?: yeaa
Had an abortion?: nahh
Known the president?: nahh
Had an affair with the president?: nahh
Met a famous person?: yeaa;; danny stevens =^))
Had an affair?: nahh
Been out of the country?: nahh
Out of state?: yeaa
Out of your town?: yeaa
Written a poem?: yeaa;; it sucked
A story?: yeaa;; it was about fruits &nd meats lmao
A novel?: nahh
A song?: yeaa;; it sucked
Gotten published?: nahh
Written a love poem?: i tried to;; but gave up
Novel?: nahh
Song?: nahh
Said that you hated the world?: yeaa
Finished school?: not yet
Flunked a grade?: nahh
Flunked a grade?: you just asked that
Flunked a subject?: nahh
Read a book for enjoyment?: if that means reading a book thats not required to read in class;; then yea
Bungee jumped?: nahh;; i wanna tho
Skydived?: nahh
Danced?: yeaa
Been to a dance?: yeaa
Scuba dived?: nahh
Broken a bone?: nahh
Gotten a nose bleed?: yeaa
Had an orgasm?: maaaayyybeeeee;;
Suffered from psychosis?: huh??
Wished you could get away with something?: yeaa
Thought of killing someone?: yeaa
Thought of killing yourself?: yeaa
Saved your own?: huh??
Gone to the beach?: yeaa
Gone fishing?: yeaa
Gone to an island?: i think so;; yeaa;; block island wif alicia
Died in a dream?: yeaa
Had a dream that came true?: nahh
Kissed someone in the rain?: nahh
Gotten pregnant?: nahh
Eaten calamari?: yeaa
Lobster?: yeaa
Helped anybody during the holidays?: yeaa
Helped a stranger?: yeaa
Kissed a stranger?: nahh
Hugged a stranger?: nahh
Can You…
Kiss your elbow?: nahh
Touch your nose with your tongue?: yeaa huhh
Stick your fist in your mouth?: yeaa
Touch your toes?: yupp
Give away money?:: i can;; but i wont
Marry a family member?: nahh
Hire an assassin?: nahh
Stay up all night?: yeaa huhh
Stay up for /ten/ nights?: nahh
Finish this survey?: yess!!!
Swim?: yeaa
Draw well?: ehh kinda
Sing well?: nahh
Write well?: nahh
Eat a box of chocolates in an hour?: idk;; never tried it
Eat an entire package of Oreos in a half an hour?: never tried it;; &nd prolly not
Without milk?: nahh
Predict the future?: nah
Would you Ever…
Sacrifice everything for a friend?: matters who it is
A lover?: yeaa
Give your life for a friend?: matters
A lover?: yeaa
Lie to a friend?: yeaa
Lie to your parents?: yeaa
Lie to a lover?: nahh
Steal from your parents?: yeaa
Hug them in public?: nahh
Blow up your house?: nahh
Abuse someone?: nahh
Use someone?: prolllyy
Recommend this survey to a friend?: yeaa huhh
Would you ever Be…
A fireman?: nahh
Policeman?: nahh
Serial killer?: nahh
Doctor?: yeaa
Surgeon?: nah
Prostitute?: nahh
Playboy model?: nahh
Writer?: yeaa
Artist?: yeaa
Musician?: yeaa
Assassin?: nahh
Ninja?: hell yeaaa =^DD
Soldier?: nahh
President?: nahh
Darth Vader?: nahh
Pilot?: nahh
Mortician?: a what what??
Forensic scientist?: huh??
Detective?: nahh
Lawyer?: nahh
Drug-dealer?: nahh
Pirate?: nahh
Box-carrier?: nahh
Store clerk?: yeaa
Banker?: nahh
Criminal?: nahh
Target?: nahh
Professional wrestler?: nahh
Tennis player?: yeaa
Rapper?: nooppeee
Country singer?: nahh
Pop star?: noo wayy
Actor?: yeaa
Plastic surgeon?: nahh
Is the sky blue?: cuz blue is cool liek that
Is the world round?: if the world was square;; it wouldnt be cool
Is the world unfair?: cuz it hates all of you
Are most people selfish?: to get their way
Impolite?: to get their way
Disrespectful?: dito
Conforming?: huh??
