Mascot Announced Sunday! Plus More! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
June 27, 2008, 2:54 pm
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I’ve posted the names of the Mascots… all you have to do is vote! And here is a little survey for you to answer! I’m also working on a really cool blog called www.webkinzmagazine101.wordpress.com it’s really cool! Please visit it! And here is the survey:

Is Ganz® retiring Webkinz too fast?

Just comment below with your answer. It would be much appriciated. And check out this news coming from Webkinz Club!

The Webkinz POM for September is the… BULLFROG!

With the release of these 11 new Webkinz in August:



Ganz is retiring some non-released Webkinz! Such as the:

Some of those Webkinz aren’t ever released! What’s wrong with that picture? Lucky me I have both of the released ones, except for the Striped Snake, which I can’t find anywhere!

And some recipies have been solved in the premicis.

And there are new Webkinz in Webkinz World! Lil’ Kinz and Webkinz! Let’s Take a look at what was retired to bring them out and what they are!

There’s everything I should include in thi post! Anything I missed? That’ll be in the next post. You cam still vote for the mascot here!



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Hey webkinzrock! I love your site sooo much! And I am going o to vote for Freckles because he is loud and intelligent and that gets people’s attention a lot.

Comment by Cheeky Puppy

Omg I love my icon I have it’s sooo cool!

Comment by Cheeky Puppy

I really hope you get to 10,000! That would be so awesome!

Comment by Cheeky Puppy

I want to comment a lot so that you will get 10,000!
Oh, darn! I have to go! I’ll come back!

Comment by Cheeky Puppy

thanks Cheeky Puppy ^_^ hopefully other people will comment, too

Comment by webkinzrock10124

HEY! I have a question!

Sorry if this sounds kinda pushy or rude but….

You always donate super beds and PSIs to kressie i was wondering if you wanted to donate for my comment contest! I figure that if i can get a couple more things ppl will acculy finish it!


P.S. My username is PuppyLuv6737

Comment by PuppyLuv6737

HEY! I can help! I will post up your site! And advertize EVERYWHERE i can! 😀

Comment by PuppyLuv6737

the stripped snake that u couldnt find is at a store called Dillard’s in the kids department

Comment by dancerbaby4eva


Comment by PuppyLuv6737

ill try to get things in and dancer, we dont have that tore in our area and if we did, i would have to drive 1 hr-2 hrs away and i wouldnt do that just for a webkinz

Comment by webkinzrock10124

but idk if it is at any of those stores that far away

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I vote for Circa because she is cool and smart

Comment by webkinzrock10124

that was my friend voting no lie

Comment by pickler11

how do you get the pics of webkinz on youre website like the webkinz sensation thing ou do you do that i know how to make header like at the top of your site on paint .net
but how do you get the pics from youre acount?

Comment by Cole

come to http://webbykinzblog.weebly.com
its all about webkinz and webkinmz and sometimes theres a dog collum!

Comment by Cole

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