Doggone Dog Shows With Missy!
Hey everybody! I’m superstar Missy! I’m one of the biggest doggy superstars in Webkinz World! I don’t have a page there because then all the fame would get to my head, so I decided a lower place in society; a Webkinz blog! My favorite thing about dogs? Dog shows! That’s why I’ve come here! I’m going to show everyone here about the different types of dog shows!
One of the most popular is the Agility Trial! In an Agility Trial, the owner and his/her dog have to work together to get through a dog approved obstacle course! The dog runs the course while the owner leads and gives commands! One of the most popular dogs in this competition is the Border Collie, known for its speed and agility. The most popular group of dogs in agility trials is the herding group. They are the most popular of their height class. Many terriers and toys are also entered in their height class. Some quite popular entries are the Yorkies and Cairn Terriers. The obstacles involve tunnels, hurdles, hoops, see-saws, hoops, A-frames, and weaves.
Fun pictures!
The Hurdles!
This picture is of a Great Dane jumping over the hurdles.
The A-Frame!
This is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever running over the A-frame.
The Weaves!
This is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever running through the weaves.
The Hoop!
This is a Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever jumping through the hoop.
The tunnel!
This is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever running out of the tube.
Another type of competition is Flyball. In Flyball, teams of dogs are matched up against each other. There are hurdles the team must complete, going one at a time. At the end of the group of hurdles, there is a box called a Flyball Box. When a dog places its paws on the box, a tennis ball with fly out of the box. The dog then has to catch the ball, turn around, then go over another group of hurdles. Then the other members of the team must do the same thing. There are 4 hurdles in Flyball, each as tall as the smallest dog’s shoulder height. The 4 hurdles are 10 feet apart. From the starting line to the first hurdle it is 6 feet. From the last hurdle to the Flyball Box it is 15 feet, meaning the dogs have to run 51 feet each.
Fun pictures!
The hurdles!
This is a Border Collie jumping over a hurdle.
More hurdles!
This is a sporting dog jumping over the hurdles.
More hurdles!
This could be a retriever jumping over the hurdles.
The Flyball box!
The dog hits the Flyball Box and the tennis ball comes out (Australian Shepherd),
With the ball in it’s mouth, the dog gets on the box and turns, (Bordre Collie mix)
The pushes off the Flyball box! (Australian Shepherd)
Another awesome competition is the disc competition. In a disc competition, handlers throw discs in the air and the dog catches them. The number of points you get is based on catches, drops, air, and entertainment. For catches, the dog will catch a variety of close catches, over-the-shoulder catches, and long catches. For drops, the judges will deduct points for a drop. This is when the dog doesn’t catch the disc. Air is how high the dog jumps to catch the disc. If they do a running catch, it will be worth less points. If they do a jumping catch, it will be worth more points. For entertainment, The dogs and handlers will perform tricks together. These include leg weaves, rolls, entrances, and finales. Herding dogs are the most popular breed.
Fun Pictures!
Over-the-Shoulder Catch!
This Border Collie makes an over-the-shoulder catch.
Close Catch!
This Corgi catches a close disc.
Far Catch!
This Fox Terrier makes a far catch.
Far Catch!
This Border Collie makes a far catch.
The owner and his Airedale make a finale.
Another type of dog show is well, a Dog Show! These are some of the most competitive events. There are 3 classes, depending on experience and breed. They are specialty (one breed), group (one group), and all-breeds (all except FSS [Foundation Stock Service] and Miscellaneous). The dogs are copeteing for points toward a championship. They can get 1-5 points in one show. Only the winner will get points. There are also age groups, known as puppy, novice, bred by exhibitor, american-bred, and open bred. One breed from each group will go to the Winner’s Dog part of the competition (I forgot to say they are seperated by gender, too). The girl winner and the boy winner are entitled winner girls and boys. Then the reverse dog winner is announced and the winners and the already champion dogs go to the best of breed competition. Then the winner of that will go to which dog group it is in to compete. Then the first place winner is decided and it goes to best in show. Best in show is when the winers from each dog group compete to win the competition. Only one dog is selected to win.
Fun Pictures!
This is a Weimaraner stacking, the first part of examination.
This is a Golden Retriever gaiting.
This setter is having its teeth examined by a judge. Hopefully the bite is scissors.
Being Awarded!
This Cocker Spaniel knows it won something.
Another type of dog show is an Obedience Trial. This dog show exhibits the dogs ability to stay by an owners side, sit, stay, and do other commands without being touched or helped. If you would like to see how your dog would perform without any points toward a championship, you can go to an informal trial. In a real obidience trial, your dog must earn at least 170 out of 200 points in a show three times to move up a level. The dogs must heel, stay, sit, work well around other dogs, come, lay down, off and on leash activities, and in higher levels, scent discrimination.
Fun Pictures!
Sitting and Staying
This Shetland Sheepdog shows its ability to sit and stay.
Scent Discrimination
This Sporting Dog uses its nose to find the dumbbell the owner handled in scent discrimination.
This Shepherd demonstrates its ability to come when called.
Two other dog shows are Field trials and hunting tests. They are open to pointers (pointer, german shorthaired pointer, german wirehaired pointer, wirehaired pointing griffon, vizsla, weimaraner, english setter, irish setter, gordon setter, brittany), retrievers (chesapeake bay retriever, curly-coated retriever, flat-coated retriever, golden retriever, labrador retriever, nova scotia duck tolling retriever), spaniels (american water spaniel, clumber spaniel, cocker spaniel, english cocker spaniel, english springer spaniel, field spaniel, irish water spaniel, sussex spaniel, welsh springer spaniel), beagles, basset hounds, and dachshunds (smooth, wire, long) that are more than 6 months old. Only certain dogs can do field trials and only certain dogs can do hunting tests. In hunting tests, the dogs ability to perform is judged by the AKC rules and regulations and they earn points toward championships by how well they perform. For field trials, it is the same except dogs compete against each other. For beagles, they can hunt solo, in groups for 2 or 3, or in large groups. The Dachshund and Basset Hound trials are held seperately, but are the same as the beagles.
Fun Pictures!
This English Setter goes into the water to find downed game.
This Vizsla points toward game.
These Beagles use their noses to track game.
Another type of dog show is a Herding Test. All herding dogs are allowed to compete, along with Rottweilers and Samoyeds. The dogs must guide game livestock, such as sheep, cattle, goats, or ducks, under the direction of a handler. The dogs must compete on soft terrain in beginner levels and more hilly, rocky terrain in higher levels. There is only one dog allowed for each handler. Some popular breeds are all Collies (Bearded, Rough, Smooth, Border).
Fun Pictures!
The Eye!

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