Are there religions?: so people have something to believe in
Theories?: cuz people got bored &nd tried to explain something
Opinions?: everyone thinks differently
Are humans so intelligent?: HAHAHAA!! dontt make me laugh;; thats not true
Do we need air?: to breathe
Do we age?: everything has to get old &nd die
Do we die?: cuz god thinks were useless
Is there cheddar cheese in the world?: cuz it tastes good
Swiss?: in case boys cant get girlfriends
American?: cuz america got bored one day
Are you taking this?: it was tempting
When was the last time…
You brushed your teeth?: yesterday night
Took a shower?: yesterday
Ate?: yesterday
Drank?: yesterday
Drank an alcoholic beverage?: never
Took a pill?: does that count as advil?? a while ago
Smoked?: never
You got your photograph taken?: um;; a few days ago
You got caught doing something bad?: when i wuz walking on the bike trail to adams wiff bre
Dyed your hair?: never =^((
Hurt someone physically?: that day i wuz wif ciara &nd ethan
Hurt someone emotionally?: idk
Did your homework?: when school was in
Hung out with your friends?: yesterday
Got drunk?: never
Said a good-by to someone?: idk;; yesterday
Greeted someone?: todayy
Took a survey?: right nowzz
Won a contest?: um;; a year ago i think
Went out on a date?: 3-4 weeks ago
=>Word Association<=
Bed.: sleep
Curtains.: shades
Lights.: bright
Music.: awesome
Candles.: bright
Closet.: closed
Door.: open
Window.: seethrough
Onomotapoeia.: wow
Dog.: woof
Cat.: meow
Egypt.: pyramids
Corey.: huh??
Mirror.: see
Case.: olivia
Cage.: monkey
Cave.: scary
Nutella.: nuts
Bird.: fly
Bear.: rawr
Death.: devil
Life.: boring
White.: black
Black.: white
Personality.: fine
Pickle.: yumm
Dilemna.: huh??
Love.: unexplainable
Liberal.: huh??
Conservative.: okay
Ball.: sack
Moderate.: mild
Inept.: huh??
Even more strange Questions
If you could create the world, would you make it a triangle or a square?: triangle
Do you find yourself frequently sounding like Donald Duck with a migraine?: nahh
Estimating, how many pieces of lined paper have you used this year?: 1000??
If you were a pen, what kind of pen would you be? (Be specific.): a black sharpie pen
If you were a pencil, what kind of pencil would you be?: a mechanical one
What is your favorite thing to highlight?: random things
What number can you relate to the most?: 1
What would you do if you were a spider?: id kill everyone i saw
A chicken?: id peck everyone i saw
A goose?: id poop on your head
An anteater?: id lick your dick wif my long tongue
If you were a pirate, which sea would you sail?: um;; the mediteranean
Would you rather sell your life or gamble it away?: sell itt
If you could pay anyone in the world to be your friend, who would it be?: jack barakat!!
Do you think that Bigfoot is really fighting with aliens?: noo
Do you believe tabloids?: were all part of the same sick little games–that means who doesnt??
If you were a tabloid, would you believe in yourself?: shure
Why do you believe tabloids?: cuz i can be gullible
Why do you not believe tabloids?: i do
Estimating, how many different tabloids are there?: a katillion
Who do you think is the best Disney supporting actor?: i dont know??
Does citrus acid make you happy?: lmfao those are in oranges;; rigghttt??
On the HB scale, what is your favorite lead?: idk;; 2??
Do you think PLAGIARISTS should die long and horrible deaths?: nahh
What do you think of LYING, CHEATING, and PLAGIARISM?: lying;; everyone does it;; cheating;; gets annoying;; plagiarism;; theyre just jealous of wwhatever material they plagiarize cuz they cant think of their own
How mean do you think PLAGIARISTS are?: scale of 1-10—6
How angry do PLAGIARISTS make /you/ feel?: scale of 1-10—4
If PLAGIARISM was a dollar, how much money would you have?: um;; 1??
If someone PLAGIARIZED you, what would you do?: get them arrested
What would you include in a nasty Bzoink e-mail intended for them?: a few;; err;; a LOTT of chioce words
Should PLAGIARISTS be pushed off buildings?: shure
Should PLAGIARISTS who PLAGIARIZE our survey grovel at our feet?: shure
And should they delete their survey?: yeaa huhh
Do you think PLAGIARISTS who like fashion are dumb?: noo
Do you think Skittles should be evil?: nahh
Do you think PLAGIARISTS are the new PURPLE?: noo
Do you think cats should eat PLAGIARISTS for breakfast?: shure
Dogs?: nahh
Llamas?: yeaa huhh!!
Do you think PLAGIARISTS are desperate?: yeaa
Story time!
