Schnauzer Club Meeting Today! by musiccat123
July 10, 2008, 3:19 pm
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Today is the Schnauzer Club meeting! This is your last chance to sign up for today’s meeting! Please comment below with your Webkinz username, but you need to add me, I will not add you! My username is munimuni300. The meeting will take place at 1:00 PM KinzTime at the Orange zone. I will start inviting at 5:55 PM KinzTime. Last chance to request is 6:50 PM KinzTime. This is what today’s meeting is about:

Meet your fellow club members

Chat and make friends

Scavenger Hunt

You will be in my Whatever Room when you enter my house. Please be on this website and on Webkinz during the meeting so it will be easier to have the meeting. My Persian Cat Snowbell will be running the meeting. Here is the schedule:

5:55 PM: Members start arriving

6:00 PM: Meeting officially starts, start meeting other club members

6:07 PM: Follow Snowbell to different rooms for a tour

6:15 PM: Scavenger Hunt starts

6:25 PM: Scavenger Hunt ends, start saying goodbye

6:30 PM: Everyone is sent home

The meeting lasts 30 minutes. Please don’t leave early unless you leave a comment saying you need to leave early! Here are the scavenger hunt instructions:

1. You need to find the following items:

At least 3 welcome balloons

Circle of Friends Topiary

The Persian Cat PSI

A vegetable garden

A pool

Daredevil Superbed

Have fun at the meeting!


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I will enter my username is Msbirdyiscute and my schnauzers name is Lilly

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for the schnauzer club do u need a schnauzer

Comment by WEBBI!1234


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Comment by WEBBI1234


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