The Kinz Summer Collection Book 2: Alicia Rivera

Well, here’s my Kinz Summer Collection story. BTW, this is Harrykinz123/Jonas Brothers Luvr.

Chapter 1

The Lily Pond, 5:24 PM, July 17

Alicia crossed her webbed fingers. She was sitting on the biggest lily in the whole pond with her friend, Olivia. She hoped that Paul would come soon.

“Hey, there he is!” exclaimed Olivia. Alicia glared at her. Sometimes Olivia was just too obvious. Alicia splashed herself with water and hoped she looked okay. Alicia was the most popular frog in the pond, but she still hoped Paul would be impressed. Paul hopped over to the pad next to them. “Heeeey,” said Olivia. Alicia couldn’t take it anymore. “Would you mind giving me some privacy right now?” she hissed. “Sorr-ee,” said Olivia defensively. She hopped to another pad.

“Hey, Alicia,” greeted Paul. “Oh, hi,” replied Alicia casually. She was glad Massie was gone at the farm. Massie would have toe-tally ruined this perfect moment. You see, Massie was the alpha of the group. If someone got a guy, she would immediately try to impress him too. “Paul, do you know when the spring dance is coming up?” asked Alicia.

Paul grinned. “Nice try.” Alicia’s heart sank. Why is it always that the boy she likes is the only one who rejects her, especially in such a rude way? Olivia hopped onto Alicia’s pad. “Alicia, what’s go-”

“Not now, Olivia.”


Chapter 2

The Doghouse, 6:31 PM, July 17

“YAH-HOO!” yelled Jaden with her best friend, Leslie. They had both found out something they were waiting to hear. Grace was flopped on the floor with her tongue hanging out. “Grace, wake up!” urged Leslie. “Whaaaa…” moaned Grace as she slowly got up. “You toe-tally missed the whole thing!” exclaimed Jaden. “WHAT?!” yelled Grace, this time wide awake. “You have got to be kidding me! I did not miss it!” “Don’t be in dee-nial, it’s true,” replied Jaden casually. Grace mouth hung open with her tongue hanging out. Leslie giggled. Grace always let her tongue hang.

Jaden motioned for her friends to come outside. There was Keith, the most sought-after dawg in the whole Dog Pen Estate, asking Hanna to hang out. They wanted this badly for their friend. Hanna was totally desperate for Keith, and Jaden was happy for her, but felt the tiniest pang of envy. Why would Keith go for Hanna? It wasn’t that she was ugly, but she was just your average cocker spaniel. Guys like Keith usually go for golden retrievers or collies, like Jaden and Leslie.

Little did Jaden know this bit of jealousy would lead to what was coming…


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Comment by Jonas Brothers Luvr

i like it it is very good before awile ago i did not know what the header ment “five kinz five stories and 1 summer ” no offense

Comment by webbykinzblog

harrykinz123 how do you change your username on wordpress i do not like webbykinzblof i want cole as the username

Comment by webbykinzblog

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