A Message From Maddie, The Mascot by musiccat123
July 6, 2008, 8:51 pm
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Hey everyone! Harrykinz123 here! Maddie, our mascot, mailed me this letter. She told me to tell you what it said:

  Dear visitors of Webkinzrock10124.

  Thank you all for visiting! I just wanted to let you know that everyone that comments below gets a random WShop grocery bag, containing a food. If you comment here AND the latest post at www.harrykinz123.wordpress.com, you will be entered in a random prize drawing for a rare item. You must add munimuni300 because she will not add you! You need to comment with your username because Harrykinz123 needs to know who to send it to.

Keep visiting!

                             Maddie the Frog

Well, you heard it from her! Keep visiting!


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Comment by kressie647

hey everyone! wr10124 here!!! im @ my dads friends house, and he let us use the comp. rhode island is a blast! ill be coming bakck on friday

Comment by pickler11

hello i hope i win this draw

Comment by 123webkinzrules

i am 17Starlite

Comment by 17Starlite

hi i’m petlover7898 what’s in the bag

Comment by Tori

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