Mascot Contest! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
June 25, 2008, 12:23 pm
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I’m looking for a Mascot to join my blog! All you have to do is nominate one of my cheerful, loud, and intelligent Webkinz. It can be a girl, a boy, anything! It can be Lil’ Kinz or Webkinz. Here is my entry:

Circa the Bengal Tiger

You must also tell me some excerpts from the pet’s biography. This is what I would put from Circa’s:

Creative, Concentrated, Unique, and a Good Artist (A.I.A. Intelligent)

I chose the three attributes from the top then it said she likes to collect cards, so I put concentrated. If you think she is a good nominee, please comment below. I will take two more nominees.

So here are the three nominees:

Circa, Bengal Tiger, Creative, Unique, Good Artist (A.I.A. Intelligent)

Freckles, American Cocker Spaniel, Exciting, Curious, Creative, Good Artist (A.I.A. Cheerful, Loud)

Maddie, Frog, Proud, Great in School, Curious, Zany, Good Artist (A.I.A. Cheerful, Intelligent)

Please vote on your favorite and why you picked it!


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I vote for Maddie the Frog because frogs are my favorite animal and she is Cheerful and Intelligent. I find those good qualities in a mascot because a cheerful disposition really brings low people’s heads up.

Comment by kassy kaz

thank you for voting, kassy kaz

Comment by webkinzrock10124

Comment 304: Random Exclusive and Random PSI won by 411b SENTT!

webkinzrock you need to send me the psi you only sent me a random exclusive so can you please send the psi??

Comment by webkinz4eva

i remember sending it to you though but i guess i didnt send the PSI i will send it when i get to my dads which is in 2 hours sorry im bad at keeping track of stuff

Comment by webkinzrock10124

and who do you vote for a mascot?

Comment by webkinzrock10124

Can I work here! an what kind of animals?

Comment by kressie647

i vote maddie because she is a cool frog smart always asking as in curious

Comment by 123webkinzrules

ok that is 2 for the ftog and sure kressie ill add you to my blog you can post only with permission from me and have 1 page

Comment by kassy kaz

oh sorry my friend was here and this is the name she used and she voted so ill change back to pickler

Comment by kassy kaz

I pick Maddie the frog b/c well b/c I think she is the ideal “idol”

Comment by sunshinebear23

ok thank you for voting

Comment by pickler11

Freckles! I like someone who is loud and specks out (just like me LOL) and she’s also curious which is always a good thing! 😉

Comment by SarahEOlson

ok thank you for voting!

Comment by pickler11

Maddie the frog cause she’s like me!

Comment by harrykinz123

ok wow maddie has the majority

Comment by pickler11

hi! pickler11/webkinzrock10124. can you please add me to your blogroll?

Comment by koolgal12

ok ill add you ^_^

Comment by webkinzrock10124

heyy wats up krissy

Comment by justin

hey justin u are one of the 316 americans that visit my site! whoohoo!

Comment by webkinzrock10124

how a bout the black and white c. dog? i think there cool how a bout you? ?_?

Comment by wouie

yeah i cant wait til the lil kinz one comes out i have a b+w but i could only make three nominees for mascots

Comment by pickler11

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