Updates, Updates, and More Updates! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
July 15, 2008, 5:03 pm
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I will be making signatures for my site, such as the sites fonts, icons, and header. The font will be…

OCR A Extended!
It will always be in bold.

The sites colors will be..

Orange and Neon Purple!

The neon purple is:
Hue: 170
Sat: 135
Lum: 123
Red: 96
Green: 61
Blue: 201

The orange is just plain orange. These will the the colors news will be posted in. So here we are on the news:

The winners for the WI giveaway will be announced tomorrow. If you didn’t enter yet, today is your last chance! Get down to WI today!

The Pet Names page has been edited and now includes names for the June and July pets. Stop by to pick up a great name for a great pet!

The Gotta Love Those Dogs page is nearly complete! When completed, there will be a really fun contest! I will edit it tomorrow!

And here is a quick summary of pets and their items that I would like to come out:

French Bulldog
Grizzly Bear
Basalisk (reaslistic)
Springer Spaniel
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Chow Chow
Border Collie
Tasmanian Devil
Old English Sheepdog
Ring-Tailed Lumur

Here are the items:

Orange Box; Ding Dong Dingo Clock; Kangaroadkill
Spotted with Bat ears at the top; Laughingstock Music Box; Boneyard Feast
Giraffe patters; Longneck Light; Acacia Delight
Colors of the Tail; Gobbling Dining Table; Gobbling Gobstopper
Golden With a Tail; Swingin’ Tree Seat; Gibbon Leaf Treats
Small Black Spots; Racetime Alarm Clock; Fast Food Strips
Fuzzy and Grey; Nighttime Fosert Bed; Chin Ticklin’ Leaves
Orange With Gazelle Horns; Savannah Manican; Tall Grass Nuggets
Grey and Brown; Brazil Mountaintop Wallpaper; Green Brazil Freezers
White with Bat Ears; Eiful Tower Model; Bull Kibble Bites
Curved in and Grey; Racetrack Treadmill; Speedy Gonzales Chunks
Orange with a White Ring; Fuzzy Orange Recliner; Chickie Nuggets
Brindle; Boxer Boxing Gloves; Boxer Stew
Brown and Scraggly; Rocky Table; Albacore River Blue Plate
Green With a Frill; River Racer Racetrack; Buggy Nachos
Brown, White, and Tan; Springer Trampoline; Mallard Kibble
White Feathers With Wings; Winged Bed; Griffon Berry Tarts
Wirey, Brown, and White; Petit Stool; Petit Kibble King Bites
Brown With Clams; Otter In-Group Pool; Clammy Supreme
Black and Tan; Coon Hunter Hat; Bandit Feast
Orange and Furry; Rough Chow Lounger; Chow Chow Pasta
Black and White With tan Points; Agility Trial Track; Border Minion
Orange and White with Erect Ears; Pembroke Chair; Cardigan T-Bones
Black With tan Points; Devil Bed; Devil Food Cake
Very Furry, White, and Grey; Herder Play Pen; Herder Can Food
Pale brown with White and Black Rings at Bottom; Madagascan Leaf Seat, Rainforest Surprise

Well, there’s all the news for now!


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yes i’m the first one to put some thing on this asome i like the fox,giraffe,boxer,French bulldog,coonhound they all sound cool and cute i do hope they do come out with them well i read it a little to fast but they are like so super sounding cute.:wink: 🙂

Comment by wouie

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