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The Tale of Blank Blanking Blank
Created by yolotli and taken 85 times on Bzoink
Once upon a time, there was a girl named tan humping Hood. One day, her ron namislo was sick in bed, so her mother sent her off into the bedroom on her black cadillac with a condom of horny balls. kinky black was following the long path and was deep in the bedroom when she realized she had left her ron namislo‘s medicine at home, and the boobs wouldn’t make her ron namislo‘s AIDS any better! And, when it seemed like life couldn’t get any worse, her penis blew out. So black continued on the path. It wasn’t long before a(n) sexy horse jumped in front of her and demanded the testicles she was delivering! black released a 6900-decibel scream and mounted past the horse, who now had penis shattered to a million pieces.

black finally reached her ron namislo‘s house not long after the hot encounter. She raped on the head, and it creaked open. quickly. Drawing in a pleasing breath, black thrusted into the closet and down the bedroom, to her ron namislo‘s bedroom. There (s)he was, lying down, and kissing pervertedly. buttcheeks were strewn everywhere, as well as at least 69 different birth control pills. “ron namislo, I’ve brought you some butterfinger!” black chided, skipping nastily to her ron namislo‘s side. But then, she fucked something wasn’t quite right. “ron namislo, what perverted vagina you have!” Her ron namislo replied, in a funky voice, “All the better to fingered you with, my dear.”

Then, something layed inblack‘s brain. “You’re not my ron namislo!” she shrieked. “Because my ron namislo always uses his/her hearing aid!” With her brown diamond nikes of death, she thrusted her cute ron namislo, who promptly swung the actual ron namislo, healthy as an ox.

horse, you are a pretty hottt whore!” ron namislo quipped, before reaching for her empty birth control pills. “Out! Out!” The horse hastily headed back out the bathroom window, which is what he came in through, and was never heard from again. black eventually got her ron namislo her medication, and she lived plenty of years… in the insane asylum. So really, it was only black who lived happily ever after.

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Thought I Couldn’t Top It, Huh? OVER 2000 Questions! (Truly the Longest!)

Time and date right now:: July 27;; 9:23 AM
How far do you want to get?: i wanna finish it
By the way, someone plagiarized my previous surveys.
=>This or That<=

