Contest is Over!! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
August 13, 2008, 10:14 pm
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I’m ending the contest today. I think it has been on for long enough. I will start to make new posts instead of editing. Here are the winners!

E-mail confirmation is acceptable.

Contest #1:

1st place: OCTOBER201996 claim your prize, the Penguin PSI, on this post

2nd place: lacie25 claim your prize, the Clock of the Future, on this post

Contest #2:

1st place: lacie25 claim your prize, Webkinz Music Box, on this post

Tied for 2nd: OCTOBER201996, munimuni300, and breanna01225 claim your prize, Loader Lounger, on this post

Contest #3:

1st place: breanna01225 claim your prize, Leopard Lizard PSI and PSF, on this post

2nd place: kressie647 claim your prize, Rare Plasma TV, on this post

3rd place: lacie25 claim your prize, Pig PSI, on this post

Remember, e-mail confirmation is acceptable. I will comment on your blog or e-mail you that you have one. Congrats to our winners! The 3rd one was very hard to judge! I hope we can bring the hits up higher!


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I’m claiming my prize.

Comment by harrykinz123

alright harrykinz! you wanna chat here for a bit?

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

oh were 1 hour apart! never mind!

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

I am claiming my prizes for Contest 1 first place, and Contest 2 second place!!! Thanks SOOO much I cant tell you how happy I am !!!! Thanks for picking me!!! 😀 I REALLY needed a penguin PSI!

Comment by ~♥Webkinzrcool1♥~

Hello! I want to congratulate everyone! Even if you didn’t win!

Comment by harrykinz123

well i just randomly chose the PSI lol ^_^

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

b01225-sent! (still need to send leopard package will send tomorrow if not too busy)

Comment by ♥♥The Farro Fen!♥♥

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