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September 9, 2009, 1:08 am
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The Tale of Blank Blanking Blank
Created by yolotli and taken 85 times on Bzoink
Once upon a time, there was a girl named tan humping Hood. One day, her ron namislo was sick in bed, so her mother sent her off into the bedroom on her black cadillac with a condom of horny balls. kinky black was following the long path and was deep in the bedroom when she realized she had left her ron namislo‘s medicine at home, and the boobs wouldn’t make her ron namislo‘s AIDS any better! And, when it seemed like life couldn’t get any worse, her penis blew out. So black continued on the path. It wasn’t long before a(n) sexy horse jumped in front of her and demanded the testicles she was delivering! black released a 6900-decibel scream and mounted past the horse, who now had penis shattered to a million pieces.

black finally reached her ron namislo‘s house not long after the hot encounter. She raped on the head, and it creaked open. quickly. Drawing in a pleasing breath, black thrusted into the closet and down the bedroom, to her ron namislo‘s bedroom. There (s)he was, lying down, and kissing pervertedly. buttcheeks were strewn everywhere, as well as at least 69 different birth control pills. “ron namislo, I’ve brought you some butterfinger!” black chided, skipping nastily to her ron namislo‘s side. But then, she fucked something wasn’t quite right. “ron namislo, what perverted vagina you have!” Her ron namislo replied, in a funky voice, “All the better to fingered you with, my dear.”

Then, something layed inblack‘s brain. “You’re not my ron namislo!” she shrieked. “Because my ron namislo always uses his/her hearing aid!” With her brown diamond nikes of death, she thrusted her cute ron namislo, who promptly swung the actual ron namislo, healthy as an ox.

horse, you are a pretty hottt whore!” ron namislo quipped, before reaching for her empty birth control pills. “Out! Out!” The horse hastily headed back out the bathroom window, which is what he came in through, and was never heard from again. black eventually got her ron namislo her medication, and she lived plenty of years… in the insane asylum. So really, it was only black who lived happily ever after.

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