When was the baby born?: april 2nd;; 2003
Where was the baby born?: a bathtub
Was the baby a girl or a boy?: girl
Who was the baby born from?: a heterosexual named bobina
How much did the baby weigh?: 4 lbs
Did the baby cry?: nahh
Was the baby switched at birth?: nahh
What was the baby named?: joseph
Did the baby have hair?: not much
Were there any abnormalities?: it was a preme
Was the baby healthy?: nopee
Could the baby smile?: nahh
Did the baby see his/her parents right away?: nahh
Did the baby ever see his/her parents?: yeaa
When the baby leave the hospital?: when it was healthy enough to go home
When did the baby learn how to crawl?: when most babies do
Walk?: a year &nd a forth
Go to the restroom?: 2 &nd a half
When did the baby get his/her nails cut for the first time?: when he tried it itself &nd hurt himself while doing it
Toenails?: same
When did the baby first get into trouble?: when it knocked its food off the high chair
What was it about?: just told you
What was the first song the baby listened to?: 1;; 2;; 3;; 4;;
What class was the baby born into?: middle class
Where was the first park the baby went to?: central
First flavor of ice cream:: vanilla frozen yogurt
Did the baby hate Skittles?: yess
Did the baby have any talents?: it could clap
Did the baby hate PLAGIARISTS?: yess;; it slapped them in the face
Was the toddler popular?: yeaa
Did the toddler have nice clothes?: yeaa
Was the toddler good at writing?: nahh
Could the toddler ask questions without PLAGIARIZING?: yeaa
What did the toddler eat for lunch at school?: peanut butter &nd jelly with a fruit or veggie
What kind of grades did the toddler get?: B’s &nd A’s
Was the toddler overweight?: nahh
Was the toddler cute?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to play Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to play Duck, Duck, Goose?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to play kickball?: kinda
Did the toddler like to draw?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to read?: nahh
What did the child get for his/her tenth birthday?: an electric guitar
Was the child intelligent?: yeaa
Who PLAGIARIZED the child at this time?: no one
Was the child nice to other people?: nopee
Did the child PLAGIARIZE other people?: nahh
Was the child good at mathematics?: kinda
Did the child enjoy school?: nahh
Who liked the child?: the punks
Did the teenager dye his/her hair?: yeaa
Did the teenager rebel against his/her parents?: yeaa
What subculture did the teenager fit in?: the punks
What kind of clothes did the teenager wear?: gothic clothes
What kind of makeup?: none
What kind of music did the teenager listen to?: screamo
What kind of friends did the teenager have?: the punks
What kind of rumors were spread about the teenager?: they werent rumors;; they were all true;; that he did graffitti @ the mall went around the most
What did the teenager usually do when he/she got home?: go into towns wif his friends
Did the teenager like attention?: naww
Was the teenager outgoing?: kinda
What kind of emotional problems did the teenager deal with?: the trouble of getting caught
Was the teenager bullied?: he bullied others
Did the teenager bully others?: yeaa huhh
What college did the young adult attend?: none
What did he/she major in?: nothing
Did the young adult have a lot of money?: yeaa;; from stealing
Was the young adult independent?: yeaa
What kind of job did the young adult have?: a criminal
Did the middle-aged person go through a mid-life crisis?: nahh
Did the middle-aged person have any kids?: yeaa;; but it was wif a prostitute
What did the middle-aged person do in his/her spare time?: nothing
What were their genders?: idk;; he never saw it
Was the senior citizen a grandparent?: he didnt know
Did the senior citizen have any stories to tell?: yeaa
Did the senior citizen have time to tell all of his/her stories?: nahh
How did the senior citizen die?: a hit was placed on him
How many people came to the funeral?: just his punk friends
What does this mean?
Three.: 1+1+1
Avid.: idk??
Fervor.: idk
Nocent.: idk
Irenic.: idk
Drupe.: idk
Beauty.: being attractive
Perfection.: something impossible to achieve
Ignorant.: being snobby
Viridian.: huh??
Ironic.: coming out the oppisite of what u expect??
Noxious.: idk
Life.: a way of being on the earth
Happiness.: when nothing can hurt you
Adventure.: exploring somewhere
Purity.: huh??
Freedom.: where no one can control your actions
Individuality.: being different from most people
Wonderful.: everyone likes you
Profugus luminarium.: huh
Momento mori.: one moment??
Hola, me llama Amour.: hi;; my llama something??
Mohorovicic discontinuity.: huh??
