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March 6, 2008, 1:42 am
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This contest will go on along with my comment contest. I am an expert when it comes to dogs, so i decided to have a dog question contest. If you can answer 1-4 questions, I will send 3 W-Shop foods. If you can answer 5-8 questions, I’ll send you 1 PSF. If you can answer 9-12, I’ll send you 2 PSF. If you can answer 13-15, I’ll send you 3 PSF. There are 15 questions I have rounded up. I’ll only except answers in your own words. So e-mail me at krissy16yankee@yahoo.com with your user name, age (so I know your vocabulary) and the answers. Thank you! Good luck!


1. Why was the Brittany Spaniel changed to plain Brittany?

2. Excluding Miscellaneous, name all the dog groups.

3. What are sporting dogs used for?

4. Including Miscellaneous, how many different types of spaniels are there?

5. What is the smallest herding dog at maximum show ring height?

6. What type of dog is Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard of Oz?

7. Name 3 dogs that come in more than one color.

8. What is the St. Bernard mainly used for?

9. What is the tallest dog?

10. What is the tallest terrier?

11. Including miscellaneous, name all the types of setters.

12. How may types of Dacshunds are there? Name them. (Get both answers right to get the question right)

13. What is a disqualification for an Alaskan Malamute?

14. What dog has the highest sense of smell?

15. Finish this name: _______ Dinmont Terrier


What dog has the least amount of hair? Answers this question and I’ll send you a W-Shop item.

This is just a passerby contest. Kind of like a sub contest.


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