Total drama island Blog

Hello this is a new page im sorry it is not about webkinz but paramore is not about webkinz either so i thought what the heck i should do it

O.k here are some remixes of the total drama island charectors




O.k my fave charector from total drama island is cody and Noah i think they are cute . I love noahs voice it is so funny .

Below Here IS A SAD pART ON TOTal drama island It does not spoil anything its just so sad …



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come on comment this page has been up here for a month

Comment by webbykinzblog

anyone ??????

Comment by webbykinzblog

Cool what channel?

Comment by Jonas Brothers Luvr

it is on cartoon network it is like the only cool show on that channel

Comment by webbykinzblog

I am the biggest fan of the show.

Comment by TDIfan

its also on TELETOON

Comment by TDIfan

shes probaly not a big fan

Comment by TDIfan

why was the video removed?

Comment by TDIfan

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