Infamous.: idk
Congenial.: idk
Cordial.: idk
Distribution.: to hand something out
Contribution.: to give to a cause
Enigmatic.: huh
Arcane.: idk
Dasani.: a type of water
La lune.: idk
Insignificant.: idk
Asylum.: a place for insane people
Poetry.: a way of expressing emotions
Music.: a way of exprssing feelings
Art.: a way to express createivity
Literature.: a way to vent out ideas
Drama.: a neverending part of the teenage life
Stupidity.: being stupid
Death.: when your heart doesnt beat anymore
Talent.: something unusual you see no one else or a few people doing
Truth.: the real thing
Youth.: being young or feeling young
Forever.: never ending
Romantic.: being lovely
Hopeless.: haveing no chance
Hopeless romantic. (xD): someone who doesnt know much about getting a boy/ girl &nd expects too much
PLAGIARISM.: when someone steals a greatly engeneered idea
Mainstream.: a trend/ music everyone likes
Knowledge.: knowing facts
Wisdom.: haveing knowledge
Endurance.: being able to do something for a long time
Beauty or love?: love
Wisdom or beauty?: beauty
Being loved unconditionally or being famous?: loved unconditionally
Knowledge or wisdom?: knowledge
Power or pride?: pride
Lying or imprisonment?: lying
Murder or death?: murder
Revenge or forgiveness?: revenge
Being liked or being respected?: respected
Heart or brain?: heart
Which Age is this Appropriate For…
Radios.: any age
Gardening.: adult ages
Lava lamps.: younger kids
Black lights.: what those??
Hovercrafts.: 14-18
Cars.: 16-70
Spaghetti straps.: teens
Hopscotch.: littlw kids
My Little Pony.: little kids;; &nd gay boys
Barbies.: little kids &nd gay boys
Tonka trucks.: little boys
Edgar Allan Poe.: adults
MySpace.: everyone but old people &nd little kids
The Internet in general.: everyone
Neopets.: little kids
Quizilla.: idk what that is??
Vampirefreaks.: what that?
Disney.: all ages
Lizzie McGuire.: idk her
Beauty and the Beast.: younger kids &nd adults
Hans Christian Anderson.: who dat??
Elton John.: older ppl
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.: older ppl
Bauhaus.: who dat??
Satanism.: what that??
Biolage.: what??
Hair curlers.: adults &nd old ppl
Hairspray.: teens-adults
Nail polish.: kids-teens
Short skirts.: teens &nd young adults
Bikinis.: teens &nd young adults
Tanning.: teens
Fun.: anyone
Public appearances.: anyone
When to form your own band.: 16
Playing the piano.: any age
Staying home alone.: 9
Drinking.: 18-65
Smoking.: 18-45
Videogames.: any age but old
Violent videogames.: teens-adults
Mature videogames.: teens-adults
Dora the Explorer.: little kids-teens;; im watching that now!!
The Little Mermaid.: little kids
Eminem.: teens
Voting.: adults-old ppl
Perfume.: teens-adults
Makeup.: teens-adults
Accessorizing.: teens-adults
Rap.: teens
The Girl Next Door.: what that??
Finding Nemo.: little kids
Armageddon.: huh??
Pirates of the Caribbean.: teens-adults
Water beds.: teens
Becoming famous.: teens-adults
Swearing.: teens-adults
Going to war.: young adults
Sports.: any age
Having a child.: 18-40
Getting married.: 18 &nd older
Living on your own.: 18
Teen Spirit.: teens
Lady Speed Stick.: teens
Cologne.: teens
NASA.: adults
Going on a cruise.: all ages
College.: teens &nd young adults
Graduating from high school.: 18-20
Going to the movies without a parent.: 10
Santa Claus.: little kids
Easter Bunny.: little kids
Tooth fairy.: little kids
Bird watching.: old people
Coin collecting.: old people
Housekeeping.: adults
Pink Panther.: all ages
Sherlock Holmes.: older ppl
Oscar Wilde.: who dat??
RL Stine.: teens
Lemony Snicket.: teens
JK Rowling.: teens
Terry Brooks.: who dat??
Alvin Schwartz.: who??
JRR Tolkein.: who??
Charles Dickens.: teens-adults
Ernest Hemingway.: who??
Green Day.: teens
Ghost stories.: teens
Law and Order: SVU.: teens-adults
Campfires.: any age
Sleepovers.: kids-teens
Sleepover parties.: samee
American Idol.: teens-young adults
A figure.: huh??
Modeling.: young adult
Freckles.: teens
Whitened teeth.: older teens
Plastic surgery.: adults
Advertising on television.: teens-adults
Community service.: teens
Prison.: adults
The legal adult age.: 21
What will Happen/How will the world End?
