Webkinzrule1’s Page!

This is My New Page! But Remember to visit my site also!  click it here!

SO it’s my new page!  And I am posting Pics, contests, and MORE! Let’s get started!

here is a really cool banner!

webkinz banner

 here is a pic of the webkinz easter egg i made!
webkinz egg


 here are all of my webkinz!



  1. Lil’Elephant-Ella
  2. Lil’Golden Retriever -Ginger
  3. Lil’Chihuahua-Brownie
  4. Lil’Monkey-Bananas
  5. Lil’Pug-Hershey
  6. Koala-Kiki
  7. Pink Poodle-Watermelon
  8. Lil’Poodle-Snowy
  9. Dalmation-Oreo
  10. Black Lab-Casey
  11. Chocolate Lab-Toffee
  12. spotted frog-Lilly
  13. Yellow Lab-Vanilla
  14. Penguin-Misty
  15. Pig-Bubblegum
  16. bulldog-northwest
  17. blue hippo-Berry
  18. black and white cat-scrach
  19. alley cat-Kaitlyn
  20. Cocker spaniel-carmal
  21. panda-Ming
  22. grillilla-kiko




Here is a pic of some of my webbies!

webkinzrule1’s webbies


More coming soon…


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great page!

Comment by webkinzrock10124

nice page krissy :]] the webkinz easter egg is awesome!

Comment by farro

Can I make you a header and icon?

Comment by webbiefreak

webbiefreak, not trying to be harsh, but do u think my header and icon are bad? and i like them just the way they are. i am just questioning you

Comment by webkinzrock10124

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