Pie or cake?: cake
Chocolate or vanilla?: vanilla
Black or white?: the color black;; skin color doesnt matter
Ceiling or floor?: floor
Couch or bed?: bed
Cough or sneeze?: sneeze
On or off?: on
Closed or open?: closed
Brush or comb?: brush
Long or short?: long
Big or small?: big
Wet or dry?: dry
Under or over?: under
Top or bottom?: bottom
Fly or fall?: fly
Smile or frown?: smile
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow?: sorrow
Hot or cold?: hot
Warm or cool?: cool
Rough or smooth?: smooth
Cat or dog?: dog
Snake or bird?: bird
Shark or T-Rex?: shark
Past or present?: past
Science fiction or fantasy?: fantasy
Dull or sharp?: sharp
Live forever or die young?: die young
Books or television?: TV
Jump or skip?: jump
Fast or slow?: fast
Run or walk?: run
Guy or girl?: girl
Disney or Warner Brothers?: disney;; cuz it has its own world
Belle or Jasmine?: who are these people??
Gaston or Cruella Deville?: cruella
Food or friends?: friends
Colors or black and white?: colors
Cute or pretty?: cute
Good or evil?: evil
Fruits or vegetables?: fruits
Milk or juice?: juice
Hot chocolate or gingerale?: hot chocolate
Beer or wine?: neither
Movies or cartoons?: movies;; unless its spongebob
Pillow or blanket?: blanket
Moon or stars?: moon
Sky or sea?: sky
Explode or implode?: explode
Tree or flower? (HA. HOW DO YOU LIKE PLAGIARISM NOW? *cough* *ahem* Yeah.): tree
Mountain Dew or Sprite?: neither
Ketchup or mustard?: ketchup;; unless its spicy mustard
Meats or veggies?: meats
Straps or strapless?: straps
Water or Gatorade?: gatorade
PS2 or Xbox 360?: 360
History or geography?: geography
Geometry or algebra?: algebra
Basketball or volleyball?: basketball
Basketball or soccer?: soccer
Basketball or tennis?: basketball
Basketball or baseball?: basketball
Basketball or football?: basketball
Basketball or swimming?: swimming
Volleyball or soccer?: soccer
Volleyball or tennis?: tennis
Volleyball or baseball?: baseball
Volleyball or football?: volleyball
Volleyball or swimming?: swimming
Soccer or tennis?: soccer
Soccer or baseball?: soccer
Soccer or football?: soccer
Soccer or swimming?: soccer
Tennis or baseball?: baseball
Tennis or football?: tennis
Tennis or swimming?: swimming
Baseball or football?: baseball
Baseball or swimming?: swimming
Football or swimming?: swimming
Chinese or Mexican food?: mexican
Red or orange?: red
Red or yellow?: yellow
Red or green?: green
Red or blue?: blue
Red or indigo?: red
Red or violet?: violet
Orange or yellow?: yellow
Orange or green?: green
Orange or blue?: blue
Orange or indigo?: indigo
Orange or violet?: violet
Yellow or green?: green
Yellow or blue?: blue
Yellow or indigo?: yellow
Yellow or violet?: yellow
Green or blue?: green
Green or indigo?: green
Green or violet?: green
Indigo or violet?: violet
Fall or summer?: fall
Winter or spring?: winter
Rain or snow?: snow
Mud or dirt?: dirt
Snakes or spiders?: snakes
Fido or Fluffy?: fido
Rainbows or stars?: stars
Blue or gray sky?: gray
Prairies or forests?: forests
Lakes or streams?: lakes
Fish or caimans?: fish
Roses or daffodils?: roses
Bauhaus or Rosetta Stone?: rosetta stone
Sisters of Mercy or Skinny Puppy?: idk??
Green Day or Fall Out Boy?: green day
From First to Last or My Chemical Romance?: my chemical romance
The Monkees or The Beatles?: beatles
David Bowie or Billy Idol?: i dont rlly know them;; so ill say billy idol
Helloween or Skid Row?: who are they??
Britney Spears or Vanessa Carlton?: neither
The Goo Goo Dolls or 3 Doors Down?: 3 doors down
Duran Duran or Madonna?: madonna;; only cuz i dont know duran duran
John Williams or Danny Elfman?: john williams;; cuz he has hayleys last name
Mozart or Beethoven?: mozart
Men at Work or Men Without Hats?: idk?? without hats??
The Arrogant Worms or Voltaire?: the arrogant worms??
Dark Muse or Inkubus Sukkubus?: dark muse??
Queen or Black Sabbath?: black sabbath
Rush or Pet Shop Boys?: rush??
Johnny Hates Jazz or Deep Blue Something?: deep blue something??
Supertramp or Steppenwolf?: supertramp??
Enormous mansion or humble abode?: enormous mansion
Teaspoon or tablespoon?: teaspoon
China plates or crystal figurines?: crystal figurines
Knife or spork?: spork!!!
Bedroom or basement?: bedroom
Antiques or chrome?: chrome;; itz shiny
Wide screen televisions or ornately-designed windows?: wide screen TVs
Carpet or wood?: carpet
Blenders or washing machines?: blenders
Pen or pencil?: pen
Couch or bed?: bed;; wasnt this already asked??
Kitchen sink or bathroom sink?: bathroom sink
Diskette or CD Rom?: CD rom
Sitting on the roof with a friend or swimming in your backyard with them?: in the back yard swimming;; unless were standing on the rooftops screaming our hearts out =^PP
Phones or AIM?: AIM
Pillow or footrest?: pillow
Sharpies or ducks?: sharpies;; unless its a rubber ducky
Personality quizzes or story quizzes?: personality i guess
Gaia or Neopets?: neither
Attempting to use proper grammar or purposely butchering language?: puroisely butchering language
Having to read the poetry on Quizilla or writing your own?: writing my own
Roleplaying with strangers or roleplaying with people you know?: people i know
Crying because of an Internet fight or flaming the people involved?: a bit of both
Ignoring a suicide post on a forum or actually doing something about it?: doing something about it
Gold or silver?: silver
Lipstick or lip gloss?: lipgloss
Sunny or rainy?: rainy
Edgar Allan Poe or Oscar Wilde?: edgar allan poe i guess
Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?: johnny depp
Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff?: lindsay i guess
Pringles or Doritos?: doritoes
Vampire or mermaid?: vampire
The Internet or television?: internet cuz u can watch TV on the internet
Romantic comedy or romance tragedy?: romantic comedy
Comedy or drama?: comedy
Comedy or horror?: ergg thats rlly difficult;; comedy
Comedy or fantasy?: comedy
Law and Order: Criminal Intent or Law and Order: SVU?: Criminal Intent;; i dont rlly watch it;; so idk
The OC or Laguna Beach? (Why have I succumbed to asking this question?): ive never watched either of them;; so laguna beach i guess
Blind or deaf?: deaf
Blind or mute?: mute
Mute or deaf?: mute
Shrimp or crab?: crab
Crab or lobster?: lobster
Stickers or stamps?: stickers
VHS or CD?: CD
Paris or New York City?: new york city
Philadelphia or Chicago?: chicago
MySpace or TagWorld?: myspace
MySpace or Facebook?: myspace
Mall goth or TRUE goth?: true goth
Emo or punk?: punk
Emo or prep?: emo
Punk or prep?: punk
Punk or goth?: punk
Goth or prep?: goth
x Your Dreams, Wishes, and Hopes x
If you could be in the arms of anyone at all…: id be in someones ;^))
If you could visit anyone or anything in the world…: id visit jack barakat
If you could visit anyone or anything…: id visit jack barakat (this is the same question)
If you had functioning wings, would you fly away?: yes
If you met the person you knew you were destined to be with…: id never let them go
If you could be anything in the world…: id be dead
If you could, what color would you paint the sky?: lime green
How would you help them?: help who??
If you could write a literary masterpiece…: it would have long words in it &nd id be scared to write it
If you could cure any disease, what would you cure?: cancer
If you could cure any mental illness, what would you cure?: retardation
If you were to leave on a journey, whom would you take for company?: bre orr kenziee
If you could have a superhuman ability, which one would you choose?: invisibility
If you could go back in time, what age would you like to go back to?: id go back to June of this year
If you could change anything about your past, what would it be?: lots of stuff
If so, what are they?: too much to list
Did you ever want to be some type of heroic figure?: yea huh
Who was your idol when you turned ten?: idk?? hideki matsui prolly
Why?: cuz hes my fave yankees player
What do you want to be when you get older?: a vet
What do you want your house to look like?: ehh doesnt matter;; big fenced in yard would be nice
What kind of pets do you wish to have?: 4 dogs
Where would be the ideal place to live?: on the countryside
What do you want to accomplish before you die?: i wanna learn to fly!!
Do you wish to contribute anything to the world?: nahh
What would that be?: nothing
Who do you want to be beside right now?: him;;
What do wish you could be doing currently?: idk
What do you want to accomplish to-day?: nothing really;; run the distance i need ferr cross country
What news do you want to hear right now?: something;; =^))
What else do you want to hear to-day?: nothing but thatt something
Who do you want to talk to currently?: someone
Who do you want to kiss right now?: someone
Who do you want to hug right now?: someone
If you could tell the world just one thing about yourself…: it would be that ima fat ugly idiot wif no life
If you could tell the world just one thing about your friends…: id tell it they all think im annoying
If you could apologize to everyone, what would you say sorry for?: for being such an idiot;; &nd annoying them so much
If you were to give all your thanks to just one person, who would it be?: idk;; i dont wanna thank anyone really
Why would you thank them? (244…): this is question 244?! &nd i wouldnt thank anyone
What do you look Like?
Height:: 5’4″
Weight:: 120 lbs
Natural hair color:: blonde
Hairstyle:: razored wif sidebangs;; red highlights ^_^
Hair length:: a lil past the shoiulders
Is it dyed now?: nahh;; i want it to be though
What color?: none;; i want it black wif neon blue frum the shoulders down
Skin color:: tannish
Any freckles?: yeaa
Birthmarks?: nahh
Scars?: yeaa
Do you have oily, dry, or perfect skin?: idk;; prolly oily
Eye color:: hazel;; changes to bright green &nd grey tho
How long are your eyelashes?: average length i guess
Eyebrow length:: idk??
Eyebrow thickness:: sortaa think
Eyebrow color:: blonde
Do wear glasses?: nahh
What color are the frames?: i dont wear them
The brand:: none
The brand of the lenses:: none
Where did you get them at?: no where
Do you wear contacts?: nahh
What color do they make your eyes?: none
What brand are they?: none
Where did you get them?: no where
How long is your nose?: average
Width:: average
What kind is it?: how am i supposed to know what kind of nose i have?!
Shape of lips:: idkk
Full or thin?: in the middle
Smile lines?: yeaa =^((
Frown lines?: yeaa
What kind of chin do you have?: its not a butt chin;; but idk what kind it iz
Length of arms:: to the middle of my thighs
Width of wrists:: prolly an inch &nd a half
Length of fingers:: 3-4 inches maybee
Width of fingers:: idk;; thinn
Do you have big hands?: bre sez i do;; but idk
Length of nails:: not too long;; i bite them
Flat stomach?: yeaa
Length of legs:: pretty long
Defining your Personality…
I cherish…: nothing
I enjoy…: hanging wif friends
My heart is…: longing for that special someone
One thing I try not to joke about is…: i d k
I believe love…: is hard to find
I can be mean when I…: get pissed at you
I can be nice when I…: am not mean;; which is rare
Sometimes I pretend to be…: in yurr arms;; =^))
I revere…: idk what revere means
I seek…: love
I try to be…: myself
I understand that…: hayley williams has red hair