Giant tornado.: it will destroy errthing in the world
Nuclear war.: the explosions will kill us all
Giant tsunami.: it will flood &nd destroy everything
A title wave.: people will drown in its riptide
An asteroid.: it will blow up the earth
Explosion of the sun.: well die from hypothermia
Giant volcanic erruption.: everything will end in the lava
Giant freak afternoon tea accident.: the tea will burn everyone to death
Giant missile crisis.: everything gets exploded
Another Great Depression. Only worse.: we all starve to death
Earthquake.: everything gets buried underground
Penguins will take over the world.: they us a giant snow maker &nd trap everyone under snow
Parrots become the dominant.: they poop on errones head
Alien invasion.: they hold us hostage
Bigfoot will invite his pals over, Bighead, Bighands, and Bigtummy.: we all get crushed
Lochness monster will have children.: they will be able to fly &nd wil hurt us all
Everyone will turn cannibalistic.: we eat each other but one of each species;; then we reproduce to make new species;; &nd the world restarts
Everyone will run out of natural resources.: how will we live?? we wont!!
Third Ice Age.: we all freeze 2 death
Global warming.: all the ice melts;; ocean floods
Precambrian Eon will return.: huh??
Toxic fumes.: we choke on them &nd die
Disappearing water.: we die frum thirst
Planet collision.: the planets destroy each other
Termites.: we get buried in their mounds;; lmfao that sounds wrong xDD
George W. Bush will get a third reelection.: o god;; america will comit suicide
Everyone will commit suicide.: animals will evolve into people
Intergalactic highway construction.: huh??
Intergalactic spies like Kiri will take over.: huh??
PLAGIARISTS will rule the world.: there would be no ideas to steal then
Lions will eat us all.: lions will rule the world
Cockroaches will rule the world.: the world will overpopulate
A pandemic.: huh??
The Black Plague will avenge itself.: huh??
Mythical creatures will come back and reclaim their world.: well we all just die;; hows that sound??
The Big Bang will reoccur.: all the planets explode &nd new ones are made
Pesticide will kill all the insects in the world.: insect eating things will start to eat us
The Earth will spontaneously combust.: well we all burst into flames
The world will collapse.: we get crushed under the rubble
Genocide.: huh??
All the money will burn.: we just steal things
Cell phones really did cause brain tumors.: well wouildnt most of us be dead then??
Karma will kill us.: sage’s dog will kill us?!
All the stars in the universe will explode at once.: no light fer us;; oh well
Ghosts will kill us.: but then wed be ghosts;; &nd then the ghosts will have to kill people;; &nd theyll go cannibalistic
A giant fan will blow us away.: wed go to space &nd suffocate
Pizza Hut will explode.: theres so many;; it will cause a HUGEE explosion
Hair curlers will burn us all.: im glad ive got none in my house then
Everyone will get a perm and die of fright from looking at each other.: what if one person doesnt look @ someone?? then he/ she wull rule the world!!
Grandmas will turn rabid.: everyone haz a grandma;; so everyone will go mad
PLAGIARISTS will make Reko and Kiri angry.: who r they?? whoever they are;; they will kill plagiarists
The Mohorovicic Discontinuity will disappear.: huh??
Daddy Long Legs will get a larger mouth.: theyll all bite us &nd well die form the venom
People get so lazy that their lawn will grow too high to allow sunlight in.: animals will eat the grass
Twinkle will succeed as a dictator.: whos that??
Star will become president.: who??
Biotech disaster.: huh??
People will not actually save money switching to Geico.: the cavemen will be happy
Cingular and Verizon will never join.: cell phone war!!
Pollution.: it will contaminate the air we breathe &nd well all get rlly sick
Giant feet. o.o: will crush us all
Everyone will become a movie copycat.: huh??
Pandemonium at football games will get a little too extreme.: well hurt each other rlllyy bad
Are these Cliched and Overrated? Or just fine?
Striving to be unique.: fine
Mall goth.: fine
Punk.: fine
Emo.: overrated
Love.: overrated
Anti-love.: fine
Pro-war.: huh??
Pro-peace.: huh??
George W. Bush jokes.: fine
Smoking.: overrated
Drinking.: overrated
Television.: fine
MTV.: overrated
Reformers.: huh??
Showering.: fine
Partying.: fine
Drinking water.: fine
Physical fitness.: fine
Eating.: fine
The Internet.: fine
Walking.: fine
Pretending to cut.: overrated
Having a dog.: fine
Sleeping on a bed. (Go S/X/Zarys!): fine
Green Day.: fine
Fall Out Boy.: overrated
My Chemical Romance.: fine
Cheerleading.: overrated
Popularity.: overrated
Pretending to be depressed.: fine
Celebrities.: overrated
Celebrity wannabes.: overrated
Communication.: fine
Cell phones.: fine
Liking thunderstorms.: fine
Drama.: overrated
High school.: overrated
Makeup.: overrated
Accessories.: overrated
Clothes. (xD): overrated
Desert.: fine
The rain.: fine
Skipping class.: fine
Anime/manga.: fine
Rebels.: fine
Movies.: fine
What Would you like to do/Try?
Escargot?: huh??
