New Header Date Confirmed by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
April 15, 2008, 11:37 am
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I will start my header on Wednesday and then put it up on the same day. On Friday during April Vacation, I will make a new doggone header. And I would like opinions on what should be on it. I am planning to have:

  • Webkinz Pets
  • Webkinz Balloons
  • Cake
  • Party Hats
  • Chocholate
  • Party Backround

If you can think of anymore things to put on it, please tell me by commenting. Thank ya!!



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you should put in letters from wanted fonts Happy Doggone Birthday to Webkinzrock10124! at the top in the font you used on this header.

Comment by articboy20

moderation as usual oh well =)

Comment by articboy20

awesome you’re almost to 6,000!!! ill get some people to comment your site!

Comment by articboy20

hey webkinzrock i hope you get 6,000 hits i dont have any =( well idk i dont have a blog lol

Comment by deliagirl10124

all i have is a username =)

Comment by deliagirl10124

and im awaiting moderation but thats fine =)

Comment by deliagirl10124

im gonna get you to 6,000 maybe even 7,000 hits!! and with the help of other people im soooo interested in webkinz!

Comment by deliagirl10124

i wish i had an account but my life is soooooooooo much different than yours. i only have like 10 mins on the comp a day!

Comment by deliagirl10124

when you people have about an hour!

Comment by deliagirl10124

i wish i had more time on the computer while my ‘parents’ get all the time they want playing these old games

Comment by deliagirl10124

well i g2g ive had my 10 mins

Comment by deliagirl10124

thanks for the idea, articboy20!! thats a cool idea i might have to shorten it though =^)

Comment by pickler11

im going to log in now =)

Comment by pickler11

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