I vie for…: idk what vie means
I wish…: to be wif someone;;
My Xanadu looks…: a what?!
Religious zeal is…: huh??
How attractive do you think you are? (Scale: 1-5): 1
Intelligent?: 4
Empathetic?: 2
Polite?: 2
Respectful?: 2
Comical?: 3
Mature?: 3
Unique?: 5
Talkative?: 3
Depressed?: 3
Friendly?: 2
Outgoing?: 3
Selfish?: 3
Arrogant?: 3
Prudent?: huh??
Self-conscious?: 3
How attractive are you thought to be by others?: 2
Intelligent?: 5
Empathetic?: 2??
Polite?: 3??
Respectful?: 3??
Comical?: 2??
Mature?: 2??
Unique?: 5??
Talkative?: 2??
Depressed?: 4??
Friendly?: 3??
Outgoing?: 3??
Selfish?: 3??
Arrogant?: 3??
Prudent?: huh??
Self-conscious?: 3??
Do you care about what others think of your physical appearance?: kinda yeaa
How about your reputation?: hahaha not reallyy
Do you care if they consider your personality annoying?: yes;; who doesnt??
Do you care about what they think of your beliefs?: nahh
What does hatred mean to you?: when you wanna kick someone in the balls everytime you think of someone/ something you hate
Do you respect yourself?: nopee
Would you ever ignore someone who has been emotionally hurt?: matters who it is
Physically?: matters who it is
Would you ever intentionally and physically hurt someone?: yeaa
Intentionally and emotionally?: yeaa
Would you ever hurt someone just for fun?: nahh
Do the means ever justify the ends? (361!): huh??
Color:: lime green
Number:: 2
Store:: hot topic
Book:: twilight saga
Story:: idk
Magazine:: AP
Television program?:: spongebob
Movie:: twilight
Series:: idk
Poem:: idk
Onomatopoeia:: BOOM!!
Verb:: did
Paradox:: if thats something you can spell forwards &nd backwards;; then kayak lmfao
Idiom:: whats that??
Noun:: penis
Adjective:: long
Adverb:: fastly
Work of fantasy:: idkk
Classic work:: idkk
Contemporary work:: idkk
Writer:: stephanie meyer
Fairy tale:: idkk
Dictionary brand:: im no super nerdd here
Summer scene:: a river
Winter scene:: the top of jericho @ jiminy peak
Spring scene:: idk
Fall scene:: all the purttyyy leaves falling
Season:: fall
Planet:: id say pluto;; but thats not a planet anymore
Space feature:: stars
Thing about summer:: no school
Thing about winter:: skiing
Thing about spring:: soccer
Thing about fall:: soccer
Mammal:: zebra
Insect:: butterfly i guess??
Arachnid:: flying spiders
Fish:: sharky
Reptile:: um;; crocodile i guess
Amphibian:: froggiee
Science:: the studying of animals i guess
Thing to do during summer:: hang if friends
Type of weather:: cloudy
Bird:: eagle
Thing to do during winter:: ski
Thing to do during spring:: soccer
Thing to do during fall:: soccer
Nature sound:: water
Country:: japan i guess
Real location:: idk
City:: lake george
Culture:: idkk
State:: california
Province:: saskatchewan i guess??
Island:: hawaii
Landscape:: mountains &nd a watahhfall
Place to go in your neighborhood:: anywhere in adams
Italian food:: fetuchini alfredo
Mexican:: tacos!! or nachos
Indian:: idk??
Chinese:: crab rangoons
American:: burgers
French:: idk??
Snack:: goldfishh
Pasta:: fetuchini
Desert:: boston cream pie
Ice cream flavor:: cookies &nd cream
Soup:: clam chower
Salad:: anything wif honey mooseturd
Pancake:: chocolate chip
Restaurant:: friendlys err olive garden
Fruit:: grapes
Vegetable:: corn
Dinner:: um;; mac n cheese i guess
Lunch:: lunchables
Breakfast:: pop tarts
Cereal:: capn crunch
Pop tart:: cookies &nd cream
Candy:: chocolate
Artificial flavor:: skittles flavor i guess
Cookie:: oreos
Yogurt:: vanilla
Clothing store:: hot topic
Outfit:: skelanimals diego shirt;; paint splattered skinnies err pink/ blue zebra skinnies;; &nd black flip flops
Shoe:: lime green converse
Shirt design:: anything by GK
Brand name:: glamour kills;; or tripp
Top:: my blue flying pig shirt
Pants:: either paint splattered err blue/ pink zebra skinnies
Skirt:: tht black one wif skulls tht i got frum hot topic
Pair of socks:: my tall lime green/ black chaeckerboard ones
Color [of clothing]:: anything bright
Subject in school:: none;; but ill say ELA
Unisex name:: whats unisex again??
Music:: alternative
Tree:: anything that sheds its leaves
Flower:: @–‘–,– (btw;; thats a rose)
Quote:: hope isnt something you create;; its something you let it
Scent:: suttin citrusy iz nicee
Adage:: a what??
Television channel:: 33
Day of the week:: friday??
Perfume:: idk
Radio station:: anything wif rock/ alternative music
Cologne:: idkk
Sound:: water running in a stream err river err waterfall
Feeling:: idk??
Emotion:: optimism
Emotion [to feel]:: huh??
Song:: smother me
Music artist:: hmm;; hayley williams
Month:: april
Religious holiday:: idk;; dont got one
Fun holiday:: christmas
Obscure holiday:: huh??
Videogame:: guitar hero
Computer game:: dont got one
Sport:: soccer
Athlete:: hideki matsui
Instrument:: bass guitarr
Composer:: idk
Singer:: hayley williams err berk mckracken ((idk how to spell his last name)
CD:: in love &nd death
Website:: myspace
Word:: im scared to type it;;
Famous quote:: idkk
Famous adage:: idkk what that iz
Slogan:: that greenlight commercial slogan
Commercial:: the one wif the ninja baby
Shampoo:: pantene
Conditioner:: pantene
Body wash:: philosiphy
Soap:: dove
(25.1% done.) Lotion:: most stuff from bath n body works
x__Odd Questions__x
What color is the bottom of your tongue?: red
Your foot?: tannish
Do you have any medical problems concerning feet?: nahh
Do you secretly fantasize about George W. Bush?: nahh
Do you chew on your homework?: nahh
Pencils?: nahh
Do you read the dictionary?: nahh
Encyclopedia?: nahh
Atlas?: nahh
Road map?: nahh
Do you memorize random facts?: yeaa huhh
Do you stalk anyone?: kinda yeaa lmao
Does anyone stalk you?: no;; but i wouldnt mind 1 person stalking me ;^))
Do you collect dust?: nahh
Lint?: nahh
Baby teeth?: nahh
Have you ever thought of becoming a prostitute?: nahh
Do you wish prostitution was legal?: shure
Do you use lotion on your feet?: nahh
Do you have problems with Canadians?: nahh
Mexicans?: nahh
Americans?: nahh
The French?: nahh
The English?: nahh
Have you ever played a kazoo?: a what??
Have you ever shot someone?: nahh
Something?: nahh
How many pairs of underwear do you own?: idk??
Jeans?: 10 err 15 pairs??
What ring size are you?: idk
Belt size?: medium
Have you ever gotten anything amputated?: nahh
Do you have a calendar from 2001 hanging in your room?: nahh
Do you eat a lot?: yeaa
Do you get excited over cameras?: nahh
Do you have a strange obsession with pickles?: nahh;; but they are prettyy daaangg good
Poison?: nahh
Knives?: nahh
Cheese?: nahh
Penguins?: nahh
Bald people?: nahh
Scrawny African children?: nahh
Midgets?: nahh
Pirates?: nahh
Corny jokes?: yeaa huhh
Are you a virgin?: yeaa
Are you a hermaphrodite?: a what??
Have you ever tied your tooth to a door to lose it?: nahh
Do you bite yourself?: nahh
Cut yourself?: once
Do you get cold sores often?: nahh
Do you have a cold right now?: nahh
Do you suffer from chronic migraines?: nahh
Do you like to touch sharp objects?: nahh
Do you have a twitching problem?: nahh
Are you homicidal?: nahh
What do you do on the computer?: myspace;; talk to people;; photoshop;; WMM
Anything your parents should know about?: maaayyybee
Are you happy with your life?: not really
Is everybody else happy with your life?: they all say its fine
Do you like 100% white grape juice?: yeaa
How big is the universe?: as big as yurr moms wang
How many hours of sleep do you get every night?: 4-12
What do you dream about?: someone;;
Anything your parents should know about?: you asked this already
Do you fall for Internet advertisements?: nahh
Do you enjoy bungee jumping?: i wanna try it
Do you have AIM?: yeaa
MSN?: nahh
YIM?: yeaa
A Neopets account?: nahh
A Vampirefreaks account?: nahh
A Quizilla account?: nahh
A Bzoink account?: nahh
Do you watch bugs crawl on the floor?: nahh
Do you follow the bugs that crawl on the floor?: nahh
Do you get attacked by ladybugs?: nahh
Are you scared of everything that breathes?: nahh
Are you scared of anything at all?: yeaa
What?: long words
Which cardinal direction do you like best?: weest;; liek patrick sayz it
Do you have a life?: yes;; i just dont use it right
Then why are you taking this?: cuz it wuz tempting
Do you have a microphone on your computer?: nahh
A webcam?: nahh
A scanner?: nahh
A printer?: yeaa
A cordless mouse?: yeaa
Does your mouse light up?: it would be broken iff it did
What kind of computer do you have?: HP
Were you ever physically abused?: nahh
Verbally?: nahh
Sexually?: nahh
Do you wish you were a fish?: nahh
A cat?: nahh
A dog?: sometimes
Do you have a cell phone?: yea
What kind is it?: glyde
Do you weasel out of things?: sometimes
Do your teachers like you?: yeaa
Do your parents like you?: yeaa
Do your siblings like you?: nahh
Does karma, if it exists, love you?: sometimes
Did you have a tail when you were born?: yeaa;; i still do;; you just cant see it
Do you enjoy school?: nott att all
Are you a packrat?: what??
Do you know HTML or CSS?: yeaa huhh
Do you find yourself chewing on anything your fingers have touched?: nahh
Do you shy away from social situations?: sometimes
Are you obsessed with shiny things?: yeaa
Are you at least attracted to them?: yeaa
Do you smash guitars or any other type of instrument?: nahh
Do you label other people?: sometimes
Are you proud of doing so? (Question #620.): nahh
So. How bad can I make you look?: pretty badd
Do you wash your hands frequently?: nahh
Do you wet the bed?: nahh
What age did you stop?: 4-5??
Do you lie a lot?: a bitt
Have you lied at all in this survey?: nahh
Do you forget to brush your teeth frequently?: nahh
Do you brush your hair?: yeaa
Do you use antismelly?: yeaa;; took me a while to figure that out
Are you an alcoholic?: nahh
A druggie?: nahh
Do you drink illegally?: nahh
Do you wear underwear?: yeaa
Do you change it frequently?: yeaa
Are you a coward?: not really
A loser?: yeaa
An idiot?: yeaa
Do you text talk?: nahh
Are you a bad friend?: i can be
Are you untrustworthy?: i can be
Unreliable?: i can be
Do you pick your nose?: nahh
Are you imperfect?: verryy imperfect;; the fasthest away from perfect youll ever find anyone
Ugly?: very
Do you have bad hair?: yeaa
A big nose?: nahh
Are you shallow?: kinda
Greedy?: nahh
Do you tell people you love them just to get what you want?: nahh
Do you have any /important/ talents?: does walking on my knees count??
Are you impolite?: kinda
Disrespectful?: yess
Sadistic?: huh??
Are you a pansy?: huh??
Are you a conformist?: noo waayy
A fan of George W. Bush?: nahh
Do you have buck teeth?: used to
Acne?: yeaa
Mentall illnesses?: nahh
Are you fake?: not evenn closee too itt
Does your breath smell?: nahh
Do you have a strong body odor?: nahh
Do you have bad teeth?: nahh
Are you overweight?: nahh
Anorexic?: nahh
Bulimic?: nahh
Do you have a piercing in an inappropriate spot on your body?: nahh
A tattoo?: nahh
Are you a wannabe?: nahh
Do you get bad grades?: nahh
Are you a bad guesser?: kindaa
Are you slow?: nahh
Are you bad at reading people?: kinda
Are you too nice for your own good?: noo wayy
Do you have a lot of friends?: a decent amount
Do you give in easily?: nahh
Are you stubborn?: i can be
Are you annoying?: yeaa
Are you a necrophilliac?: noo waayy lol
Are you incestuous?: nooopeee
Is your room messy?: yeaa