Lobster?: tried it
Creme brule?: huh??
Skydiving?: try
Hang gliding?: try
Surfing?: not try
Snowboarding?: try
Go into space?: not try
Go on a cruise?: try
Fall in love?: try
Go to Disney World?: been there
Go to Paris?: try
New York City?: been there
Cairo?: not try
Tokyo?: try
Dance with a star?: try
Marry a star?: not try
Write a novel?: try
Meet a celebrity?: have done =^))
Do any of These scare You?
Spiders.: nahh
Goblins.: nahh
Rodents.: nahh
Creatures.: nahh
Bees.: nahh
Fire.: nahh
Death.: nahh
Old age.: nahh
Lizards.: nahh
Crowds.: nahh
People.: nahh
Butterflies.: nahh
Blood and gore.: nahh
Ants.: nahh
The unknown.: nahh
Ghosts.: nahh
Aliens.: nahh
Medication.: nah
Doctors.: nahh
Hospitals.: nahh
Satanism.: nahh
Nazis.: yeaa
Serial killers.: yeaa
Psychopaths.: nahh
The mentally ill.: nahh
Sadists.: nahh
Dinosaurs.: nahh
Tornadoes.: yeaa
Thunderstorms.: nahh
Volcanoes.: yeaa
The ocean.: nahh
Deep water.: nahh
Clowns.: nahh
Dolls.: nahh
Mirrors.: nahh
The dark.: nahh
Bloody Mary.: yeaa
Windows.: nahh
Sharks.: nahh
Insects.: nahh
Eggs. (Kiri insisted on this. x___x): nahh
People with deformities.: nahh
Strange people.: nahh
Strangers.: some
Failure.: nahh
Being alone.: nahh
The Apocalypse.: nahh
Pandemics.: yeaa
Being forgotten.: nahh
Do You Like…
Pink?: nahh
Bald people?: nahh
Period-style clothing?: nahh
Superman?: yeaa
Bugs?: nahh
Mud?: yeaa
Dirt?: nahh
Spiderman?: nahh
Wonderwoman?: nahh
Money?: yeaa
Food?: yeaa
Beautiful people?: matters who were talking about
Kids?: yeaa
Adults?: nahh
Teenagers?: yeaa
Fruit?: some kinds
Blue?: yeaa
Vegetables?: only a few
Meat?: yeaa
MySpace?: yeaa
VF?: huh??
Neopets?: nahh
Quizilla?: whats that??
Bzoink?: yeaa
MSN?: nahh
AIM?: yeaa
YIM?: kindaa
Microsoft Word?: yeaa
Girls?: yeaa
Boys?: yeaa
Religion?: nahh
The radio?: yeaa
Dreaming?: depends on the dream
Writing?: matters what im writing about
Drawing?: yeaa
Roleplaying?: if its for a play;; then yea
Art?: yeaa
Literature?: matters
Music?: yeaa
Drama?: nahh
Comedy?: yeaa
Tragedy?: nahh
Romance?: yeaa
Horror?: yeaa
Fantasy?: kindaa
Science fiction?: nahh
Action?: yeaa
Anime/manga?: kindaa
Green Day?: yeaa
Fall Out Boy?: their old sttuff
The emo trend?: yeaa
Mall goths?: nahh
Punk?: yeaa
Closets?: yeaa
Disney?: yeaa
Beds?: yeaa
How many People would it Take To…
Screw in a lightbulb?: 1
Build a 5,000 foot monument?: 2000
Milk a cow?: 1
Make a movie?: 400
Get a PLAGIARIST off the Internet?: 1
Find a cure for cancer?: 1000
Make a house?: 20
Feed a horse?: 1
Create a character?: 6
Create a /good/ character?: 10
Find the meaning of life?: 1
Make dinner?: 1
Run a cruise ship?: 20
Run a pirate ship?: 30
Pillage and plunder?: huh??
And rifle and loot?: huh??
And drink up, me hearties, yo ho?: huh??
Keep Jack Sparrow on that island? Er…Captain. /Captain./ My apologies.: 50
Plan a perfect murder?: 1
Cause the Apocalypse?: 1
Impeach the president?: 1
Vote Bush out of office?: 2,000,000
Write a song?: 2
Form a band?: 5
Dye hair?: 1
Create a salon?: 15
Make the perfect family?: 4
Change the world?: 1
Make things better?: 1
Help someone in need?: 1
Cheer up a baby?: 1
Chear up a 500 year-old baby?: 1
Form a crew?: 20
Man a ship?: 20
Create a website?: 1
Make a radio station?: 10
Destroy the world?: 1
Airline food.: 1
Decay.: huh??
