New Pets and Wheel of Wishes and Stats! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
July 12, 2008, 3:25 pm
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The virtuals and items for seven of the 9 new August Webkinz have been revealed, thanks to http://www.kootykinz.com! Here are the pics:

I love a lot of the items and foods and boxes! Here is a list of my dislikes:

Caramel Lion Gift Box: It’s just the color of caramel. Not everything has to be caramel.

Silverback Gorilla PSI: It just doesn’t fit the silverback one bit. They don’t swim.

Everything else I like. And for the past week, all of the daily stats have been 40 or more. For the rest of the month, I am aiming for 50. And 0 comments on the post before this? Am I getting too boring? Please reply if you come.

And here are my Wheel of Wishes results:

I was really hoping for at least one wish token. And that’s barely any kinzcash! *Grumble Grumble*

And please enter my Haiku contest. And I’m noticing the Schnauzer Club is a big hit! I’ll be making a Spanish Club soon! Any pet on the page of the Chihuahua can join. To see if you can join, please view Webkinz World’s Pets and Stuff page.

And please visit harrykinz123’s blog today! And once again, thanks sooo much for posting! Please claim your gift on this post.



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Hey ur welcome! It was actually fun running your website. But I wasn’t able to have the Schnauzer Club meeting because Webkinz was down for maintenance and no one told me they were going to the meeting.

BTW, what’s my prize?

Comment by harrykinz123

HEY people! I’m here to tell YOU to come to my site: http://www.webkinzfanz101.wordpress.com ! can’t WAIT to see you there! 🙂
webkinzfanz101 😆

Comment by webkinzfanz101

hi! on my wheel of wishes i was hoping for a token as well… but i only got 181 $ from the random kinzcash…. and then i did the wheel for my friend and i got a token for her:(

Comment by koolgal12

yeah i wish you could send tokens for trading i wish they would change that and ill send tomorrow hk123 and it is a rare

Comment by pickler11

i like the blue jay bird if its with this its cool.

Comment by wouie

Webkinz2008 dosen’t like anyone copying off there site.

Comment by Webkinz Club

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