Do you make fun of other people?: yeaa
Do you respect your body?: nahh
Are you arrogant?: huh??
Do you have low self-esteem?: yeaa
Are you unique?: most deffinatelyy
Are your hands clammy?: huh??
Are you short?: nahh
Are you freakishly tall?: nahh
Do you like Simple Plan?: kinda
Do you believe in the Christian God?: kinda
Do you believe in magic?: nahh
True love?: yeaa;; its justt reaalllyy hardd too findd
Heaven?: kinda
Hell?: kinda
Satan?: kinda
The Lord and Lady?: who??
The Goddess?: whos that??
The Greek Gods or Goddesses?: kinda
The Pagan Gods or Goddesses?: who??
Are you an atheist?: nahh
Agnostic?: what??
Do you believe in fairies?: nahh
Dragons?: nahh
Unicorns?: yeaa
Gollums?: what??
Santa?: nahh
The Easter Bunny?: nahh
The Tooth Fairy?: nahh
Pixies?: nnahh
Phoenixes?: kinda
Elves?: nahh
Dwarves?: nahh
Mermaids?: nahh
Karma?: yeaa
Immortality?: yeaa
Do you believe in the Aztec Gods?: who??
Mayan Gods?: whoo??
Incan Gods?: whooo??
Do you believe that each different belief creates a new reality?: shure??
Do you believe in life on other planets?: nahh
Do you believe in the Xqoaest?: what??
Do you believe in parallel universes?: what??
Do you believe that black holes are time portals?: nahh
Do you believe in Eternity?: yeaa
Do you believe in evolution?: yeaa
Do you believe in life after death?: yeaa
What happens to us after we die?: most of us go to hell
Do you believe in superheroes?: nahh
Super villains?: nahh
Do you believe in Fate?: yeaa
That everything has a purpose?: yeaa
Do you believe that everything revolves around money?: nahh
Sex?: nahh
Love?: kinda
Success?: kinda
Making yourself happy?: nahh
Making others happy?: nahh
Religion?: nahh
Politics?: nahh
Do you believe in miracles?: kinda
Angels?: nahh
Demons?: nahh
Ghosts?: yeaa
Do you believe in true, selfless happiness?: nopee
Do you believe in selfessness at all?: not reallyy
Do you believe that wishing for something can make it happen?: kinda
Do you believe that anything can happen?: nahh
Name:: krystyna marie cochrane
Age:: 13
Gender:: girrll
Nicknames:: krissy;; lightning;; kerererererissy
Aliases:: huh??
What made you choose them?: idk what they are
If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?: my mom said jacob
Think of the situation above. What would you want your name to be?: something different
If you had a choice, would you drop your last name?: deffinatelyy
What heritage does your first name imply?: russian i beeleevee
What heritage does your middle name imply?: noo cluee
What heritage does your last name imply?: englandd
Place of birth:: pittsfield
Date of birth:: The 17th day of the 4th month of the 1996th year
Nationality:: english;; canadian;; american
Were you named after anyone?: nahhh
Who?: noo onee
What side of the family does your name come from?: my dads i beeleeve
Did your parents immigrate?: nahh
How about your grandparents?: nahh
Your great grandparents?: nahh
Further back into your family?: yeaa
Where did they emmigrate from?: canada &nd england
Where did they immigrate to?: here
How old are your parents?: in the 40s;; idk howw old
Do you have any siblings?: yeaa
How old are they?: 18
What are their names?: samantha lynn haines
Do you get along with your family?: most of them
Do you wish they were different?: nahh
Were you ever abused by any member of your family?: nahh
Were you ever betrayed by a member of your family?: nahh
Did your family ever disown any other member of your family?: nahh
If so, why?: didnt happen
Who do you get along with most? (792!): friends
…The Ideal Mate
Hair color:: doesnt matter;; black iz cool
Hair length:: almost to their shoulders
Hairstyle:: emo
Eye color:: doesnt matter
Skin color:: paleish
Any makeup?:: eyeliner;; but its optional
Clothing style:: punk
Shy or outgoing?:: in the middle
Happy or depressed?:: more on the happy side
Funny or serious?:: more on the funny side
Abusive or kind?:: more on the kind side
Respectful or perverted?:: in the middle
Completely describe their personality:: emmm;; funny;; caring;; nice;; friendly;; sorta talkative;; thats about it
This is another space if you need it:: hfvggysrie75t8
Ideal height:: about 6 ft;; a lil less maybe
Ideal weight:: good for their height
Body type:: pretty athletic
Completely describe their appearance:: pretty tall;; cute;; im not good @ describing lol
This is another space if you need it:: fuierw58wkuhu
Masochistic or sadistic?:: huh??
Conformist or nonconformist?:: nonconformist
Artistic or athletic?: more athletic
Intellectual or unintelligent?: huh??
Complex or simple?: more towards the simple side
What would their hobbies be?: sports;; vid games;; idk
Interests?: me;; haha idk
Obsessions: doesnt matter;; me i guess
Would they hug you often?: shure
Kiss you often?: shure
Would they frequently tell you that they loved you?: shure
Have you already found your ideal mate?: nahh
Are you in love?: nahh
What will you do together?: stuff
Your ideal date:: jc @ their housee
Your ideal wedding:: doesnt matter;; wif a lotta ppl i know thatt
How many kids?: none
What will their names be?: none
What do you think they would look like?: none
Will you even have kids?: nopee
If not, why?: i dont want one whatsoever
Will you even get married?: nahh
If not, why?: cuz i dont wanna
Are you taken or single?: singlee
Least favorite color:: pukeish green
Animal:: something ugly
Number:: 29
President:: george w bush
Actor:: idk
Actress:: idk
Director:: idk
Celebrity:: idk
Artist:: idk
Illustrator:: idk
Poet:: idk
Writer:: idk
Band:: anything poppishh
Musician:: britney spears prollyy
Singer:: samee
Food:: spinachh
Fruit:: watermelon
Vegetable:: spinachh
Candy:: peanut butter cups
Drupe:: a whatt??
Candy bar:: crunch
Brand of chocolate:: idk
Skittles flavor:: the pink one i guess
Month:: may i guess??
Year:: this one
Decade:: this one
Decade:: you just asked this
Millenium:: this one
Era:: this one
Time period:: this one
Battle of the Civil War:: idk
War:: this one
Battle of WWII:: idk
Battle of American Revolution:: idk
Genius:: cardimino!!
Genus of plant:: idk??
Flower:: dead ones
Tree:: dead ones
Hair color:: grey/ white
Eye color:: greyy
Fairy tale:: idk
Disney princess:: all
Disney villain:: idk
Disney prince:: all
Movie character:: idk
Play character:: idk
Book character:: james!!!
Musical character:: idk
Play:: idk
Musical:: idk
Person:: emily willuz
Brand of cereal:: idk;; something gross
Brand of battery:: the ones that suck the most
Mental illness:: retardation
Medication:: idk
Serial killer:: idk
Poison:: all of them
Type of sword:: idk
Type of gun:: idk
Toothpaste brand:: anything minty
Scent:: crap
Type of knife:: idk
Taste:: bad foodz
Sound:: idk
Article of clothing:: preppy stuff
What do you think of…
Ugly people?: im one;; so theyre okay
Pretty people?: theyre fine
Bald people?: theyre fine;; my dads one
Scrawny African children?: i feel bad ferr them
Religion?: i dont rlly fallow one
Politics?: idk
Abortion?: only iff yur young
Church?: i dont go to it
Separation of church and state?: huh??
Blondes?: im one;; &nd theyre fine
Brunettes?: theyre fine
Redheads?: theyre unique
Mainstream rock?: ehh itss okay;; not my faveoritee
Abercrombie?: blahh
Pop music?: blahh
Classic rock?: ehh itz okayy
Roleplaying?: idk i dont do it
Emo music?: itss alrightt
The emo trend?: itss alrightt
Ignorance?: thats a good songg =^))
Stupidity?: everyones a bit stupid;; itz normal
Mental retardation?: i hatee itt
My friend, Kcaiyettlyinnee?: huh??
Friends?: myy lifee =^))
Disrespect?: i kinda do;; so its alright
Immaturity?: everyone iz =^)) itz aww-shum
Republicans?: dont follow them
Democrats?: woot!! hehe
George W. Bush?: ewwww
Your mom? (OH, BURN. xD): tu madre;; i just burned you in spanish ;^)) &nd shes alright i guess
My mom?: i dont know her;; i bet shes on crack
Me?: you havee waaayy too much free timee
This survey?: too longg
Dry walls?: idk??
Painted walls?: i liek them
Drugs?: never tried em;; hope i never will
Alcohol?: nott gunna drink itt
Prostitution?: i dont rlly care
Premarital sex?: go ahead;; i aint stopping you
Teenage sex?: go ahead
People?: they all hate me;; so i could care less
Homosexuality?: ive got nothing against it
Bisexuality?: nothing wrong wif it
Heterosexuality?: juustt finee =^))
Your classmates?: some of themm rockk <33
Your co-workers?: dont got any
Your job?: dont got one
Your abilities?: different;; &nd useful
Yourself?: i hate me
Your school?: too big;; ima get lost
Your family?: theyre finee;; i wouldnt change them
My family?: potheads
Your mental health?: finee
My mental health?: if you can think of all these questions;; fine
Falling asleep holding a stuffed animal?: a bit little kiddish;; but oh well
Your life?: hate it
My life? (What life?): exactly!! too much time
The color green?: lime green iz daa best!!
Pickles?: yummy
Food?: greatt =^))
Electricity?: couldnt live wifout it
Niagra falls?: purttyy
Cataracts?: what are those??
Bridges?: useful
Braces?: hate them;; but good to have
Dictionaries?: boring
Television?: i need it
Fairy tales?: i dont care for them
Hollywood?: fake
MTV?: fun to watchh =^PP
What are you feeling?: hungry
Smelling?: nothing
Seeing?: the comouter desk &nd its contents
Hearing?: diego on the TV
Doing?: this &nd watching Diego
Who are you talking to online?: no one
On the phone?: no one
What room of the house are you in?: living room
Are you cold?: nahh
Bored?: yeaa
Warm?: yeaa
Hot?: nahh
Do you look nice?: nott att all
What are you wearing?: pajamas
Are you eating anything?: nahh
Drinking anything?: nahh
BMI?: what??
What brand of shoes are you wearing?: none
What are you wishing for?: someonee;;
What are you worried about?: nothing really
Sad about?: nothing
Happy about?: idkk
Angry about?: nothing
Serious about?: nothing
Laughing about?: nothing
Talking about?: nothing
Typing about?: this question
Are you IMing anyone?: nahh
Who are your friends?: kenzie;; bre;; kasey;; kassy;; ciara;; ian;; alicia;; brittany;; crystal;; krystal;; kassy;; cecily;; + more
Your best friends?: kenzie &nd bre
Who do you hang out with most?: prolly alicia
Who do you treat the best?: um;; kenzie prolly
Who treats you the best?: idk
Do you even have friends?: yeaa
If so, why are you taking this survey?: cuz it was tempting
The smart one?: um;; alicia
The depressed one?: ciara
The punk?: bre
The goth?: weston
The prep?: brittany
The jock?: um;; idk
The outcast?: idk
The stupid one?: all of them =^PP
The one who you think will kill someone one day?: um;; ciara maybe?? hehe
The annoying one?: idk
The hyper one?: bre
The oblivious one?: justina
The romantic?: idk
The content one?: um;; kenzie
The pervert?: bre
The liar?: ciara
The cheapskate?: idk
The ominous one?: whats that mean??
The disrespectful one?: um;; idk
The abusive one?: idk
The hot one?: idk
The ugly one?: idk
The one that hates you?: idk
The one you hate but hang out with anyway?: i have an idea;; but i dont wanna say it
The back-up one?: idk
The fighter?: none of them rlly
The lover?: idk
The hippie?: no one
The druggie?: no one
The alcoholic?: no one
The one that is most likely to be in jail?: ciara lmao srry
The most likely to be murdered?: ciara
The most likely to be committed to a mental hospital?: most likely ciara
