Complete Design Didn’t Show Up; Will Post it on Wednesday by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
August 16, 2008, 3:13 pm
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Here is some great new news! A new unknown Webkinz? Confirmed October Webkinz. Jellybean plants harvested! We have pics! Here we are with the news!

Pet News:

There is a rumored Webkinz that has an unknown arrival date. It is the Webkinz Cardinal. Whether it is Lil’ Kinz or regular Werbkinz, it is undecided, most likely a Lil’ Kinz, for all common birds are Lil’ Kinz. Here is the pic:

Give a warm welcome to the decided-upon-name-Webkinz-Cardinal-with-no-known-release-date!

There are also confirmed October Pets! Let’s take a look…

Those are the new Webkinz! They have blended-in colors in case someone wants to copy. It also says Wr10124 on it. No copying! They are the Clownfish, Pink and White Dog, Buffalo, Porcupine, Lil’ Kinz Hummingbird, Lil’ Kinz Triggerfish. Ganz has mojorly cut back on the amount of Webkinz being released, but 3 or 4 is what I would like it to be.

The POTM is the Hippo, Big Kinz Only!


As you all know, there has been a glitch with TCG3 Trading Card codes, but it was quickly fixed. Here is a look at some of the prizes:

These are many of the items that will be found as prizes. Good luck getting all of them! Here is the Trading Room Flooring and Wallpaper (Wall Graphics Not Yet Created):

That’s all for items news! Be sure to check back soon!


A new recipe (well more like an old recipe) has been solved! Let’s take a look:

Just mix corn flake cereal, honey, and root beer on the stove!

Well, that’s all for today! I will send the rest of Beranna01225’s prizes tomorrow.


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I’m wondering if I should buy ‘That’s What You Get’ by Paramore on iTunes. Should I?

Comment by harrykinz123

omg that is SUCH an awesome song! every song by paramore is awesome! i recommend you buy it, but I recommend My Heart so much more! Josh Farro (guitarist/vocals) sings screamo in it, but hayley still sings while doing it. they wouldve screamed in here we go again and emergency, and possibly miralce, but Fueled by Ramen said one song! im really annoyed by that! here is the link to my heart (highly recommended): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEKDuHdu6Ck

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

its an amazing song, performed by an amazing band

r u still here, HK123

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

Ok thnx! I’ll see those right now.

I’m kinda new to Paramore. I’ve heard a lot about it, so I’m just gonna see what it’s like, and maybe buy a couple songs. My next-door-neighbor is a fan, too. Her wordpress username is parakinzgirl (she joined only yesterday). You’ll probably see her around.

Comment by harrykinz123

Kewl! I watched the video. Josh sounded weeeeeird when he was screaming. LOL! Do you like Misery Business? And I’m gonna buy That’s What You Get.

Comment by harrykinz123

yea i like misery business. not my fave song though. my youtube name is xbornx4xparamorex (they have a song caled born for this) I would say i like fences, my heart, or franklin the most. every song is amazing by them. i would DEFF recommend their album

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

and if you liek paramore, i would recommend flyleaf and lacuna coil and evanescence. they all have woman frontmen (LC is italian)

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

‘That’s What You Get’ is a great song. Maybe I’ll consider buying more of their songs, or buying the rest of Riot!

Comment by harrykinz123

I usually don’t listen to Alternative or Rock but this is actually pretty good! 🙂

Comment by harrykinz123

All we’re talking about is Paramore LOL! 😆

Comment by harrykinz123

i do liek riot, but i like their old stuff better and yea your right! im more on the alternatove side of music, and allwe know is falling shows that side more. i really wish fueled by ramen would let joshii scream more in the songs (ha thats my nickname for JNF, along wihth Flosh [Farro+Josh lol] lol)

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

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