A Little Known Fact by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
June 13, 2008, 12:46 am
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Here’s a little known fact that makes me really, really happy.

So, everyone knows about the Lil’ Kinz Black and White Cheeky Dog, right? Well, if you checked out my Upcoming Webkinz page (is that the right name?) about two or three months ago, you would see that I had the Lil’ Kinz Black and White Cheeky Dog! How did I find this out before Ganz revealed it and all of the big websites revealed it? Well, if you look at the B&W Cheeky on Webkinz World, the fur looks pretty close, like a Lil’ Kinz. Then if you looked at the Elephant or any other stringy Webkinz, you would see the string is longer! So therefore, I am the first blogger EVER! to put the Lil’ Kinz B&W Cheeky on my blog! That makes me so happy!

Did you know this little known fact? If you did, please tell me. Do you believe me? I’ll try to find proof if you don’t!

And I thought I could have a quick contest! It will be a question contest with two answers about Webkinz World. Answer right, you get a point. Answer wrong, sorry, you get no points. Assist with logic, you’ll get one more point than the original value. There are 5 questions. Good luck!

#1: Plumpy is shopping for food at the W Shop. She is looking for something cheap and healthy. What should she buy?

a. Carrot Cake      b. Strawberries

#2: Chef Gazpacho is making a recipie that looks sort of like a tree. What is he making?

a. Quendidot Buzzitree      b. Slipnsip

#3: It is 6:00 Kinztime. Kellie is making sure everyone is in bed. Every third Webkinz is not in bed. Is Truck in bed or not in bed?

a. In bed         b. Not in bed

#4: A Webkinz is coming back from the war with the Shining Stars. His train left at 4:30 A.M. and he is going to find some Toucan Food when he gets home. The train will arrive in Webkinz World at 6:45 P.M. The W Shop is stocking up on items at night and will close at 7:00 P.M.. If everything is on shelves, will the Webkinz have enough time to find the toucan food? (keyword shelves).

a. Yes          b. No

5: (This is the hardest one. It is a riddle. Don’t say he said nothing. This will have no answers to choose from). Fluffington must go to jail. The judge says he will go to jail for 3 years if he says something true, and 6 is he says something false. Fluffington leaves the court, free of all charges. What did he say? (This one has two different answers; either is right).

Don’t feel bad if you can’t get 5 right.

And webkinzerebetterthanyou, here is your header. It took me 30 minutes.

Just click to enlarge.

I’ve worked harder than hard on it!


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whos here??

Comment by webkinzrock10124

i know the answers to the fist three questions but idk the last two

Comment by Siena

Hi, could you possibly delete the pugs?

Comment by webkinzarebetterthanyou

never mind!! delete that comment!! I love iut SO MUCH!!! I had to look closer to see it’s extreme beauty!!!!

Comment by webkinzarebetterthanyou

fwahahahahahaaaaa im here!!!!!!!

Comment by lizzieann2012

1. b
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. ummm….he said he was sick??

Comment by lizzieann2012

Hi! I’m happy you’re finally making posts again! How did you come up with these questions? They’re pretty hard.

Comment by harrykinz123

And when are you sending the next Luvah’s Club newsletter?

Comment by harrykinz123

Ok I am doing the contest!

#1: strawberries. Why? Because carrot cake is $25 and strawberries are only $6.Carrot cake has a lot of artificial sugars to sweeten the cake while strawberries have natural sugars…..

#2: Quendidot Buzzitree.

#3:in bed


#5:Fluffington said three true things

You can tell me if I won on my blog!!


Comment by webkinz4eva

1. B strawberries are a fruit which if you ask me is the second most important thing to eat (vegetables being first) because they are good and healthy for you
2. Quendidot Buzzitree (it is green and looks just like a tree. It looks like it has branches and plus the word tree is in Quendidot Buzzitree)
3. Yes he is in bed b/c he is not um like a 3rd 6th or another number divisible by three in the order of your pets on taht page. Does that make since the way I explained it?

Comment by sunshinebear23

sorry! about that!
4. No but I may be wrong
5. He said two true things and one false thing?

Comment by sunshinebear23

What did i do wrong??? email me at


Comment by lizzieann2012


Comment by webkinzrose1128

sunshine bear…

you got 4 right and 1 wrong

Comment by pickler11

Are you sure? Thanks! when does the contest end?

Comment by sunshinebear23

hmmm… probably saturday

Comment by pickler11

Thanks! I like the color of your icon! That’s one of my fav colors!

Comment by sunshinebear23

thanks and i clicked on your name to go to your blog but it said you deleted it??

Comment by pickler11


Comment by sunshinebear23

oh you deleted it?? why??

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I am unhealthy (overweight) and I spend too much time on the computer so I figured if I deleted my site that I would venture away from webkinz and the computer but it didn’t work!

Comment by sunshinebear23

oh that stinks its hard to not go on the comp

Comment by webkinzrock10124

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