The most likely to stay there forever?: ciara lmao
The normal one?: justina
The conformist?: most of them
The nonconformist?: bre
The masochistic one?: what??
The sadistic one?: what??
The weird one?: bre
The musical one?: all my friends in band
The artistic one?: um;; idk
The perfect one?: well jake claims hes “no one”;; so jake lol
The literary genius?: idk
The fugitive?: idk
The juvenille delinquint?: no one
The Jewish one?: no one
The Christian one?: idk
The Buddhist one?: none
The Muslim one?: none
The Hindu one?: none
The Catholic one?: a few
The Wiccan one?: none
The atheist?: none
The agnostic?: none
The cutter?: idk
The anorexic one?: idt anyone iz
The bulimic one?: none
The skinny one?: justina &nd kenzie
The thin one?: same
The fat one?: i dont wanna say any names
The obese one?: no names lol
The Satanic one?: huh??
Have you Ever…
Gone on a cruise?: yeaa;; on lake george
Beaten someone up?: nahh
Been beaten up?: nahh
Bullied someone?: yeaa
Been bullied?: yeaa
Attempted suicide?: nahh
Attempted murder?: nahh
Nearly died?: yeaa
Broken the law?: yeaa
Stolen something?: yeaa
Had an abortion?: nahh
Known the president?: nahh
Had an affair with the president?: nahh
Met a famous person?: yeaa;; danny stevens =^))
Had an affair?: nahh
Been out of the country?: nahh
Out of state?: yeaa
Out of your town?: yeaa
Written a poem?: yeaa;; it sucked
A story?: yeaa;; it was about fruits &nd meats lmao
A novel?: nahh
A song?: yeaa;; it sucked
Gotten published?: nahh
Written a love poem?: i tried to;; but gave up
Novel?: nahh
Song?: nahh
Said that you hated the world?: yeaa
Finished school?: not yet
Flunked a grade?: nahh
Flunked a grade?: you just asked that
Flunked a subject?: nahh
Read a book for enjoyment?: if that means reading a book thats not required to read in class;; then yea
Bungee jumped?: nahh;; i wanna tho
Skydived?: nahh
Danced?: yeaa
Been to a dance?: yeaa
Scuba dived?: nahh
Broken a bone?: nahh
Gotten a nose bleed?: yeaa
Had an orgasm?: maaaayyybeeeee;;
Suffered from psychosis?: huh??
Wished you could get away with something?: yeaa
Thought of killing someone?: yeaa
Thought of killing yourself?: yeaa
Saved your own?: huh??
Gone to the beach?: yeaa
Gone fishing?: yeaa
Gone to an island?: i think so;; yeaa;; block island wif alicia
Died in a dream?: yeaa
Had a dream that came true?: nahh
Kissed someone in the rain?: nahh
Gotten pregnant?: nahh
Eaten calamari?: yeaa
Lobster?: yeaa
Helped anybody during the holidays?: yeaa
Helped a stranger?: yeaa
Kissed a stranger?: nahh
Hugged a stranger?: nahh
Can You…
Kiss your elbow?: nahh
Touch your nose with your tongue?: yeaa huhh
Stick your fist in your mouth?: yeaa
Touch your toes?: yupp
Give away money?:: i can;; but i wont
Marry a family member?: nahh
Hire an assassin?: nahh
Stay up all night?: yeaa huhh
Stay up for /ten/ nights?: nahh
Finish this survey?: yess!!!
Swim?: yeaa
Draw well?: ehh kinda
Sing well?: nahh
Write well?: nahh
Eat a box of chocolates in an hour?: idk;; never tried it
Eat an entire package of Oreos in a half an hour?: never tried it;; &nd prolly not
Without milk?: nahh
Predict the future?: nah
Would you Ever…
Sacrifice everything for a friend?: matters who it is
A lover?: yeaa
Give your life for a friend?: matters
A lover?: yeaa
Lie to a friend?: yeaa
Lie to your parents?: yeaa
Lie to a lover?: nahh
Steal from your parents?: yeaa
Hug them in public?: nahh
Blow up your house?: nahh
Abuse someone?: nahh
Use someone?: prolllyy
Recommend this survey to a friend?: yeaa huhh
Would you ever Be…
A fireman?: nahh
Policeman?: nahh
Serial killer?: nahh
Doctor?: yeaa
Surgeon?: nah
Prostitute?: nahh
Playboy model?: nahh
Writer?: yeaa
Artist?: yeaa
Musician?: yeaa
Assassin?: nahh
Ninja?: hell yeaaa =^DD
Soldier?: nahh
President?: nahh
Darth Vader?: nahh
Pilot?: nahh
Mortician?: a what what??
Forensic scientist?: huh??
Detective?: nahh
Lawyer?: nahh
Drug-dealer?: nahh
Pirate?: nahh
Box-carrier?: nahh
Store clerk?: yeaa
Banker?: nahh
Criminal?: nahh
Target?: nahh
Professional wrestler?: nahh
Tennis player?: yeaa
Rapper?: nooppeee
Country singer?: nahh
Pop star?: noo wayy
Actor?: yeaa
Plastic surgeon?: nahh
Is the sky blue?: cuz blue is cool liek that
Is the world round?: if the world was square;; it wouldnt be cool
Is the world unfair?: cuz it hates all of you
Are most people selfish?: to get their way
Impolite?: to get their way
Disrespectful?: dito
Conforming?: huh??
Are there religions?: so people have something to believe in
Theories?: cuz people got bored &nd tried to explain something
Opinions?: everyone thinks differently
Are humans so intelligent?: HAHAHAA!! dontt make me laugh;; thats not true
Do we need air?: to breathe
Do we age?: everything has to get old &nd die
Do we die?: cuz god thinks were useless
Is there cheddar cheese in the world?: cuz it tastes good
Swiss?: in case boys cant get girlfriends
American?: cuz america got bored one day
Are you taking this?: it was tempting
When was the last time…
You brushed your teeth?: yesterday night
Took a shower?: yesterday
Ate?: yesterday
Drank?: yesterday
Drank an alcoholic beverage?: never
Took a pill?: does that count as advil?? a while ago
Smoked?: never
You got your photograph taken?: um;; a few days ago
You got caught doing something bad?: when i wuz walking on the bike trail to adams wiff bre
Dyed your hair?: never =^((
Hurt someone physically?: that day i wuz wif ciara &nd ethan
Hurt someone emotionally?: idk
Did your homework?: when school was in
Hung out with your friends?: yesterday
Got drunk?: never
Said a good-by to someone?: idk;; yesterday
Greeted someone?: todayy
Took a survey?: right nowzz
Won a contest?: um;; a year ago i think
Went out on a date?: 3-4 weeks ago
=>Word Association<=
Bed.: sleep
Curtains.: shades
Lights.: bright
Music.: awesome
Candles.: bright
Closet.: closed
Door.: open
Window.: seethrough
Onomotapoeia.: wow
Dog.: woof
Cat.: meow
Egypt.: pyramids
Corey.: huh??
Mirror.: see
Case.: olivia
Cage.: monkey
Cave.: scary
Nutella.: nuts
Bird.: fly
Bear.: rawr
Death.: devil
Life.: boring
White.: black
Black.: white
Personality.: fine
Pickle.: yumm
Dilemna.: huh??
Love.: unexplainable
Liberal.: huh??
Conservative.: okay
Ball.: sack
Moderate.: mild
Inept.: huh??
Even more strange Questions
If you could create the world, would you make it a triangle or a square?: triangle
Do you find yourself frequently sounding like Donald Duck with a migraine?: nahh
Estimating, how many pieces of lined paper have you used this year?: 1000??
If you were a pen, what kind of pen would you be? (Be specific.): a black sharpie pen
If you were a pencil, what kind of pencil would you be?: a mechanical one
What is your favorite thing to highlight?: random things
What number can you relate to the most?: 1
What would you do if you were a spider?: id kill everyone i saw
A chicken?: id peck everyone i saw
A goose?: id poop on your head
An anteater?: id lick your dick wif my long tongue
If you were a pirate, which sea would you sail?: um;; the mediteranean
Would you rather sell your life or gamble it away?: sell itt
If you could pay anyone in the world to be your friend, who would it be?: jack barakat!!
Do you think that Bigfoot is really fighting with aliens?: noo
Do you believe tabloids?: were all part of the same sick little games–that means who doesnt??
If you were a tabloid, would you believe in yourself?: shure
Why do you believe tabloids?: cuz i can be gullible
Why do you not believe tabloids?: i do
Estimating, how many different tabloids are there?: a katillion
Who do you think is the best Disney supporting actor?: i dont know??
Does citrus acid make you happy?: lmfao those are in oranges;; rigghttt??
On the HB scale, what is your favorite lead?: idk;; 2??
Do you think PLAGIARISTS should die long and horrible deaths?: nahh
What do you think of LYING, CHEATING, and PLAGIARISM?: lying;; everyone does it;; cheating;; gets annoying;; plagiarism;; theyre just jealous of wwhatever material they plagiarize cuz they cant think of their own
How mean do you think PLAGIARISTS are?: scale of 1-10—6
How angry do PLAGIARISTS make /you/ feel?: scale of 1-10—4
If PLAGIARISM was a dollar, how much money would you have?: um;; 1??
If someone PLAGIARIZED you, what would you do?: get them arrested
What would you include in a nasty Bzoink e-mail intended for them?: a few;; err;; a LOTT of chioce words
Should PLAGIARISTS be pushed off buildings?: shure
Should PLAGIARISTS who PLAGIARIZE our survey grovel at our feet?: shure
And should they delete their survey?: yeaa huhh
Do you think PLAGIARISTS who like fashion are dumb?: noo
Do you think Skittles should be evil?: nahh
Do you think PLAGIARISTS are the new PURPLE?: noo
Do you think cats should eat PLAGIARISTS for breakfast?: shure
Dogs?: nahh
Llamas?: yeaa huhh!!
Do you think PLAGIARISTS are desperate?: yeaa
Story time!
When was the baby born?: april 2nd;; 2003
Where was the baby born?: a bathtub
Was the baby a girl or a boy?: girl
Who was the baby born from?: a heterosexual named bobina
How much did the baby weigh?: 4 lbs
Did the baby cry?: nahh
Was the baby switched at birth?: nahh
What was the baby named?: joseph
Did the baby have hair?: not much
Were there any abnormalities?: it was a preme
Was the baby healthy?: nopee
Could the baby smile?: nahh
Did the baby see his/her parents right away?: nahh
Did the baby ever see his/her parents?: yeaa
When the baby leave the hospital?: when it was healthy enough to go home
When did the baby learn how to crawl?: when most babies do
Walk?: a year &nd a forth
Go to the restroom?: 2 &nd a half
When did the baby get his/her nails cut for the first time?: when he tried it itself &nd hurt himself while doing it
Toenails?: same
When did the baby first get into trouble?: when it knocked its food off the high chair
What was it about?: just told you
What was the first song the baby listened to?: 1;; 2;; 3;; 4;;
What class was the baby born into?: middle class
Where was the first park the baby went to?: central
First flavor of ice cream:: vanilla frozen yogurt
Did the baby hate Skittles?: yess
Did the baby have any talents?: it could clap
Did the baby hate PLAGIARISTS?: yess;; it slapped them in the face
Was the toddler popular?: yeaa
Did the toddler have nice clothes?: yeaa
Was the toddler good at writing?: nahh
Could the toddler ask questions without PLAGIARIZING?: yeaa
What did the toddler eat for lunch at school?: peanut butter &nd jelly with a fruit or veggie
What kind of grades did the toddler get?: B’s &nd A’s
Was the toddler overweight?: nahh
Was the toddler cute?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to play Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to play Duck, Duck, Goose?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to play kickball?: kinda
Did the toddler like to draw?: yeaa
Did the toddler like to read?: nahh
What did the child get for his/her tenth birthday?: an electric guitar
Was the child intelligent?: yeaa
Who PLAGIARIZED the child at this time?: no one
Was the child nice to other people?: nopee
Did the child PLAGIARIZE other people?: nahh
Was the child good at mathematics?: kinda
Did the child enjoy school?: nahh
Who liked the child?: the punks
Did the teenager dye his/her hair?: yeaa
