4000 Hits in 3 Months!!!! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
March 24, 2008, 8:43 pm
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Title says it all!!!! Please help raise them! Remember there is a givaway and comment contest a couple of posts down!
Comment contest!
A couple below this post!
Don’t comment this one, comment the comment contest!
I will be having a 4000 hits party! This will take place April 12 at 4:45! There will be awards given. On the comment contest post, please put which category you will be entering! The categories are:
  • Most Fab Dressed
  • Best Gangsta
  • Newest Pet
  • Best Party Dressed
Those will be the contests in order. You may only enter one category. There will be 4 seating sections. The Vivid Violet Armchair are for the most fab dressed. The Boomin’ Black Lounge Chairs will be for the best gangsta. The newest pets will be in the Just Lovley Loungers. The best party dressed will be in the Lime Corinthian Loungers.
You will be directed to the room automatically! Please sit is the designated section. If you are wearing the same outfits, I will do a coin flip for you at my house! Good luck!
If you are a winner, please go to the Cheerleader Chesterfield if you are a girl and the Coral Couch if you are a Boy.
This will be in the Amber Zone, hosted by Comet and Circa, my two Tigers!
At least 6 in each group!

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Remember sign-up is on the comment contest!

Comment by webkinzrock10124

i want to sine up what is your user?

Comment by lanagirl112

pickler11 and if you are interested in it, please tell me which category you will be entering =) and if you are interested in the comment contest, please go down to that post

Comment by webkinzrock10124

I want to sign up for most fab dressed.

Comment by harrykinz123

your so lucky!you have so many hits!I only have like 400 from like half a year

Comment by ilovefroberto

ok harrykinz =)ill make a new post on friday to show the guests!

Comment by webkinzrock10124


Comment by SarahEOlson


Comment by SarahEOlson


Comment by SarahEOlson

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