The world.: 8,000,000,000
George W. Bush.: 1
The color orange.: 1
People pretending to be goths.: 200
People pretending to be good at making surveys.: 1
People pretending to be punks.: 200
People pretending to be depressed.: 200
People pretending to be mentally ill.: 200
People.: 8,000,000,000
Test rates.: huh??
Taxes.: 200000
The government.: 100
Celebrities.: 1000
Obsessive fans of celebrities.: 200
Green Day.: 200
The emo trend.: 200
Brainwashing.: 1
War.: 1
Cloning.: 1
Conformists.: 20
Money.: 1000
Entertainment.: 100
Food.: 2000
Basic things for survival.: 20
Television.: 4000
The way history played out.: 300
The future.: 1
The present.: 1
Aging.: 800
Lying.: 800
Lying about your age.: 200
Sick humor.: 10000
Comedy.: 500
Bathroom humor.: 300
Anti-bacterial soap.: 200
Elementary school teachers.: 200
Principals.: 300
The fact we all have different opinions and no one follows ours.: 1
Imply. The word.: 300
Diets.: 200
Having to exercise to stay thin.: 1000
Having to do work to survive.: 1000
Having to do work. Period.: 1000
Notebooks going as high as only five subjects.: 200
Notebooks that only have 70 pages.: 20
Wide-ruled paper.: 20
Elementary school.: 400
Circles.: 1000
Slightly oblate spheroids.: 200
Slightly eccentric elipses.: 200
P and S waves.: huh??
Oxygen.: 8,000,000,000
Co2.: 8,000,000,000
H2o.: 8,000,000,000
Life.: 8,000,000,000
Aliens.: none;; they dont exist
Childhood.: 5000
Adolescence.: 5000
Adulthood.: did you know all these answers are random numbers?? 5000
Meanings.: 6000
The fact that no one looks in the dictionary anymore to define something.: 20
Disney nowadays.: 4000
Kagome.: huh??
Pickles.: 1
Feet.: 8,000,000,000
Noses.: 1
Cell membranes.: 8,000,000,000
Atoms.: 8,000,000,000
Andrew Johnson.: 1
Andrew Jackson.: 1
Are you?: juustt finee
Are you doing?: goodd
Have you been?: justt finee
Do you wish you were?: hayley williams
Do you want to die?: suicide prolly
Many years can a mountain exist?: forever
Many planets are there?: um;; 9??
Many numbers are there?: a katillion
Small can things get?: micro size
Big can things get?: az big as a long shlong
Will the future turn out for you? Do you have an idea?: bad;; nope
How will the future turn out for me?: fine
Many ways can the world end?: a lot
Many sports are there?: more than 20
Many colors are in the rainbow?: 7
Do you do?: finee
What do you think is evil?
Shampoo.: nahh
Conditioner.: nahh
Anime.: nahh
Walls.: yess
Ceilings.: yess
Fans.: nahh
Ceiling fans.: nahh
Donald Duck.: nah
Lie detectors.: yess
Smoke detectors.: nahh
Pedometers.: nahh
Death.: yesh
The Grim Reaper.: yess
Christmas.: nah
God.: nahh
Satan.: yeaa
Jesus.: nahh
Satin.: what that??
Pepsi.: nahh
Electricity.: nahh
The Internet.: nahh
Mashed potatoes.: yeaa
Orange juice.: lmfao dont even get me started <33
My computer.: yeaa
Haappii Bouanmey: who??
Veeahhckomee: who??
Gaston.: who??
The world.: yeaa
The universe.: yeaa
Spinach.: yeaa
Celery.: yeaa
Escargot.: whats that??
Pizza Hut.: nahh
Disney nowadays.: nahh
Wal-Mart.: yeaa
Stores in general.: nahh
Fish.: nahh
Birds.: nahh
Anteaters.: nahh
Whole milk.: nahh
Skittles.: nahh
Cupcakes.: nahh
MTV.: nahh
Television.: nahh
VH1.: nahh
Comedy Central.: nahh
MAD TV.: nahh
Comedy in general.: nahh
Jessica Simpson.: yess
Laughter.: nahh
Infections.: yeaa
Viruses.: yeaa
Doors.: yupp
Windows.: nahh
Mirrors.: nahh
Landmarks.: nahh
Santa Claus.: yeaa
The Easter Bunny.: yeaa
Tooth fairy.: yeaa
Goths.: nahh
The Black Plague.: yeaa
Witches.: yeaa
Wiccans.: yeaa
Black cats.: nahh
Ladders.: nahh
Vampires.: nahh
Werewolves.: nahh
Gremlins.: nahh
Leprechauns.: nahh
Goblins.: nahh
Gollums.: nahh
Orcs.: what??
