The Kinz Summer Collection! Book 1: Massie… Password Upon Request Only
Book 1: Massie

     Chapter 1

     Massie Block, a Webkinz Deer, looked outside her stable at Wild Acres Riding Farm. She knew she didn’t belong her. “Why can’t they just understand that this isn’t the place for a wild deer?” she asked herself. The stable door abruptly opened. It sent a shock to Massie as she saw the owner walk in.

     “I’m tellin’ ya, Josh, this ain’t no place for them deer ya got,” an unfamiliar voice confronted the owner.

     “Listen, I’m just keepin’ them until we are done with the show. Then, we’re settin’ the misbehaivin’ ones free. The good ones we keepin’. How’s that sound?”

     Massie drowned out their words and thought, “If I misbehaive, the owner will set me free! this is perfect! And it’s the day of the show! just a few more hours and I’m out of this place! But what should I do to…” Massie exited her thoughts when she heard a rumble. The unmistakable rumble of thunder. Massie tried to tell herself it was just a tracktor trailer passing by, but as the storm neared, even her reassuring words weren’t any help.

     “Well, looks like we got a rainout! We’ll have to ’till tomorrow for the show. Kenny, go stake down the signs. I’ve got some office work to attend to,” the owner told to his worker. Kenny gave Josh an approving nod, grabbed the three signs with the printed words “Rain Delay” and walked out of the stable. Massie looked down at the ground with a gloomy look on her face. She would have to wait until tomorrowto get out of this, dark, noisy, unsanitary place she was supposed to call “home”.

Chapter 2

     A loud bang of thunder was enough to wake Massie up from her slumber. She didn’t know what time it was, but she had a good feeling it was late night, possibly the day of the rescheduled show. It seemed a far time away from the show, so Massie attempted to fall back asleep. But as she was starting to doze off, the sun peaked over the mountain, casting its rays upon the stable. Massie knew that the sun was too bright at this time for her to sleep, so she only had one option; stay awake.

     “I already told ya! Only the misbehaivin’ ones are goin’ back! No arguein’ about it!” the owner yelled to Kenny as they walked in to wake the horses and the deer. “Now go wake them animals up so we can get ’em ready for the show! It’s at 10:00, so get ’em ready! We’ve got 4 hours to get ’em ready!”

     “On it!” Kenny replied. The first was a Brown Arabian named Alfonso. He was still asleep, but with a crack of his whip, Alfonso was up in no time. Massie was next. Her head was hovering over the gate, so the message was clear that she was awake. Kenny walked right by her, only passing a glance to Massie. Only one other wasn’t awake, a deer that Massie had been crushing on since she got here. His name was Mastodon. He gave trouble to anyone that gave him a hurting. When that whip hit him right above the hock, he turned around and raged towards Kenny full force, antlers first. He punctured holes through his door. Finally, the door gave in, letting the force of a buck-gone-mad escape.

     “What is going on ove…” As soon as the owner saw what was happening, he had no questions to ask. He grabbed his gun; used to paralyze animals, and shot the rampaging buck where he had been whipped. The buck backed off instantly and was euthenized for a limited amount of time. Massie had a desire for boys like this; the ones that wouldn’t be bossed around.

     “How are the wounds?” the owner asked Kenny. “It feels like some of my bones are broken,” Kenny said with pain in his voice. The owner took out his cellphone and dialed 911. Fifteen minutes later, the ambulance appeared at the stable. Kenny was taken away to the hospital. The buck was starting to wake up, so the owner dragged him over to a seperate room away from the other stables.

What will happen next? Wait to find out!



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Great job! I haven’t read The Clique series but I want to.

Comment by harrykinz123

they are really good (if you are into fashion and stuff) i just finished the last book of the summer collection

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

Kewl! Have you ever read the Harry Potter books?

Comment by harrykinz123

i dont have time to read those books, im into other things. i dont really stick with harry potter, but i heard they are good

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

(I’m logged into my friend’s account, I’m Harrykinz123)

Yeah the Harry Potter books are really good! You should read them. I started reading them when I was seven.

Comment by parakinzgirl

im just not sure if i would have time to read 500-600 page books. i would read them if i had time, but middle school is coming up and im really doing my best to get high honors. i might read them, but im not sure

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

OMG I’m in middle school too!!! Well if you don’t have time to read Harry Potter, you should read A Series of Unfortunate Events, but I think you’d REALLY like Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator mysteries. Don’t worry, it’s not as freaky as it sounds!!! lol

Comment by harrykinz123

im kinda into adventure books, like His Dark Materials, and anything in the Poppy series (posuer, the clique, gossip girl) i like those kind of books. im not really into mysteries unless we have to read them for class projects

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

where did the password go?? I’ll make a new one tonight

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

i dont read harry potter i read brain jacques and so does my best friend jacob (

Comment by webbykinzblog

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