Mascot and Summer Sensation! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
June 29, 2008, 6:38 pm
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It’d the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the Mascot Announcment! I’ve also made edits to the Doggone Dog Shows With Missy page. Please visit there. And a note from the Fashtakinz:

Dear Harrykinz123 and Stripey,

The Fashtakinz have solved your problem! Go on and check it out on our page! And maybe one of you lucky people will get your fashion problems solved!

♥ Maggie, Millie, and Sakura

And here are the mascot results:

Circa: Two votes

Maddie: Four Votes

Freckles: Two Votes

Well, Majority rules! And the person getting the secret PSF (since we’re so close)… Sunshinebear23! Please go to the Our Pets page and either leave a comment here or on that page for what PSF you would like.

And here is the Summer Sensation news! Comment your Super Wheel results and Wheel of the Month Results here!

The newspaper ad you find at the front when you log in.

A look at the Super Wheel (tell me if I’m mixed up).

My super prize (my friend got it, too).

The Wheel of the Month (tell me if I’m mixed up).

My wonderful prize.

Maddie (the Mascot) with the Place Mat!

Maddie will make a post every week. She will encourage you to keep the hits coming and check out some other blogs.


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Hey thanks for all your support for my website! Want to work on my website?

Comment by harrykinz123

And I voted for Maddie! Yay!

Comment by harrykinz123

ok i will! and you’re welcome. i love encouraging people to get higher on their websites for hits

Comment by webkinzrock10124

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