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O.K. this is my page on WeBkInZRoCk10124/♥Paradorer♥ site and it does not only tell about webkinz it tell about many thing or well anything and it will always be updated ALWAYS  but the main is webkinz and the rest a “a blur” here is a list of the thing this page talks about

  • total drama island
  • Dogs
  • Brian Jacques
  • Hermit crabs
  • fish
  • What i did at school today
  • and all of my other pets and things
  • please comment

do you see this little cutie he is my new little puppy his name is rusty




 here is him poseing he only stayed like this for 2 seconds more or less


 i set up my spy camera and caught him chewing on this it is a new dish rag that now looks old …


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Please comment on my new puppy and tell me what you think off him

Comment by webbykinzblog

aww its so cute! it looks like a beagle/ australian cattle dog mix. or is it purebred? if it is, i havent seen a beagle like that!

Comment by wr10124 (not logged in)

start commenting please ♥♥♥♥

Comment by webbykinzblog

it is not a purebred it is exactly what you said
i hoped it would look more beagle but any dog is good to me

Comment by webbykinzblog

i’ll put some more pics of him

Comment by webbykinzblog

click on him to see him bigger p.s his name is rusty

Comment by webbykinzblog

it is a mix of my neigbor dogs they have a ausrailian cattle dog ands a beagle and this little sucker was the one i picked out my sis got one but he looked more cattle dog and my bro got one he looks more cattle doggie too i got the only puppy with a beagle face cause i ♥ beagle i am getting another dog cause my 4th period teacher mrs.charmicheal is giving her to me Baily’s her name a pure blood beagle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Cole

oh i am good!! lol. it looks so cute. you should do agility trials with it. herding dogs are good at thatt stuff

i wishes i had my beaglee

Comment by pickler11


So cute!

And what do you mean you wish you had your beagle?

Comment by Jonas Brothers Luvr

i take him to the hospital and let patients see him

Comment by Cole

i had a beagle and it died when it wass 2

Comment by rawrr! (wr10124)

Awww sorry about your loss.

Two of my cats died a few years ago.

Comment by catgirl123 (hk123 not logged in)

yea it was really sad. and it was the day the 5th graders (me @ the time) went the to coopetrstown baseball hall of fame. we were aiming to train him for field trials, but we couldnt. but now we have hershey, a lab/pointer/spaniel/toy spaniel mix

Comment by pickler11

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