Mr. Skinnyhands.: who??
Mortimer Mouse.: whoo??
Fruitsbasket.: nahh
Naraku.: who??
Herbal Essences.: nahh
Head and Shoulders.: nahh
Biolage.: what??
Cheap shampoo.: yeaa
Cheap cologne.: yeaa
Boxed hair dye.: nahh
The number 16.: nahh
The number 7.: nahh
The number 16.7 repentant.: huh??
24 + 2/3.5.: shhuree
3.141592654.: nahh
Sundays.: nahh
Tuesdays.: nahh
Thursdays.: nahh
Lights.: yeaa
The darkness.: nahh
Roxie Hart.: who??
Shirts with words on them.: nahh
Mean shirts.: nahh
Stupid shirts.: yeaa
Speedos.: yeaa
Your House
How many stories is your house?: 3
What room are you in?: living room
How many doors does your house have?: i wanna say 9
Windows?: i wanna say 19
Mirrors?: i wanna say 2
What kind of rug is in your room?: a carpet thats grey >_<
Bathroom?: blue one tht goes around the toilet
Kitchen?: none
Dining room?: one tht goes under the table
Living room?: none
Do you use your basement?: only to get my bi9ke &nd do laundry
Your attic?: dont got one
What color is your house?: yellow
What color are the walls in your room?: lilac;; getting lime green soon
Bathroom?: blue &nd wooden
Kitchen?: purple
Dining room?: a very very light cream
Living room?: yellow
Basement?: cemented
What kind of bed is in your room?: a full
Bathroom?: none
Kitchen?: none
Dining room?: none
Living room?: a pull out one
Basement?: none
Is your room messy?: yeaa
Kitchen?: nahh
Dining room?: nahh
Living room?: nahh
Basement?: yeaa
Attic?: dont have one
Do you have a porch?: yeaa
Do you have a pool?: nahh
A trampoline?: @ my dads
A playground?: near my house i do
How many acres do you own?: idk;; i know my dad owns 1
Do you live near a forest?: @ my dads house yeaa
Do you live in the city?: nahh
In a town?: yeaa
How many people your age live in your neighborhood?: um;; liek 10??
Do you associate with your neighbors?: not rlly
Are you at least cordial towards them?: huh??
Do you share a room?: nahh
How many computers do you have?: 2
How many trash cans?: 2
Bathrooms?: 1
Bedrooms?: 3
Is your kitchen decently sized?: yeaa
How many sofas?: 2
How many televisions?: 4
Is your room decently sized?: yeaa
How many forks are in the silverware drawer?: 18
Do you own a dreamcatcher?: nahh
Do you have Sharpies nearby?: in the cpmputer drawer
How many vacuum cleaners?: 2
How many pencils do you own?: idk?? liek 5
How many notebooks do you have near you?: none
How many disks?: just 1
How many CD-Roms?: 1
How many DVDs?: none
How many DVDs do you own?: liek;; 50??
How big is your musical CD collection?: nott that big cuz i lose all of my CDs
Your computer game collection?: all ive got iz photoshop
Do you have an iPod?: yeaa
How many songs?: idk;; i cant find it
Do you have posters on your walls?: yeaa
How many?: a lott
Pictures?: yeaa
How many?: a lot
Calendars?: yeaa
How many?: 1
How much jewelry do you own?: nonee
Bracelet?: nonee
Pair of earrings?: nonee
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: liek 10??
Do you have junk drawers?: yeaa
How many?: liek 1 err 2
How many dressers do you have?: 1
Do you have a nightstand?: nahh
How many stuffed animals do you have?: liek 2 that i won from the great escape
Do you have a mirror in your room?: nahh
Do you have hairspray?: yeaa
A disco ball?: nahh
A lava lamp?: nahh
A globe?: nahh
What kind of sheets do you have?: plaid
Anything printed on them?: plaid
How many tank tops do you own?: a lott
Do you own any Aerosmith CDs?: nahh
Bauhaus?: what??
Elton John?: nahh
Do you have the Disney collection?: whats that??
Do you own the Moulin Rouge soundtrack?: nahh
How many books do you own?: liek 10
How many of them have you read?: only the twilight saga ones
Do you have a bookcase in your room?: yeaa
Do you have stars on your ceiling?: nahh
Do you have a smoke detector in your room?: yeaa
Do you own a copy of The Neverending Story?: nahh
The Picture of Dorian Gray?: nahh
The Last Unicorn?: nahh
Magic Kingdom for Sale?: nahh
Anything by Alvin Schwartz?: nahh
RL Stine?: nahh
Almost done.
What time is it?: July 28th at 10:50 A.M.

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