Just a Note and New Pets by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
May 6, 2008, 11:26 am
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Remember there is a contest below. Nobody has entered yet. Remember to e-mail me at krissy16yankee@yahoo.com.

Here are some new pets that have arrived in Webkinz World!

The Whimsy Dragon!

The Samoyed!

The Gecko!

The Rhino!

Th Lioness!

The Lil’ Kinz Black Poodle

The Lil’ Kinz Chicken!

And don’t forget about the contest below! E-mail me at krissy16yankee@yahoo.com for the contest. Luvah’s Club members go to Vapor’s and type in the secret password! It is rescheduled until everyone reserves. Harrykinz123 is the VIP guest. And check out the outskirts page today for amazing transformations!

New Confirmations at the New Pets page and names coming soon at the Pet Names page!


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remember that people! oh yeah and articboy20 e-mailed me and he got ALL OF THEM RIGHT! november21995 e-mailed me and got 2 right

Comment by pickler11

HEy i just got one of my prizes AWESOME!!! I cant wait to see the otheres!!!!!!!

Comment by pupyluv6737

just a quickie question; will you be entering my contest below

Comment by pickler11

hey i added new widgets check them out! add where you are to the map@

Comment by webkinzrock10124

hey webkinzrock10124 are you and piclkleer11 the same person? And i wonder what prize your going to send me today!?!?!?!? Is it an exlscuives? Are any of the prizes POTM?!!?!?!?

Comment by pupyluv6737

lv it

Comment by SarahEOlson

lv it!

Comment by SarahEOlson

lv it!!!!!!!

Comment by SarahEOlson

lv it!!!!!!!!

Comment by SarahEOlson

lv it!!!!!!!!!

Comment by SarahEOlson

im not sure yet… and will anybody be entering my new contest below? and thanks all you visitors for boosting me up to 7,000 hits!!!!!!

Comment by webkinzrock10124

and yes we are the same person =)

Comment by webkinzrock10124

sorry im not logged in ill log in now i always chack the site 1st before logging in

Comment by webkinzrock10124

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