Did the teenager rebel against his/her parents?: yeaa
What subculture did the teenager fit in?: the punks
What kind of clothes did the teenager wear?: gothic clothes
What kind of makeup?: none
What kind of music did the teenager listen to?: screamo
What kind of friends did the teenager have?: the punks
What kind of rumors were spread about the teenager?: they werent rumors;; they were all true;; that he did graffitti @ the mall went around the most
What did the teenager usually do when he/she got home?: go into towns wif his friends
Did the teenager like attention?: naww
Was the teenager outgoing?: kinda
What kind of emotional problems did the teenager deal with?: the trouble of getting caught
Was the teenager bullied?: he bullied others
Did the teenager bully others?: yeaa huhh
What college did the young adult attend?: none
What did he/she major in?: nothing
Did the young adult have a lot of money?: yeaa;; from stealing
Was the young adult independent?: yeaa
What kind of job did the young adult have?: a criminal
Did the middle-aged person go through a mid-life crisis?: nahh
Did the middle-aged person have any kids?: yeaa;; but it was wif a prostitute
What did the middle-aged person do in his/her spare time?: nothing
What were their genders?: idk;; he never saw it
Was the senior citizen a grandparent?: he didnt know
Did the senior citizen have any stories to tell?: yeaa
Did the senior citizen have time to tell all of his/her stories?: nahh
How did the senior citizen die?: a hit was placed on him
How many people came to the funeral?: just his punk friends
What does this mean?
Three.: 1+1+1
Avid.: idk??
Fervor.: idk
Nocent.: idk
Irenic.: idk
Drupe.: idk
Beauty.: being attractive
Perfection.: something impossible to achieve
Ignorant.: being snobby
Viridian.: huh??
Ironic.: coming out the oppisite of what u expect??
Noxious.: idk
Life.: a way of being on the earth
Happiness.: when nothing can hurt you
Adventure.: exploring somewhere
Purity.: huh??
Freedom.: where no one can control your actions
Individuality.: being different from most people
Wonderful.: everyone likes you
Profugus luminarium.: huh
Momento mori.: one moment??
Hola, me llama Amour.: hi;; my llama something??
Mohorovicic discontinuity.: huh??
Infamous.: idk
Congenial.: idk
Cordial.: idk
Distribution.: to hand something out
Contribution.: to give to a cause
Enigmatic.: huh
Arcane.: idk
Dasani.: a type of water
La lune.: idk
Insignificant.: idk
Asylum.: a place for insane people
Poetry.: a way of expressing emotions
Music.: a way of exprssing feelings
Art.: a way to express createivity
Literature.: a way to vent out ideas
Drama.: a neverending part of the teenage life
Stupidity.: being stupid
Death.: when your heart doesnt beat anymore
Talent.: something unusual you see no one else or a few people doing
Truth.: the real thing
Youth.: being young or feeling young
Forever.: never ending
Romantic.: being lovely
Hopeless.: haveing no chance
Hopeless romantic. (xD): someone who doesnt know much about getting a boy/ girl &nd expects too much
PLAGIARISM.: when someone steals a greatly engeneered idea
Mainstream.: a trend/ music everyone likes
Knowledge.: knowing facts
Wisdom.: haveing knowledge
Endurance.: being able to do something for a long time
Beauty or love?: love
Wisdom or beauty?: beauty
Being loved unconditionally or being famous?: loved unconditionally
Knowledge or wisdom?: knowledge
Power or pride?: pride
Lying or imprisonment?: lying
Murder or death?: murder
Revenge or forgiveness?: revenge
Being liked or being respected?: respected
Heart or brain?: heart
Which Age is this Appropriate For…
Radios.: any age
Gardening.: adult ages
Lava lamps.: younger kids
Black lights.: what those??
Hovercrafts.: 14-18
Cars.: 16-70
Spaghetti straps.: teens
Hopscotch.: littlw kids
My Little Pony.: little kids;; &nd gay boys
Barbies.: little kids &nd gay boys
Tonka trucks.: little boys
Edgar Allan Poe.: adults
MySpace.: everyone but old people &nd little kids
The Internet in general.: everyone
Neopets.: little kids
Quizilla.: idk what that is??
Vampirefreaks.: what that?
Disney.: all ages
Lizzie McGuire.: idk her
Beauty and the Beast.: younger kids &nd adults
Hans Christian Anderson.: who dat??
Elton John.: older ppl
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.: older ppl
Bauhaus.: who dat??
Satanism.: what that??
Biolage.: what??
Hair curlers.: adults &nd old ppl
Hairspray.: teens-adults
Nail polish.: kids-teens
Short skirts.: teens &nd young adults
Bikinis.: teens &nd young adults
Tanning.: teens
Fun.: anyone
Public appearances.: anyone
When to form your own band.: 16
Playing the piano.: any age
Staying home alone.: 9
Drinking.: 18-65
Smoking.: 18-45
Videogames.: any age but old
Violent videogames.: teens-adults
Mature videogames.: teens-adults
Dora the Explorer.: little kids-teens;; im watching that now!!
The Little Mermaid.: little kids
Eminem.: teens
Voting.: adults-old ppl
Perfume.: teens-adults
Makeup.: teens-adults
Accessorizing.: teens-adults
Rap.: teens
The Girl Next Door.: what that??
Finding Nemo.: little kids
Armageddon.: huh??
Pirates of the Caribbean.: teens-adults
Water beds.: teens
Becoming famous.: teens-adults
Swearing.: teens-adults
Going to war.: young adults
Sports.: any age
Having a child.: 18-40
Getting married.: 18 &nd older
Living on your own.: 18
Teen Spirit.: teens
Lady Speed Stick.: teens
Cologne.: teens
NASA.: adults
Going on a cruise.: all ages
College.: teens &nd young adults
Graduating from high school.: 18-20
Going to the movies without a parent.: 10
Santa Claus.: little kids
Easter Bunny.: little kids
Tooth fairy.: little kids
Bird watching.: old people
Coin collecting.: old people
Housekeeping.: adults
Pink Panther.: all ages
Sherlock Holmes.: older ppl
Oscar Wilde.: who dat??
RL Stine.: teens
Lemony Snicket.: teens
JK Rowling.: teens
Terry Brooks.: who dat??
Alvin Schwartz.: who??
JRR Tolkein.: who??
Charles Dickens.: teens-adults
Ernest Hemingway.: who??
Green Day.: teens
Ghost stories.: teens
Law and Order: SVU.: teens-adults
Campfires.: any age
Sleepovers.: kids-teens
Sleepover parties.: samee
American Idol.: teens-young adults
A figure.: huh??
Modeling.: young adult
Freckles.: teens
Whitened teeth.: older teens
Plastic surgery.: adults
Advertising on television.: teens-adults
Community service.: teens
Prison.: adults
The legal adult age.: 21
What will Happen/How will the world End?
Giant tornado.: it will destroy errthing in the world
Nuclear war.: the explosions will kill us all
Giant tsunami.: it will flood &nd destroy everything
A title wave.: people will drown in its riptide
An asteroid.: it will blow up the earth
Explosion of the sun.: well die from hypothermia
Giant volcanic erruption.: everything will end in the lava
Giant freak afternoon tea accident.: the tea will burn everyone to death
Giant missile crisis.: everything gets exploded
Another Great Depression. Only worse.: we all starve to death
Earthquake.: everything gets buried underground
Penguins will take over the world.: they us a giant snow maker &nd trap everyone under snow
Parrots become the dominant.: they poop on errones head
Alien invasion.: they hold us hostage
Bigfoot will invite his pals over, Bighead, Bighands, and Bigtummy.: we all get crushed
Lochness monster will have children.: they will be able to fly &nd wil hurt us all
Everyone will turn cannibalistic.: we eat each other but one of each species;; then we reproduce to make new species;; &nd the world restarts
Everyone will run out of natural resources.: how will we live?? we wont!!
Third Ice Age.: we all freeze 2 death
Global warming.: all the ice melts;; ocean floods
Precambrian Eon will return.: huh??
Toxic fumes.: we choke on them &nd die
Disappearing water.: we die frum thirst
Planet collision.: the planets destroy each other
Termites.: we get buried in their mounds;; lmfao that sounds wrong xDD
George W. Bush will get a third reelection.: o god;; america will comit suicide
Everyone will commit suicide.: animals will evolve into people
Intergalactic highway construction.: huh??
Intergalactic spies like Kiri will take over.: huh??
PLAGIARISTS will rule the world.: there would be no ideas to steal then
Lions will eat us all.: lions will rule the world
Cockroaches will rule the world.: the world will overpopulate
A pandemic.: huh??
The Black Plague will avenge itself.: huh??
Mythical creatures will come back and reclaim their world.: well we all just die;; hows that sound??
The Big Bang will reoccur.: all the planets explode &nd new ones are made
Pesticide will kill all the insects in the world.: insect eating things will start to eat us
The Earth will spontaneously combust.: well we all burst into flames
The world will collapse.: we get crushed under the rubble
Genocide.: huh??
All the money will burn.: we just steal things
Cell phones really did cause brain tumors.: well wouildnt most of us be dead then??
Karma will kill us.: sage’s dog will kill us?!
All the stars in the universe will explode at once.: no light fer us;; oh well
Ghosts will kill us.: but then wed be ghosts;; &nd then the ghosts will have to kill people;; &nd theyll go cannibalistic
A giant fan will blow us away.: wed go to space &nd suffocate
Pizza Hut will explode.: theres so many;; it will cause a HUGEE explosion
Hair curlers will burn us all.: im glad ive got none in my house then
Everyone will get a perm and die of fright from looking at each other.: what if one person doesnt look @ someone?? then he/ she wull rule the world!!
Grandmas will turn rabid.: everyone haz a grandma;; so everyone will go mad
PLAGIARISTS will make Reko and Kiri angry.: who r they?? whoever they are;; they will kill plagiarists
The Mohorovicic Discontinuity will disappear.: huh??
Daddy Long Legs will get a larger mouth.: theyll all bite us &nd well die form the venom
People get so lazy that their lawn will grow too high to allow sunlight in.: animals will eat the grass
Twinkle will succeed as a dictator.: whos that??
Star will become president.: who??
Biotech disaster.: huh??
People will not actually save money switching to Geico.: the cavemen will be happy
Cingular and Verizon will never join.: cell phone war!!
Pollution.: it will contaminate the air we breathe &nd well all get rlly sick
Giant feet. o.o: will crush us all
Everyone will become a movie copycat.: huh??
Pandemonium at football games will get a little too extreme.: well hurt each other rlllyy bad
Are these Cliched and Overrated? Or just fine?
Striving to be unique.: fine
Mall goth.: fine
Punk.: fine
Emo.: overrated
Love.: overrated
Anti-love.: fine
Pro-war.: huh??
Pro-peace.: huh??
George W. Bush jokes.: fine
Smoking.: overrated
Drinking.: overrated
Television.: fine
MTV.: overrated
Reformers.: huh??
Showering.: fine
Partying.: fine
Drinking water.: fine
Physical fitness.: fine
Eating.: fine
The Internet.: fine
Walking.: fine
Pretending to cut.: overrated
Having a dog.: fine
Sleeping on a bed. (Go S/X/Zarys!): fine
Green Day.: fine
Fall Out Boy.: overrated
My Chemical Romance.: fine
Cheerleading.: overrated
Popularity.: overrated
Pretending to be depressed.: fine
Celebrities.: overrated
Celebrity wannabes.: overrated
Communication.: fine
Cell phones.: fine
