Hit Him With Your Best Shot! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
July 17, 2008, 11:38 am
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In America, the Zingoz Celebration has started! Zingoz are flying around Webkinz World, and if you click on one, you will get a Zingoz plush!

And if on one shot you get 600 o more feet, you win a trophy! I love the fact that they are doing this! But I am terrible at WZ, so I don’t think I will win anything.

My closest so far was 599! Can’t they just be nice enough and give you the extra one foot? It’s making me mad! I have hit the Zingoz about 150 times and not won anything! Is anyone suffereing the same fate? I really want that trophy 😦 I have absolutely no trophies! Oh well.

And the login page was given a Zingoz flare! Including a Zangoz and many Zingoz (i really get confused with those names, Zingoz, Aangoz, Singos?) Update: I just got 599.6! Grrrrr…. Another update: my Zingoz  was twitching before it hit the ground. Strange…

Yes!!! I finally won the trophy! If I win another one, it is already reserved for WRC1 (if she doesn’t get one). Here is the pic:


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Come to my site at kinztips.wrodpress.com Its new, but I need more people, before I can Make It HUGE!

Comment by sparksbear1

i don’t like zingoz they creep me out but the game is fun smack them hard 🙂

Comment by wouie

i have two little cow’s the girl name is Tracy V. and her brother

name is pohi its ihop back words he and she are cute.

Comment by wouie

lol thats cool

Comment by webkinzrock10124

i need a trophy

Comment by Decade

hi there guess who back me yeah not my best welcoming haha yeah well i just wanted to say hi bye see yah later.;D

Comment by wouie

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