Wanna Learn how to win the Zingoz 600 Trophy? by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
July 18, 2008, 4:55 pm
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I’ve made a video that shows you how to win the Zingoz 600 Trophy (on youtube search how to win the zingoz 600 trophy. It was made by xbornx4xparamorex [me on youtube] please watch).

Enjoy! If it doesn’t work, remember to search what was written earlier!

And please enter the comment contest! I will not post anymore until half the prizes are won!


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OMG WR10124 GO TO http://www.webkinzextreme.com YOU WON THE CONTEST TO WORK THERE!!! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

Comment by harrykinz123

thanks for telling me! i don’t even remember entering lol :p

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I got 4 Webkinz at my birthday party! I got:

Black Poodle-Coco

Samoyed Dog (RETIRED!!!)-Snowball

Siamese Cat-Sagwa


And my cousin came over and we built a great room for my Siamese Cat. I’m still working on the Samoyed’s room and I haven’t bought the Toucan’s or Poodle’s room yet. Any decorating tips?

I’m gonna edit my pets in Our Pets.

Comment by harrykinz123

hmmm toucan would definately go in a rainforest and the poodle something spirity or girly

Comment by webkinzrock10124

can i work here please? does anyone here ever goto webkinzone2.piczo.com, or webkinztrade.com/web/chat??

Comment by Lizzie

that was like so cool i like it really really cool the effects were so sweet. 🙂

Comment by wouie

thanks it was my 1st vid with windows movie maker

Comment by webkinzrock10124

OMG I GOT IT! tjanks!

Comment by Colleenjas

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