Liking thunderstorms.: fine
Drama.: overrated
High school.: overrated
Makeup.: overrated
Accessories.: overrated
Clothes. (xD): overrated
Desert.: fine
The rain.: fine
Skipping class.: fine
Anime/manga.: fine
Rebels.: fine
Movies.: fine
What Would you like to do/Try?
Escargot?: huh??
Lobster?: tried it
Creme brule?: huh??
Skydiving?: try
Hang gliding?: try
Surfing?: not try
Snowboarding?: try
Go into space?: not try
Go on a cruise?: try
Fall in love?: try
Go to Disney World?: been there
Go to Paris?: try
New York City?: been there
Cairo?: not try
Tokyo?: try
Dance with a star?: try
Marry a star?: not try
Write a novel?: try
Meet a celebrity?: have done =^))
Do any of These scare You?
Spiders.: nahh
Goblins.: nahh
Rodents.: nahh
Creatures.: nahh
Bees.: nahh
Fire.: nahh
Death.: nahh
Old age.: nahh
Lizards.: nahh
Crowds.: nahh
People.: nahh
Butterflies.: nahh
Blood and gore.: nahh
Ants.: nahh
The unknown.: nahh
Ghosts.: nahh
Aliens.: nahh
Medication.: nah
Doctors.: nahh
Hospitals.: nahh
Satanism.: nahh
Nazis.: yeaa
Serial killers.: yeaa
Psychopaths.: nahh
The mentally ill.: nahh
Sadists.: nahh
Dinosaurs.: nahh
Tornadoes.: yeaa
Thunderstorms.: nahh
Volcanoes.: yeaa
The ocean.: nahh
Deep water.: nahh
Clowns.: nahh
Dolls.: nahh
Mirrors.: nahh
The dark.: nahh
Bloody Mary.: yeaa
Windows.: nahh
Sharks.: nahh
Insects.: nahh
Eggs. (Kiri insisted on this. x___x): nahh
People with deformities.: nahh
Strange people.: nahh
Strangers.: some
Failure.: nahh
Being alone.: nahh
The Apocalypse.: nahh
Pandemics.: yeaa
Being forgotten.: nahh
Do You Like…
Pink?: nahh
Bald people?: nahh
Period-style clothing?: nahh
Superman?: yeaa
Bugs?: nahh
Mud?: yeaa
Dirt?: nahh
Spiderman?: nahh
Wonderwoman?: nahh
Money?: yeaa
Food?: yeaa
Beautiful people?: matters who were talking about
Kids?: yeaa
Adults?: nahh
Teenagers?: yeaa
Fruit?: some kinds
Blue?: yeaa
Vegetables?: only a few
Meat?: yeaa
MySpace?: yeaa
VF?: huh??
Neopets?: nahh
Quizilla?: whats that??
Bzoink?: yeaa
MSN?: nahh
AIM?: yeaa
YIM?: kindaa
Microsoft Word?: yeaa
Girls?: yeaa
Boys?: yeaa
Religion?: nahh
The radio?: yeaa
Dreaming?: depends on the dream
Writing?: matters what im writing about
Drawing?: yeaa
Roleplaying?: if its for a play;; then yea
Art?: yeaa
Literature?: matters
Music?: yeaa
Drama?: nahh
Comedy?: yeaa
Tragedy?: nahh
Romance?: yeaa
Horror?: yeaa
Fantasy?: kindaa
Science fiction?: nahh
Action?: yeaa
Anime/manga?: kindaa
Green Day?: yeaa
Fall Out Boy?: their old sttuff
The emo trend?: yeaa
Mall goths?: nahh
Punk?: yeaa
Closets?: yeaa
Disney?: yeaa
Beds?: yeaa
How many People would it Take To…
Screw in a lightbulb?: 1
Build a 5,000 foot monument?: 2000
Milk a cow?: 1
Make a movie?: 400
Get a PLAGIARIST off the Internet?: 1
Find a cure for cancer?: 1000
Make a house?: 20
Feed a horse?: 1
Create a character?: 6
Create a /good/ character?: 10
Find the meaning of life?: 1
Make dinner?: 1
Run a cruise ship?: 20
Run a pirate ship?: 30
Pillage and plunder?: huh??
And rifle and loot?: huh??
And drink up, me hearties, yo ho?: huh??
Keep Jack Sparrow on that island? Er…Captain. /Captain./ My apologies.: 50
Plan a perfect murder?: 1
Cause the Apocalypse?: 1
Impeach the president?: 1
Vote Bush out of office?: 2,000,000
Write a song?: 2
Form a band?: 5
Dye hair?: 1
Create a salon?: 15
Make the perfect family?: 4
Change the world?: 1
Make things better?: 1
Help someone in need?: 1
Cheer up a baby?: 1
Chear up a 500 year-old baby?: 1
Form a crew?: 20
Man a ship?: 20
Create a website?: 1
Make a radio station?: 10
Destroy the world?: 1
Airline food.: 1
Decay.: huh??
The world.: 8,000,000,000
George W. Bush.: 1
The color orange.: 1
People pretending to be goths.: 200
People pretending to be good at making surveys.: 1
People pretending to be punks.: 200
People pretending to be depressed.: 200
People pretending to be mentally ill.: 200
People.: 8,000,000,000
Test rates.: huh??
Taxes.: 200000
The government.: 100
Celebrities.: 1000
Obsessive fans of celebrities.: 200
Green Day.: 200
The emo trend.: 200
Brainwashing.: 1
War.: 1
Cloning.: 1
Conformists.: 20
Money.: 1000
Entertainment.: 100
Food.: 2000
Basic things for survival.: 20
Television.: 4000
The way history played out.: 300
The future.: 1
The present.: 1
Aging.: 800
Lying.: 800
Lying about your age.: 200
Sick humor.: 10000
Comedy.: 500
Bathroom humor.: 300
Anti-bacterial soap.: 200
Elementary school teachers.: 200
Principals.: 300
The fact we all have different opinions and no one follows ours.: 1
Imply. The word.: 300
Diets.: 200
Having to exercise to stay thin.: 1000
Having to do work to survive.: 1000
Having to do work. Period.: 1000
Notebooks going as high as only five subjects.: 200
Notebooks that only have 70 pages.: 20
Wide-ruled paper.: 20
Elementary school.: 400
Circles.: 1000
Slightly oblate spheroids.: 200
Slightly eccentric elipses.: 200
P and S waves.: huh??
Oxygen.: 8,000,000,000
Co2.: 8,000,000,000
H2o.: 8,000,000,000
Life.: 8,000,000,000
Aliens.: none;; they dont exist
Childhood.: 5000
Adolescence.: 5000
Adulthood.: did you know all these answers are random numbers?? 5000
Meanings.: 6000
The fact that no one looks in the dictionary anymore to define something.: 20
Disney nowadays.: 4000
Kagome.: huh??
Pickles.: 1
Feet.: 8,000,000,000
Noses.: 1
Cell membranes.: 8,000,000,000
Atoms.: 8,000,000,000
Andrew Johnson.: 1
Andrew Jackson.: 1
Are you?: juustt finee
Are you doing?: goodd
Have you been?: justt finee
Do you wish you were?: hayley williams
Do you want to die?: suicide prolly
Many years can a mountain exist?: forever
Many planets are there?: um;; 9??
Many numbers are there?: a katillion
Small can things get?: micro size
Big can things get?: az big as a long shlong
Will the future turn out for you? Do you have an idea?: bad;; nope
How will the future turn out for me?: fine
Many ways can the world end?: a lot
Many sports are there?: more than 20
Many colors are in the rainbow?: 7
Do you do?: finee
What do you think is evil?
Shampoo.: nahh
Conditioner.: nahh
Anime.: nahh
Walls.: yess
Ceilings.: yess
Fans.: nahh
Ceiling fans.: nahh
Donald Duck.: nah
Lie detectors.: yess
Smoke detectors.: nahh
Pedometers.: nahh
Death.: yesh
The Grim Reaper.: yess
Christmas.: nah
God.: nahh
Satan.: yeaa
Jesus.: nahh
Satin.: what that??
Pepsi.: nahh
Electricity.: nahh
The Internet.: nahh
Mashed potatoes.: yeaa
Orange juice.: lmfao dont even get me started <33
My computer.: yeaa
Haappii Bouanmey: who??
Veeahhckomee: who??
Gaston.: who??
The world.: yeaa
The universe.: yeaa
Spinach.: yeaa
Celery.: yeaa
Escargot.: whats that??
Pizza Hut.: nahh
Disney nowadays.: nahh
Wal-Mart.: yeaa
Stores in general.: nahh
Fish.: nahh
Birds.: nahh
Anteaters.: nahh
Whole milk.: nahh
Skittles.: nahh
Cupcakes.: nahh
MTV.: nahh
Television.: nahh
VH1.: nahh
Comedy Central.: nahh
MAD TV.: nahh
Comedy in general.: nahh
Jessica Simpson.: yess
Laughter.: nahh
Infections.: yeaa
Viruses.: yeaa
Doors.: yupp
Windows.: nahh
Mirrors.: nahh
Landmarks.: nahh
Santa Claus.: yeaa
The Easter Bunny.: yeaa
Tooth fairy.: yeaa
Goths.: nahh
The Black Plague.: yeaa
Witches.: yeaa
Wiccans.: yeaa
Black cats.: nahh
Ladders.: nahh
Vampires.: nahh
Werewolves.: nahh
Gremlins.: nahh
Leprechauns.: nahh
Goblins.: nahh
Gollums.: nahh
Orcs.: what??
Mr. Skinnyhands.: who??
Mortimer Mouse.: whoo??
Fruitsbasket.: nahh
Naraku.: who??
Herbal Essences.: nahh
Head and Shoulders.: nahh
Biolage.: what??
Cheap shampoo.: yeaa
Cheap cologne.: yeaa
Boxed hair dye.: nahh
The number 16.: nahh
The number 7.: nahh
The number 16.7 repentant.: huh??
24 + 2/3.5.: shhuree
3.141592654.: nahh
Sundays.: nahh
Tuesdays.: nahh
Thursdays.: nahh
Lights.: yeaa
The darkness.: nahh
Roxie Hart.: who??
Shirts with words on them.: nahh
Mean shirts.: nahh
Stupid shirts.: yeaa
Speedos.: yeaa
Your House
How many stories is your house?: 3
What room are you in?: living room
How many doors does your house have?: i wanna say 9
Windows?: i wanna say 19
Mirrors?: i wanna say 2
What kind of rug is in your room?: a carpet thats grey >_<
Bathroom?: blue one tht goes around the toilet
Kitchen?: none
Dining room?: one tht goes under the table
Living room?: none
Do you use your basement?: only to get my bi9ke &nd do laundry
Your attic?: dont got one
What color is your house?: yellow
What color are the walls in your room?: lilac;; getting lime green soon
Bathroom?: blue &nd wooden
Kitchen?: purple
Dining room?: a very very light cream
Living room?: yellow
Basement?: cemented
What kind of bed is in your room?: a full
Bathroom?: none
Kitchen?: none
Dining room?: none
Living room?: a pull out one
Basement?: none
Is your room messy?: yeaa
Kitchen?: nahh
Dining room?: nahh
Living room?: nahh
Basement?: yeaa
Attic?: dont have one
Do you have a porch?: yeaa
Do you have a pool?: nahh
A trampoline?: @ my dads
A playground?: near my house i do
How many acres do you own?: idk;; i know my dad owns 1
Do you live near a forest?: @ my dads house yeaa
Do you live in the city?: nahh
In a town?: yeaa
How many people your age live in your neighborhood?: um;; liek 10??
Do you associate with your neighbors?: not rlly
Are you at least cordial towards them?: huh??
Do you share a room?: nahh
How many computers do you have?: 2
How many trash cans?: 2
Bathrooms?: 1
Bedrooms?: 3
Is your kitchen decently sized?: yeaa
How many sofas?: 2
How many televisions?: 4
Is your room decently sized?: yeaa
How many forks are in the silverware drawer?: 18
Do you own a dreamcatcher?: nahh
Do you have Sharpies nearby?: in the cpmputer drawer
How many vacuum cleaners?: 2
How many pencils do you own?: idk?? liek 5
How many notebooks do you have near you?: none
How many disks?: just 1
How many CD-Roms?: 1
How many DVDs?: none
How many DVDs do you own?: liek;; 50??
How big is your musical CD collection?: nott that big cuz i lose all of my CDs
Your computer game collection?: all ive got iz photoshop
Do you have an iPod?: yeaa
How many songs?: idk;; i cant find it
Do you have posters on your walls?: yeaa
How many?: a lott
Pictures?: yeaa
How many?: a lot
Calendars?: yeaa
How many?: 1
How much jewelry do you own?: nonee
Bracelet?: nonee
Pair of earrings?: nonee
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: liek 10??
Do you have junk drawers?: yeaa
How many?: liek 1 err 2
How many dressers do you have?: 1
Do you have a nightstand?: nahh
How many stuffed animals do you have?: liek 2 that i won from the great escape
Do you have a mirror in your room?: nahh
Do you have hairspray?: yeaa
A disco ball?: nahh
A lava lamp?: nahh
A globe?: nahh
What kind of sheets do you have?: plaid
Anything printed on them?: plaid
How many tank tops do you own?: a lott
Do you own any Aerosmith CDs?: nahh
Bauhaus?: what??
Elton John?: nahh
Do you have the Disney collection?: whats that??
Do you own the Moulin Rouge soundtrack?: nahh
How many books do you own?: liek 10
How many of them have you read?: only the twilight saga ones
Do you have a bookcase in your room?: yeaa
Do you have stars on your ceiling?: nahh
Do you have a smoke detector in your room?: yeaa
Do you own a copy of The Neverending Story?: nahh
The Picture of Dorian Gray?: nahh
The Last Unicorn?: nahh
Magic Kingdom for Sale?: nahh
Anything by Alvin Schwartz?: nahh
RL Stine?: nahh
Almost done.
What time is it?: July 28th at 10:50 A.M.

