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August 4, 2008, 1:01 am
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When I went back on after getting back from vacation, I noticed my sidebar… and new countries have visited my site! I would like to welcome the visitor from Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, and Guam! Here are the country stats:

United States: 1,316

Canada: 113

United Kingdom: 26

Mexico: 5

India: 4

Philippines (forgot to mention): 3

Australia (forgot to mention): 3

Brazil: 2

Ireland (forgot to mention): 2

Germany (forgot to mention): 2

Somewhere in Europe (forgot to mention; that’s what flag counter says): 1

Turkey (forgot to mention): 1

Puerto Rico (forgot to mention): 1

Saudi Arabia: 1

Poland: 1

Denmark: 1

Netherlands: 1

Israel: 1

Cayman Islands: 1

Guam: 1

(The flag counter only shows 14, but I’m not lying! Even check!)

I’m really happy that now not 2, not 4, not 6, not 8, not 10, not 12, not 14, not 16, not 18, but 20 countries!! Yay! Now if we could just get people to enter the comment contest *hint, hint*. We now have 1,486 different visitors! And we are almost at 13,000!

Also, the Brazilian visited today! I’m getting popular worldwide (I on’t let this get to my head I’m just excited)!

And texasgirl: I changed my password because somebody I didn’t trust knew my password. Just e-mail me to get the password.

Now for the news (the exiting part)!

These pictures are direct from WI. They are the 2nd set of Figurines; the figurine and the item you recieve with them.

The 3 labs have, sadly, been retired. I will give them their own little names now to recognize them (names not used by me).

Black Lab: Zoe

Chocolate Lab: Tia

Yellow Lab: Emme

Every retired pet will have a name in recognition of being a veteran Webkinz. Here are the names:

Basset Hound: Redken

Black Friesian: Misty

Cheeky Cat: Tuna

Cheeky Dog: Malloy

Gold and White Cat: Millie

Gorilla (both): Mooch

Gray and White Cat: Tillie

Horse: Clover

LIl’ Monkey: Mika

Unicorn (both): Miella

Love Puppy: Sweety

Panda: Bam-Bam

Pegasus: Peggy

Raccoon: Risker

Sherbet Bunny: Cream

St. Bernard: Patrol

Did I miss any? I know I did. I’ll make a page soon.

That’s all for today. Possibly new news tomorrow (I’m busy!)


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i like the chow down duck its cute and all of the otter ones.

Comment by wouie

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