Info on Tiger Snake Adoptions and More! by ☺♥The Paradorer♥☺
March 5, 2008, 11:44 pm
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I was on my computer at 7 A.M. this morning to make a dining hall on my friends account since he doesn’t like webkinz anymore, and there was info on the Tuger Snake! Check it out!


Click to see the whole thing. So if you want to be the 1st to adopt a tiger snake, hope for a snow day and get on WebKinz at 10:00 sharp!

And thanks to 3000 hits, I will not be leaving wordpress. Thank you Kressie647, Webkinzrule1, amd SarahEOlson!

And you’re invited to the biggest diner in town! Please add articboy20 to your buddy list! And if you have aim, please add kinzxxxcity3030 to your buddy list. You will be directed to the waiting room. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED! AIM IS REQUIRED AS WELL! Heer is the invitation.

You’re invited to:

Articboy20’s Dinner Party

When: Thrusday, March 6, 6:30

Where: Amber Zone

What to Wear: Something Fancy

Please be on AIM while you are in the Diner. I will take your order on AIM and send it to your account. You may ask for solved recipes or W-Shop food. The recipes are only stove-top. If it is your pet’s birthday or your pet’s birthday is this week, please let me know and I will send you a piece of cake. Cake supply is limited. Thank you!


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