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Harrykinz’s contest by Zachharry
October 14, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Hey everyone and harrykinz i am entering his contest and i want to tell you about it.

this is everything he said:

There are hundreds of things in my dock I don’t need. All they do is take up space and make it take longer to scroll through the stuff I need. That’s why I’m giving YOU (yes, you) some prizes from my dock! You are guaranteed to win something as long as you enter. You will need to go the extra mile to get some of the better prizes, though.

Here’s the contest!

The big picture

I’ll have a ton of prizes listed under ‘The Prizes’. Each prize will have a rating of how much it’s worth. For example, a black and white cat food would have a rating of 1(minor prize), while a sparkly plant would have a rating of 7(major prize). Below, you will find the instructions to get the prize of a certain rating, because for each rating you will have to do something different. This may sound confusing but you’ll understand if you keep reading.

What to do to win a minor prize

Leave a comment with your username and advertise on one website. Please have the link ready when you comment.

What to do to win a prize higher than 1-3

Here you will find the instructions for winning so-so and major prizes.

So-so prizes (4-6)

Level 4

Advertise this website on three different websites. Please have the links ready when you comment. Write your username too.

Level 5

Advertise this website on five different websites. Please have the links ready when you comment. Write your username too.

Level 6

Advertise this website on seven different websites and donate a small prize to the Harrykinz123’s Secret SantaKinz Giveaway/Event page. Please have the links ready when you comment. Write your username too.

Major Prizes (7-10)

Level 7

Advertise this website on ten different websites and donate a small prize to the Harrykinz123’s Secret SantaKinz Giveaway/Event page. Please have the links ready when you comment. Write your username too.

Level 8

Advertise this website on fifteen different websites and donate a small prize to the Harrykinz123’s Secret SantaKinz Giveaway/Event page or advertise this website on ten different websites and donate a prize worth 200 KinzCash or more to the Harrykinz123’s Secret SantaKinz Giveaway/Event page. Please have the links ready when you comment. Write your username too.

Level 9

Advertise this website on fifteen websites and donate a prize worth 300 KinzCash or more to the Harrykinz123’s Secret SantaKinz Giveaway/Event page or advertise this website on ten different websites and make a small graphic promoting HK123. Post the graphic on your website. Please have the links ready when you comment. Write your username too.

Level 10

Advertise this website on fifteen different websites and make a big graphic promoting HK123 or advertise this website on twenty different websites. Post the graphic on your website. Please have the links ready when you comment. Write your username too.

The Prizes

Here comes the fun part…the prizes! Here are the prizes, ratings, and how many are in stock.

Level 1-3 prizes (minor prizes)

Pet food (unlimited supply)

Birthday cakes (7)

LOTS of clothes (too many to count!)

I’ll continue this later! You can start entering for what is written already, and Harrykinz123’s Secret SantaKinz Giveaway/Event is a page coming soon! I hope you enjoy the contest!

so i hope you read that.

Harrykinz123 my user name is DolphinDuncker

from webkinzrule1~


i got the floral fox last wendsday by Cole
October 1, 2008, 12:22 am
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i got the floral fox last wends day and i fogot so know i remember i could have got the bubblegumasuarus or the floral fox well i ♥ foxes so i got the fox for sure  i named him forest .my bro and sis got the bubblegumasuarus  why i do not know why it’s kinda weird looking …

i am i about toi take the picture of my webkinz tee sorry   Fox Fox 

and WR10124 i wanted to know if i could make a header business ?

i would ask through e-mail but i can’t find that e-mail you sent me so i do not want to e-mail the wrong person …           


-Cole- Bobcat 

September 27, 2008, 2:45 pm
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Haha I know, random title. You have GOT to check out this link real quick: www.paradorer.proboards107.com look at the Paradorer Board and look at the 2 top posts. Read 2nd one 1st, please. Then read the 1st one and follow that link.

♥♥—-My Little Decoyy!! xD

i hope you are not offended WR10124 by Cole
September 27, 2008, 12:34 am
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i hope you are not offended by what rebecca said she is my mean neighbor and she probaly hates everything   so im sorry for what she said   the site is not dull


tomarrow i will post a picture of a webkiz shirt i bought during the wacky for webkinz week it says on the shirt “wacky for webkinz ” and i do not remember the rest

Hey everyone! This is HK123. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! by musiccat123
September 21, 2008, 4:50 pm
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Phew…Webkinz are just getting released and released! I think the Daschund is a total waste of time. It’s just a stretched-out version of the Rottweiler. No offense, everyone.

I started reading the Clique series. It’s really good, even though the girls in the book are really spoiled. Right now I reading Revenge of the Wannabes. Massie is sooooooo evil. LOL!

And WR10124, mind if I continue your Kinz summer collection? I can do Alicia. I’ll start right now, and just let me know if you want me to continue.

And my site has 3,100 hits! Thank you everyone who visits!

And just in case you don’t know, I am now known as Jonas Brothers Luvr. Yeah, I used to hate the Jonas Brothers. But one day I was reading M magazine, and I looked at Nick Jonas…*sigh*

Snap out of it!

Oh sorry…well, keep visiting everyone! But before I go, here are a few links related to what I was talking about in this post:




And of course…


But you obviously know that link. LOL!

See ya! 🙂