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August 22, 2008, 7:35 pm
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In that post before this, I just let it all out and told you about paramore. Now we will slowly get back to Webkinz.

Well, first, here is the Webkinz Pet news:

The predicted Ausust Webkinz have been released. get you hooves, paws, and claws on them today!

Wait… I just noticed something…

Everyone is always posting the same stuff. Why post it if every single other blog has it? I will be posting about random stuff in Webkinz World, ABOUT MY ACCOUNT, not about news. You can get it all at other blogs, so tell me: what’s the point?

My pet, Maddie, has recieved her LV. 5 badge at the kinzville academy. She can now blow a kiss for me. I am currently on level 5 for the other main courses I do, Cooking and Hairdresser.

I would show you screenshots, but once again I am having problems with the screen shot key.

The Gem of the Day is Cat’s Eye Glint. I recieved the Aurora Rox. It sold for 192 KC. I sold it since I have the crown of wonder.

I got a star in the star search! Today I got the Pyro Pearl. Alyssa tried to sell it to me for 50 KC, but I kept it. I now have the Pyro Pearl and Zinglow in the Sun Sparks, Deelight in the Glow Flakes, and Clorocosmo and Lunamite in the Astro Emblams. For cookies, I have the Moon Cookie and the Sky Cookie (one of each). I will trade them once I get duplicates.

Did you know? Chapter 21 of The Recipe for Success has been completed. Visit the W-Tales to find a great mural!

Check the Fun Stuff page to learn how to draw the Manitee!

What’s your high score for Smoothie Moves? Mine is 25035. That was my score for the 1st time I played it. I got about 100 KC I think.

Also, meet Gabriella, a great friend of my pet, Millie! She has something to say to you:

Dear all of Millie’s Friends,

Hello, I am Gabriella. I would like to tell all of you that I am opening up a charity fund. You may donate any item to Millie and she will give you some PSIs in return. I am opening this up to help all of the poor Webkinz Families out there, like our friend, Lacie, a large Grey and White Cat on lacie25’s account. Her account was hacked and we are doing the best we can to give her great gifts to help her back up. This project will go on for a month, then I will send all of your donations to Lacie. Next, we will find another poor family of Webkinz and donate to them. It would be highly appreciated if you donated to me, and Millie!

From, Gabriella

She hopes you can donate to Lacie and friends. Anything is accepted.


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my little brother had a account but it wont let him sighn in and we lost the code his account was jon8080 and jon2000 can you help

Comment by megan0911

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